Differentiating between a hardware problem and a software problem

Differentiating between a hardware problem and a software problem

Computer malfunctions are not rare and can happen with anyone. Computers getting slower in speed, programs crashing, or Windows getting the blue-screen of death are some of the variety of problems that arise in a computer. In many cases, it is difficult to troubleshoot whether the problem is being caused by software or hardware. You may conclude that the system needs to be sent to a technician for computer repair in Santa Fe, NM. Although a strict differentiating line can not be drawn between software and hardware problems as both can show the same symptoms, there are several things that can help you find out what could be causing the issue. Some of the issues are discussed as under:

Slow Computer

In usual cases, computers slow down with time because more and more software are installed over time, or the computer gets infected with a malware. Mostly slowing down issues are related to software and can be resolved by re-installing windows. But there are exceptions to it. Some hardware issues–although rare–can cause your computer to slow down as well. It could be that your CPU is overheating and down-clocking itself and is running slower to cool itself.

If your computer is slowing down and the issue is not resolved by re-installing windows, you should probably go for a computer repair in Santa Fe, NM and let a computer technician look into the matter.

Blue Screens

When the world of OS was in its initial stages, Windows operating systems were less stable. Nowadays, Windows operating systems are much more stable, and if they are used with reliable hardware and certified drivers, a normal Windows-based system does not show blue-screen errors.

If your Pc is showing frequent blue screens of death, there is a high possibility that the hardware of your computer has malfunctioned. If you cannot pinpoint which piece of hardware in your CPU is responsible for blue screen errors, it is a good idea to take your computer to a technician for computer repair in Santa Fe, NM

Booting Problems

Boot problems can be caused by both software and hardware issues. It can be following issues

The computer boots up but freezes or crashes during boot up

If your computer boots up but crashes midway the problem can either be with hardware or software.

The computer turns on and you find a black screen saying no bootable device found

If you are facing this issue your hard disk is failing on you. Enter BIOS setting of your Pc and find the boot order sequence. If the list does not show your hard-disk it is time to replace or it or get it repaired. If these methods fail to help you in any way, then your computer is having a hardware problem is it need to be sent for computer repair in Santa Fe, NM

As seen above. Both software and hardware issues can have the same symptoms. The best measure to check what issue you are facing is to re-install your windows to return your computer to its original factory condition. If the re-installation does not help you, you would probably have to go for a computer repair in Santa Fe, NM

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