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  • The Benefits of a Reliable Internet Connection for a Business

    There’s no second opinion to the fact that the internet serves as the central nervous system of businesses, and facilitates an unhindered execution of routine operations.

    The rapid technological influx has changed the way we run our businesses for good, saving both time and money on our hands. In many ways, business internet serves an effective extension, providing a vast global outreach. It allows businesses to stay well informed about your competitor, and keep up with the latest trends. It also helps businesses in building symbiotic business relationships in this increasingly globalized world. A reliable business internet connection provides small business owners the edge of fairly competing with larger business enterprises. Here are some of the ways a reliable internet aids your business.

    • Making your own identity

    Visiting a company’s website is usually the first thing people do before purchasing their product or services. It is essential for any business to have a clear idea about what their business is about and equally as important to convey the same idea to the masses or potential customers. Making a website is an ideal way of achieving that because it helps the business portray the picture it wants to put across to its audience. A reliable and high-speed business internet connection allows you to monitor the traffic on your website, and keep it regularly updated.

    • Communication

    Be it inter-employee communication on office floors or interacting with customers for their requirements and feedback, a stable high-speed business internet connection is the answer. The indisputable importance of communication with customers is only validated by the fact how quickly businesses make customers in the modern world through internet, overcoming distance. Emails, audio calls, and even video calls are the most common methods to communicate with your customers; however, they require a high bandwidth internet connection.

    • Databases

    Relevant research is made possible through the internet for companies that require information in order to make rational decisions. Additionally, data exchanged every day can be collected, organized and stored in structured databases as electronic records that are easily retrievable by the business. This allows the company to create vast databases to retrieve previously stored data instantaneously.

    • Saving money

    The age old mantra of ‘time is money’ couldn’t be more apt in the business world where a crashed internet freezes all major routine operations. Sending and receiving information at faster speeds fosters automation of processes that previously required manual operations such as book-keeping which can now be efficiently automated. A powerful business internet has now made it possible to set up international offices that run in close collaboration and correspondence.

    Experts at Crumbacher are equipping business with the internet tools they need to compete successfully, providing free of cost evaluation of your network system and recommending possible options to improve your internet speed and quality. A business internet connection is as reliable as the business itself, which is why it is important to have an internet that never goes down because that could mean losing money. You can contact Crumbacher for uninterrupted, consistent business internet to streamline your business operations today.

  • Differentiating between a hardware problem and a software problem

    Computer malfunctions are not rare and can happen with anyone. Computers getting slower in speed, programs crashing, or Windows getting the blue-screen of death are some of the variety of problems that arise in the computer. In many cases, it is difficult to troubleshoot whether the problem is being caused by software or hardware. You may conclude that the system needs to be sent to a technician for computer repair in Santa Fe, NM. Although a strict differentiating line can not be drawn between software and hardware problems as both can show the same symptoms, there are several things that can help you find out what could be causing the issue. Some of the issues are discussed as under:

    Slow Computer

    In usual cases, computers slow down with time because more and more software are installed over time, or the computer gets infected with a malware. Mostly slowing down issues are related to software and can be resolved by re-installing windows. But there are exceptions to it. Some hardware issues–although rare–can cause your computer to slow down as well. It could be that your CPU is overheating and down-clocking itself and is running slower to cool itself.

    If your computer is slowing down and the issue is not resolved by re-installing windows, you should probably go for a computer repair in Santa Fe, NM and let a computer technician look into the matter.

    Blue Screens

    When the world of OS was in its initial stages, Windows operating systems were less stable. Nowadays, Windows operating systems are much more stable, and if they are used with reliable hardware and certified drivers, a normal Windows-based system does not show blue-screen errors.

    If your Pc is showing frequent blue screens of death there is a high possibility that the hardware of your computer has malfunctioned. If you cannot pinpoint which piece of hardware in your CPU is responsible for blue screen errors, it is a good idea to take your computer to a technician for computer repair in Santa Fe, NM

    Booting Problems

    Boot problems can be caused by both software and hardware issues. It can be following issues

    The computer boots up but freezes or crashes during boot up

    If your computer boots up but crashes midway the problem can either be with hardware or software.

    The computer turns on and you find a black screen saying no bootable device found

    If you are facing this issue your hard disk is failing on you. Enter BIOS setting of your Pc and find the boot order sequence. If the list does not show your hard-disk it is time to replace or it or get it repaired. If these methods fail to help you in any way, then your computer is having a hardware problem is it need to be sent for computer repair in Santa Fe, NM

    As seen above. Both software and hardware issues can have the same symptoms. The best measure to check what issue you are facing is to re-install your windows to return your computer to its original factory condition. If the re-installation does not help you, you would probably have to go for a computer repair in Santa Fe, NM

  • Data Recovery

    Data Recovery is the process of retrieving lost, corrupted, or damaged data from sources, which may be either secondary storage, removable media or files. This includes devices such as hard drives, USBs, SSDs, and SD cards. You might need recovery due to physical damage to storage systems or logical damage to the file system. Data recovery can effectively restore your corrupted data.

    If your drive is making noise, it indicates some malfunction and you must shut it down immediately. Do not attempt home remedies to recover your data. Instead, it is better to choose a professional recovery service such as Crumbacher. Much data recovery services you may find online aren’t professional and may cause you more loss than data damage.

    In instances of logical failure, you will not be able to access the drive, though you might still see it in BIOS or in disk management. Operating system failure, file system corruption and registry errors or damages are the top reasons for a logical failure. You may choose from dedicated recovery tools or experts that may assist in performing a full recovery.

    Data Recovery Problems hurt

    Small to medium business particularly suffer from failure to take appropriate steps in recovering data. You shouldn’t be daunted by the task of recovery. Despite its seemingly complex nature, many technological developments have made the task easier. We encourage everyone to take steps in getting your data back. Ensure that data backups are automated and scheduled in your organization. The job should not be sidelined and considered unnecessary. Larger organizations have much more to lose and should take steps to protect their data.

    Steps to avoid situations

    • Do not upgrade to a new operating system or a new version of the OS without having a backup first.
    • Make sure you are always using the latest versions of hardware and software utilities such as antivirus software and firewalls, that means keep everything up to date. The only negative aspect of this practice is that it may lead to compatibility problems with older software, but then again this type of software is one you will want to avoid.
    • Have systems or software in place that scan any incoming files, online or offline
    • Make sure to backup your data often.

    Four phases of data recovery

    To perform an effective recovery, you need to go through a 4-phase process. This may vary due to the type of data damage and required recovery techniques.

    1. Initiate repairs with hard drives. We take this step to ensure your hard disk is running in a state that data can be read from it. We will need to ensure any components in the hard disk drive are replaced.
    2. The drive will need to be imaged to a new imaging file or drive. We will create an image so that there is another copy of data in place, to perform tests and recovery procedures.
    3. Recovery of MBR, files, partition, and system structures. After the drive has been duplicated to a new one, it may be possible to repair the MBR. This is done to read the file system’s data structure and finally retrieve stored data.
    4. Repair the files that have been retrieved.
  • Problems That You Might Face With a Printer

    Printers are an essential requirement at a workplace. Where usually everything is computerized, there is always a need to print hard copies of documents, reports, files etc. However, sometimes your printer may not agree with you and refuse to print the documents you, in which case you might need to get it repaired. Paper jams, problems with ink content poor print quality, or just refusing to print at all are some problems that you might face with a printer. Let’s take a look at them:

    1. The printer is not printing at all

    Sometimes, when you have clicked the print icon and confirmed the print job, the printer may not respond to it. You might notice the print job listed in the printer queue and there might even be no error regarding the problem. This can be due to some connection problems. That is to say, your printer may not be connected to the device or network to respond to the print job.

    1. The printing is taking too long

    High-quality prints might take more time than relatively lower quality prints. Particularly, if there are a good number of pages you need to print, and you are willing to compromise on quality for a quicker print job, you can switch to fast draft mode.

    1. There is a frequent occurrence of paper jams

    Paper jams is a common printing problem. A paper jam can occur if the page is not aligned properly or is inserted in a slapdash fashion. However, if you are constantly experiencing paper jams with a printer, then it can be an indication of an internal issue with the printer. This might require printer repair.

    By correctly positioning the paper for a print job, you can test your printer to check if the paper jams you are experiencing call for a repair or not. If paper jams take place even after inserting the paper correctly, check for torn bits of paper inside the printer. However, if the problem continues to persist, then you might want to get the printer repaired.

    1. The ink and toner is leaking

    There could be a possible buildup of ink or toner if you notice blotches occurring randomly on the printed page. To resolve this issue, you can avail a printer repair service, in order to get the ink or toner cleaned. Calling for a repair service will also be helpful if there is a leakage of ink from the ink cartridges of the printer.

    1. There are bizarre sounds coming from the printer

    If the printer is making bizarre sounds, other than the ones it usually makes, it may be an indication of a need for printer repair. Bizarre sounds refer to noises the printer makes that may be louder than usual and seems as if the printer components are grinding with each other. This can be taken as an indication for printer repair.

    Crumbacher is a company that offers IT services including printer repair.

  • Reasons to choose Managed IT services

    It is estimated that by the year 2019, managed IT services market will expand to as much as $193 billion. The reason behind the staggering success of such businesses lies in the benefits they provide to other companies. Nowadays, it is observable that plenty of small and midsized businesses are choosing to outsource their IT operations to these MSPs. With the continuous growth of managed IT services market, here are the reasons why you should too get their services.

    What benefits managed IT services provide

    The major benefits that businesses want to avail by having a managed IT services are:

    • They want to improve the efficiency of their IT infrastructure.
    • They want enhanced security on all of their IT technologies
    • They want easy maintenance of equipment and servers
    • They can reduce their expenses by having expert IT technicians at cost effective prices
    • The in-house IT staff can focus on other projects
    • The business can have information and access to all the latest technologies in the field

    Here are the major reasons covered in more detail about why small and midsized companies choose MSPs

    More Efficient and Reliable IT Operations

    The main reason behind large companies employing separate IT managed services is the achievable efficiency as a result of the process. Often times the IT staff gets overburdened, or the in-house IT employees lack some intensive skills for handling certain issues. In such situations having an outside IT service provider becomes very important.

    The majority of businesses that use managed IT services explain the services as a collaborative measure with the internal IT department. The main motive of businesses hiring managed IT services is to complement and improve the capabilities of the in-house IT team instead of completely replacing them.

    Enhanced Security

    Signing up for managed IT services means a completely organized and experienced workforce at your hand will be working to provide you with enhanced security. With technological equipment like laptops, computers, tablets, servers, and smartphones being used extensively in businesses these days, it is only fair to assume that a significant amount of crucial data is stored in them, which can potentially be very harmful if it goes into wrong hands. Managed IT services help protect your IT infrastructure through every nook and corner.

    Better maintenance

    Another major benefit that managed IT service providers put up is that they take care of the IT infrastructure completely. MSPs detect threats to the IT infrastructure, find vulnerabilities in its security and decrease any possible disturbances from arising in the future.

    Cost Effectiveness

    One reason to top all others is lower expenses in the company’s business operations. Hiring a dedicated team of specialized and experienced IT staff for the business can be both difficult and expensive. MSPs, on the other hand, have professionals working who have complete knowledge of all the current advancements, latest technologies, and news in the IT industry. Some MSPs even provide discounts and other cost-effective offers along with already low-cost rates in comparison to a complete IT team.

  • Countering the Diminished Supportive Assistance for Your Mac

    Apple products are cherished for their sleek design, elegant looks, easy portability and a clean as well as user-friendly operating system. All of these elements make Mac computers a desirable machine.

    Businesses and professionals with good budgets utilize Macbooks for their light weight, increased portability, lightening fast processing and a graphical user interface that goes easy on the eyes. However, one of the major reasons that revoke the users’ interest from getting Macs is their higher costs compared to other contemporary computers available.

    In fact, Apple’s most inexpensive laptop which is the 11-inch Macbook Air starts at $999. Clearly, $300 Macbooks are not an option unlike PC, which can get the job done as well. Moreover, the support costs for the Mac are relatively much higher because of Apple’s own closed system recycling which is successful to a significant extent. A number of reasons contribute to this. The training to service Apple products isn’t widely available. Hence, the pool of supportive Apple technicians available is smaller, which inclines most Apple users to use Apple’s own support system, which doesn’t come cheap, to say the least.

    In simpler words, due to the lack of options, the users are left with Apple’s support for repairs and technical assistance.

    This factor can discourage the procurement of Mac support specialists in offices, which in turn prevents the use of Macs themselves in professional settings. Due to the small Mac vs. PC users ratio, there just aren’t enough Mac services out there to make the Mac support in enterprises more affordable, arguably depriving them of Mac’s excellent specifications and retained value.

    Repair experts at Crumbacher can offer extensive Mac services for office or home settings at affordable prices, making them as good as new again. Their service portfolio includes:

    • Verification of HDD to ensure 100% functionality. Crumbacher also upgrades and repairs hard drives to ensure secure transfer of your data from old hard drives to the new one without any losses.
    • Mac updates,
    • Data recovery
    • driver updates
    • BIOS updates for maximum motherboard processing efficiency
    • Optimization for increased speed
    • Virus scan and removal to prevent any occurrence of a virus attack, even though there aren’t many viruses for Mac out there.
    • System error review
    • Hard drive defragmentation for desired customization needs

    Additionally, Crumbacher deals with Mac server repairs and upgrades, which quickens the downloading process of new software from Apple. Mac server services are particularly beneficial for app developers, due to the added benefit of automating different sequential steps to developing an app that includes building, analyzing, testing and archiving the app.

    Furthermore, server updates contribute to the management of operating systems and applications in place, that are required for your Mac to successfully boot up and get on with the work! Servers can be integrated with adaptive firewalls to prevent your Mac from viruses, and it is even possible to tweak your system parameters through Mac servers to alter your system’s performance.

  • Why are regular scans and malware removal important?

    For a layperson, the term malware is used to describe any kind of computer problem that stop it from functioning properly or anything that causes damages your computer. In reality, malware is a shortened form of the term Malicious Software which refers to various kinds of malicious programs. Each of these kinds of software damages your computer in different ways. These ways are a reason in itself that stress the need for knowing malware types so that you can avoid and remove them from your computer.


    Commonly residing on websites, it is a software that displays multiple pop ups on your screen of different ads. These contain browser hijackers which upon clicking redirect you to a website that downloads other malicious programs on your computer which include spyware and ransomware.


    These programs track your computer activity and often install keyloggers that can track your username and passwords to your email, cloud data accounts, and even bank accounts.


    It is the program that allows someone to lock your computer and demand a sum of money which, unless paid, prevents you from using your computer.

    Trojan Horse

    These have various kinds which hide like harmless software but execute viruses inside them that can damage your computer files. Banking Trojans imposter as your bank and steal your information such as PIN codes and passwords, thereby sneaking away with your money. Backdoor Trojans allow a gateway to attackers to invade your PC and steal information. Download Trojans install programs that download programs on your PC which can damage files or install other kinds of malware.

    There are also info-stealer Trojans that steal your information. Remote Access Trojans allow anyone to work on your computer, like you do, from anywhere. That means they can even lock your PC, steal your files, or even format your hard disk!

    How can their risks be mitigated?

    There are several different types of malware which can affect your computer in a multitude of ways. Where some malware carry the capacity to install other kinds of malware, you cannot rule out the chance that multiple malware are damaging your PC simultaneously without your knowledge. Malware like Trojans, for instance, are undetectable as they show no symptoms. Unless a regular scan via an antivirus software is performed, your PC is under threat of having its files damaged– or even being held hostage for ransom.

    Crumbacher provides virus detection and removal services. They are a great and trusted name for various PC solutions including virus protection, malware removal as well as networking and computer repair. Visit Crumbacher to make a quick request for any problems.

  • Why network security is important

    In organizations where computers are connected to form a network, giving special attention to their security becomes important because of possible threats. Securing a network refers to the activities performed for the protection of the network and data in it. Network security provides protection by both software and hardware technologies. Effective network security practices prevent several types of threats from entering and spreading across the network.

    Why is network security a necessity?

    As the computer network in organizations has a lot of data placed in it, there are risks of its misuse or manipulation. If you have weak or no network security at all, you could face the following major damages:

    Confidentiality Breach

    Every business owner would agree that some critical information needs to be kept private. With a poor network security system, the business’s confidentiality can be compromised.

    Reputational loss

    Having an attack on your network which compromises private customer data can ruin the reputation of companies and makes that company look incompetent in front of the general public.

    Data manipulation

    Data manipulation can cause your business severe damage. It might not come to your knowledge that someone is secretly manipulating the data and causing your business harm if your network security is not in check. Data values in your business can be changed by such attacks. It might not seem as a concerning matter, but the damages can be significant especially when financial information is at stake.

    There are many more potential threats that can cripple a system.

    Types of Network Security Threats

    The threats that compromise a network’s security can be divided into two main categories.

    Resource attacks and Logic attacks

    Resource attacks were more common in the 90s but have now become less popular. A resource attack forces systems to crash and makes networks unavailable for a certain period of time. Resource attacks are performed in various ways. The most common attack method is carried out by flooding the server with service requests the numbers of which are far beyond the network’s capability to handle. In some attacks, malicious software is installed in the system’s network which causes it to become vulnerable.

    Logic attacks are even more severe than resource attacks. They are organized strategies exploiting weaknesses in the infrastructure. Exploitable weaknesses that make a network vulnerable include several things ranging from software vulnerabilities and weaknesses, such as backdoors, lapses, and loops in coding, to a weakness in the choice of technologies used in the network. The main aim of logic attacks is breaking into the system which, once achieved, allows the unauthorized individual to manipulate data as much as they like.

  • The Process of Computer Data Recovery – A Tricky Business

    Computer data recovery is a process that no one wants to perform, but there are often instances where a natural accident or a device failure means that you need to recover your precious data. Experts suggest that computer users need to calm down and look at the available options before taking an important recovery decision. Here are a few key elements in terms of understanding the process of computer data recovery:

    Computer Data

    Any information, whether textual, multimedia or in terms of software files, is termed as computer data. It is usually stored in the hard drives of computers, while backed up using taped drives and cloud resources.

    Data Loss

    Data loss is a common phenomenon, where the computer data is converted into a form, which is not usable for turning it into information. Data loss can sometimes be recovered personally, but often times, it is best to contact a professional organization, which has the required expertise for recovering data.

    Data loss can occur, due to operator error, attacks by malicious software and natural disasters. Data can be recovered in most of such cases. It is only deemed as unrecoverable, if there is significant physical damage or the disk space has been rewritten several times.

    Data Loss Scenarios

    Computer data recovery often depends on finding the actual scenario for the data loss and then going through the relevant process. The first scenario is that your storage drives have faced physical damage. This may happen due to a fire, overheating or an explosion near the computers.

    The second cause is natural, which is flooding. Water is an electrical conductor and can damage the sensitive electronic components that control and run data storage devices and networks.

    The third cause is the physical damage to storage components, which is caused by a heavy blow or an accident during the transfer of servers and computers. Components can get permanently damaged when dropped carelessly or hit by a heavy object in this regard.

    Immediate Action

    Computer data recovery is a complex job, because there can be physical, electronic, as well as software corruption errors present in the data. The best way to go about it is to shut down the computer and the servers and call in an expert.

    Powering the device can be a recipe for disaster, especially if there is physical damage. You should also not attempt to remove the hard drives, because it can cause damage to the internal media. Some people go through data recovery software, although they are not aware of how it works. This can ultimately destroy the damaged data and render it useless.

    If data loss is due to a human error of deleting it, never install new information on the same drive and simply unplug it to ensure data safety and integrity. You should not shake, dry or power devices that have received flood damage.

    Calling an Expert

    The best technique for computer data recovery is to immediately contact a profession firm that handles computer data recovery, such as Crubsy. They have the technical expertise to recover your data, under the most difficult of circumstances.




  • Business IT Services Open the Door for Successful Businesses

    Businesses around the world are just starting to take advantage of modern technological elements. One thing, which has quickly reached popularity, is the use of information technology. Business IT services are helping many owners to expand and improve their core business functions. There are several advantages of employing external IT services.

    Here, we first describe the concept of business IT services, and then discuss how employing an IT service provider offers clear benefits.

    What are Business IT Services?

    Business services describe all the additional and external elements and functions in a business that play a supporting role. These are activities that do not directly produce products and services, but it is nearly impossible for a business to function without their support.

    Business IT services include network support, data storage, system backup and cloud services among several others. Managing these services can be difficult if your core business is entirely different and takes away important resources from work, which pays rather than supports the business.

    Benefits of Professional IT Services

    There are several benefits that businesses can gain by employing professional service providers who are then able to take care of all IT requirements. Here are a few top benefits in this regard:

    Improved Communication

    Communication is the key to success in all business activities. When you install professional Business IT services, you can implement strong communication procedures. The use of cloud system and networking allows different employees to work together and communicate remotely on their work tasks. This improved communication is a real benefit, as it saves time and ensures that all the work is carried out in a productive manner.

    Good supporting companies will also help you develop an IT-based internal communication system. This will decrease your business discrepancies and help your company excel in its industry.

    Efficient Operations

    A key advantage that you will receive with implementing business IT services is improved efficiency even in your specific business functions. IT systems and networks have the capacity to increase team collaboration and allow the employees to produce greater work in limited time. With IT technology, your employees can directly communicate the with the customers and improve your key products and services.

    Faster Processing

    All things happen at an accelerated space, when you employ IT solutions. These solutions allow you to perform accounting, manage your bank statements, contact customers and help ensure that everything is going, according to your business plan. Faster processing also allows you to enjoy a competitive edge over your competitors.

    You can respond to the market forces earlier than your rivals, and this advantage is strong enough to invest in powerful business IT services. Selecting a professional technological partner in this regard will help your business a great deal.

    Task Automation

    You can improve your core business functions with business IT services by automating many repeating processes. IT solutions allow you to generate emails, send queries to clients and line up work for different team members. Reports can also be automated and you will always be able to assess the position of a project, without ever having to contact an employee.


    Crubsy is a great technological partner in this regard. You can never go wrong with its excellent business IT services, which help you focus only on your core business.