4 Reasons a Hybrid Cloud Backup is Essential for Your Business

4 Reasons a Hybrid Cloud Backup is Essential for Your Business

What is a Hybrid Cloud System?

Every business needs to have a backup of their data in case of an unexpected event that causes their current functionality to come to an abrupt stop.

This back up can either be on site or it can be somewhere other than the facility of the business–on the cloud!

However, many businesses keep a hybrid backup system in which their data is backed up on site and in the cloud. This leaves them a redundant copy of the data just in case their existing site is ever compromised.  In the digital age, 99% of the companies have a hybrid cloud back up.

Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons a hybrid system is so important for the uninterrupted life of your business.

1.     An Extra Copy

A hybrid system guarantees an extra copy of your data independent of the on-site copy. This means that you can access it from another location and just in case the current site of the business becomes inaccessible due to a natural disaster or any other disruption, you will not have to face downtime.

2.     Close Access to Data

In a hybrid system, the on-site back up can be up and running within minutes as it is on the same network as the business. This gives the business an advantage because they are familiar with the network and restoring the data to full capacity takes little to no time for this very reason.

3.     Cost Effective and Space Savvy

In a hybrid system, the on-site backup is in the facility of the business already incurring costs even if there was no backup there. So, the business doesn’t have to pay anything additional cost. In case of cloud storage, the business doesn’t need an infrastructure for it because the whole thing is stored in a digital space.

The digital space doesn’t cost anything more than monthly charges which can be made part of the company’s budget. There is no requirement of installing any excess machinery for it. The most anyone can do is connect a portable drive but even that becomes unnecessary if the company setting up your hybrid system has its own network for the cloud storage.

In addition, if you need to increase the space available to you on the cloud, all you need to do is make one phone call to your data management company and they will provide you additional space at a certain increment of their monthly fee that you can write off as an expense.

4.     Cold Storage

A hybrid system is also used as cold storage in the event of a disaster. This really helps as cold storage doesn’t need to be functional until something catastrophic befalls the business incurring almost no costs. But if ever such a thing happens that the business wipes out entirely, a cold storage on the cloud can bring it back from the dead!

Your business and its perpetual existence is always your first priority. A hybrid cloud backup can do that for you. Crumbacher can install a hybrid cloud system for your business at reasonable rates and free you of constant worry about its upkeep. Contact us for reliable backup and storage as well as its lifetime maintenance! Compete with confidence and help your business survive even in the toughest of times!

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