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  • Top Ways to Speed Up your Desktop Computer When It’s Running Slow

    It gets frustrating when you have to deal with browsers, files or folders taking longer to load and open, taking away your precious minutes especially when you have important work to do. It’s possible that you have a huge pile of junk somewhere on your PC that is slowing it all down.

    Go easy on the money. Here’s what you could do to speed up the computer:

    Scan for Viruses

    Download free virus protection software that is supported by your computer and runs a scan on your PC. Leave it for a few minutes, let the program detect or kill infectious files and prevent suspicious content from making way into your computer via browser downloads or files shares. Currently, the top choices for free anti-virus software include AVG, Avira, BitDefender, and Panda.

    Reduce programs on Startup

    Change the settings of programs, such as Utorrent or Messenger, to disable them on startup, since these slow down the PC. It’s not necessary since you could just create desktop shortcuts or pin them to the start menu if you really need them.

    Change desktop settings

    Replace your HD wallpaper with a simple background as this would speed up RAM. Using a solid color would free up space in RAM and improve PC speed.

    Moreover, disable unnecessary desktop gadgets that slow down starts up and shut down.

    Uninstall unnecessary programs

    There are probably several files on your PC that you haven’t used for a long time or don’t need. You probably don’t know why they are even there in the first place and you might have downloaded them as browser extensions thinking you would need them. Clean up the junk.

    Several programs run in the background and may not be able to tell which ones are slowing down the PC. Clear the clutter to give RAM a boost.

    Add or buy more RAM

    You need more RAM when you are running more programs. Your PC slows down when there is insufficient RAM to execute tasks, which could show when the PC hangs up when you open too many files at once or process large amounts of data.

    De-clutter your disk

    This can be done by simply typing ‘Disc Cleanup’ in the search bar of Start menu and starting the process. This will clean junk files, temporary files, installer files and unused web pages. Clear all unwanted files to speed up the PC.

    Defragment Now

    This would help you detect how the hard drive is storing information. Simply type ‘Disk Defragmenter’ in the search bar of Start menu and or go to “My Computer” right click on the hard drive, select ‘Properties”, go to ‘Tools’ and click on ‘’Defragment Now’.

    Last but not the least, keep the exterior of your PC free of dust. You may have noticed that when dust accumulates beneath the mouse, it becomes slow in movement. Similarly, dust could slow down operations of the PC. Use a vacuum cleaner at a low setting and clean the entire exterior.

  • Top VoIP Providers Available Today

    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and allows users to send or receive calls with an Internet connection. For this to be functional, users need a phone service provider and high-speed connection.

    We have come a long way from traditional phones as we can now use the internet to call, chat, talk on video or conduct a conference call. Having VoIP for your business can help fulfill communication needs with important clients or investors.

    To use VoIP, you dial the destination number, which connects to PSTN and uses an internet connection to connect the call instead of a landline. When you are looking for the best VoIP provider, what needs to be considered is that different VoIPs have their advantages and shortcomings. The most suitable provider depends on your needs.

    Furthermore, for effective service, you need to consider: quality – to remain reconnected and have a good quality voice and video calls; dependability – when is the system updated and growth – to ensure that the provider understands users’ needs and can update service accordingly. With mobile apps that are now competing to improve their VoIP services, you can try the provider that works best for you and allows you to stay connected with friends and family.


    Skype has been coming up bigger, better services since its inception. Due to constant upgrades, Skype no longer operates on old devices, such as Blackberry. Skype is now available for smartphones, Windows 10 and various smart TVs. It is updated regularly and now provides improved features.

    Whoever you want to call, the service is free of charge. It also allows group chats or calls to people around the world. You could also make calls to landline numbers around the world for which the charges are reasonable.


    Vonage is the top provider if you are living in the US. The service charges are only $10 per month. Users can make calls from the Vonage numbers. It has similarities to traditional phones as it includes voicemail, caller ID and three-way calling.

    Google Hangouts

    The mobile app allows users to send or receive texts and video as well as voice calls. Calls to several areas in the US are free, whereas charges for international calls can vary. The latest Android phones have Hangouts app.


    Lingo is useful for anyone who has to make frequent international calls. An adapter is provided that needs to be connected to landline hardware.

    Ring Central

    The service is in the UK and mostly used by business people. It allows a group call for maximum four people and the $50 package provides video calls with 75 people, free minutes for several days and voicemail transcription.

    Skype is the best provider as you can reach out to countless places around the world without any charges and enjoy good quality service. Since Skype keeps updating its services, users could enjoy longer and better quality call with many people.  

  • Top Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Managed IT Services

    If done efficiently, managed services could help lower costs, optimize resources and build additional value for your business. More businesses are now moving towards managed services because it can expand efficiency, reliability, security, yield high returns on investment, provide greater access to capital and minimize expenses.

    Develop Value

    Since your organization would be able to spare expenses, efficiency in operations would increase, dependability on IT would be high and productivity would increase. It would become easier to accomplish business goals; therefore, you would be able to enhance the value of your services.

    Gain access to technology

    Using the managed services model could provide access to resources that were otherwise not available to your organization. This is especially beneficial for new emerging companies or growing enterprises that are seeking to expand their capital base.

    Minimize Risks

    Since the costs of new technology are high and come with risks, if companies adopt the managed services model, they would be sharing risks; thus, one company would not be at the receiving end alone.

    Maximize talent

    With better investments in technology and improved operations, your organization would be able to invest in better human resources and create value. Implementing managed services model can help give your organization better competitive edge.

    Greater security

    Security is a sensitive issue because technology enables people to transfer data from one device to another with only a few clicks. With managed services, senior management could address the issues in time and raise awareness about the challenges and consequences of a security breach. Managers could use the model to ensure compliance and follow security protocol.

    Higher profits

    Purchasing new technology generates costs of training staff, maintenance, networks, software, and hardware. Outdated technology can impair operations and yield low returns on investments.

    The model could help plan ahead for bigger projects and areas that need improvement. The services could be evaluated and distributed to clients to show them that you are maximizing value.

    Proactive approach

    Managed services model would help maintain a competitive edge, improve resources, build efficiency and achieve business objectives. This would allow an organization to streamline their operations and take proactive measures to stay ahead, not just work, to keep up with market trends. This can help save time and costs.

    Companies would be able to prioritize better and focus on tasks that generate the greatest benefits or returns on investment. Organizations can then develop innovative solutions and maximize profitability.

    Streamlined projects

    Managed services could help increase productivity as employees would be able to work on tasks that they are better equipped to handle. The organization would be able to handle strategic projects and derive value from investments. The staff could work on tasks that they do best.   

  • Top Computer Virus Protection Programs for 2017

    When hackers are trying to break into your data, there is nothing you could do to prevent them. Also, it’s not up to you to go through the trouble of preventing malicious software. You just need the right software to protect the systems against malware.

    Anti-virus software is built to combat adware, spyware, viruses and many other malware. There are several virus protection programs to protect your PC from malware. Here are the top virus protection programs that you could try out:

    1) BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2018

    The software has become costlier than the previous versions but it continues to be reliable and accurate. It helps filter your access to malicious websites, keep online transactions safe and comes with a password manager. Hackers are prevented from phishing into your data and your access to malicious sites is restricted.

    You could try the free edition of BitDefender and go premium if you like it. It is easy to understand and operate and is user-friendly. It keeps updating regularly and remains robust to preventing new types of malware.

    2) Norton AntiVirus Basic

    The software can detect malware and protect your PC from viruses. The program blocks access to dangerous websites. It can detect files that contain viruses so that you don’t download them. If a virus still affects the PC, the program can exterminate it. You can manually run scans, save scanning process to check different file locations and organize scanning schedules.

    3) ESET NOD32 Antivirus

    The program protects the system from malware, has an anti-ransomware feature and filters access to malicious websites. It can also prevent viruses from USBs, Bluetooth devices, hard drives, and storage media. However, the program does not have a password manager, detection scanner, firewall and other features commonly found in other programs.

    4) AVG Antivirus

    AVG is among the best software that is available without cost and includes email scanner, filtering features, scheduled updates and can block infections.

    5) Avira Free Antivirus

    Avira can protect your PC from worms, malware, adware, and Trojans. You can run it on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

    6) AVAST Free AntiVirus

    The program shields your PC from suspicious content on websites, emails, and documents. The heuristic engine feature helps detect hidden threats and vulnerabilities on your PC.

    7) Comodo Free AntiVirus

    Comodo has been ranked as the best antivirus software for its regular updates, sandboxing, containment, quarantining unknown files and preventing suspicious files from infecting the computer. It is reliably efficient as it repeatedly stays up to date. It can work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

    8) Ad-Aware Free AntiVirus

    The program shields your PC from spyware and other malicious content. It operates in silent mode so there would be no disruption to your work or any other activity that you are engaged in.

    You could check out with your provider to determine the best virus protection program for your PC. Each program comes with its advantages and disadvantages, for instance, causing the browser to crash. Therefore, select an appropriate software after consultation.

  • Top 5 Printers Offered By Sharp

    One of the most notable printer selling companies, Sharp, has really proved its worth in the market with the abundance of B&W as well as color printers that they provide to the general public. The company has been around for quite a few decades now and continues to impress their incredibly huge customer database with newer and improved printers each year.

    Each printer from their inventory is better than the one that came before, which is just one of the many things that tell us how important it is to the notable company to be innovative and advanced, to provide their customers with something that is exceptionally brilliant.

    However, one look at their inventory is enough to tell you what a vast variety they offer their customers. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 printers offered by Sharp:

    1. MX-C301W

    Gone are the days when your printer was just a device that had to be connected to your computer via a bunch of needless wires and whatnot. Sharp proves this statement to be true with their exceptionally designed A4 color MFP which might be small in size but is definitely a statement-making mighty device. Not just that, you can also leave the abundance of wires behind because the MX-C301W gives you the opportunity to connect wirelessly and effortlessly.

    1. MX-C300

    The sleek and diminutive design of the MX-C300 is enough to make you want to buy it and take it home as soon as you lay your eyes on it. However, it’s even more heartwarming to realize that this minute device has a long list of features to give you the ease of access that you’ve always wanted from the ideal printer. The features that make it stand out from the rest include an interactive control screen and the 3-in-1 efficiency that it contains for the customers.  

    1. MX-C250

    Similar to the MX-C300, the C250 also has a long list of features – although it is somewhat older. But because it carries a lower price tag in relation to its counterpart, we considered it to be worth mentioning in our list of the top 5 Sharp printers. Moreover, the C250 also boasts the 3-in-1 efficiency as well as a fully functional MFP offering A4.

    1. MX-6050N

    The MX-6050N is ideal for you and your business if you need to get work done with utmost perfection while also needing it to be done quickly. This carefully constructed device ensures that waiting for your printers to print out even a hundred copies of the same thing will take you less than 3 minutes. Not just that, it’s actually rather cost-effective so you shouldn’t waste any more time and buy it!

    1. MX-7580N

    This beautiful device is designed with the simple thought in mind that one printer can be used by different users, instead of just one person. For this reason, the MX-7580N is designed to suit every individual and stores their requirements as well so the next time you use it, you won’t have to enter all your requirements all over again!

  • Top 5 Multi-Function Printers Offered By Sharp

    If you want to know how far a company has made it in the market, just look at their product history. A brand doesn’t necessarily have to provide a single product line or products relating to each other in different categories. Sharp has proven that until you are selling quality products that are making a difference, you don’t need to change your brand policy.

    Starting from a belt buckle to washing machines, robots, and multi-function printers, Sharp has sold everything. Its owner, Tokuji Hayakawa’s dream was to “make such diverse products that other companies would want to imitate them”. Today, the name Sharp has become synonymous with quality multi-function printers and we bring you the top five that are ideal for commercial settings:

    No. 1


    The MX-6070N/5070N is made for “Simply Better Business”. This multi-function printer is packed with all the latest technologies that streamline the workflow. It has a user-friendly design and can be accessed by various users easily. This is “THE”high-performance printer you need for your business.

    Top Features

    • Can be connected to cloud devices, as well as mobile devices
    • The optical character recognition (OCR) software allows you to use scanned documents as editable files in PPTX, DOCX, XLSX and searchable PDFs
    • Has a motion sensor, which allows the first copy to be printed fast with no warm-up time
    • Motion sensor has three detection ranges that wake up the printer when you approach it
    • Support Active Directory allows you to log-on to the server with your credentials only. This prevents your files mixing with other files and keeps them locked in a folder

    No. 2


    The MX-4070N/3570N/3070N is the second pick on our list for Sharp printers. With a 40 CPM/PPM, this printer provides all the necessary features and then some that you will not find in any other printer. With latest technologies such as cloud connection and touch sensitivity, this printer will improve the work dynamic of your office.

    Top Features

    • Enhanced copy and scan performance (maintains print and picture quality all the time)
    • Cloud storage such as OneDrive and Google Drive
    • Scans documents and converts them into editable formats
    • LCD touchscreen
    • Is fixed with a belt heating system that reduces warm-up time
    • Ejects toner cartridge automatically after it has been dried out completely
    • Motion sensor wakes up the printer, alerting it of your presence

    No. 3


    Named as the “Dynamic Color Document Hub”, the MX-7580N/6580N allows you to print fast without losing color quality. The printer has been specifically designed to boost work output that allows you to grab every business opportunity with both hands.

    Top Features

    • Flexible configuration
    • Secure system administration makes sure that important documents are not accessed without approval
    • High-speed DSPF allows you to scan documents in record time
    • OCR helps convert documents into editable formats
    • Retractable QWERTY keyboard
    • Supports mobile devices
    • 1,200 x 1,200 dpi printing

    No. 4


    Specifically made to improve office productivity, the MX-M905 presents you with the state of the art technology that gives super document quality and flexible operating options.

    Top Features

    • OCR helps convert documents into editable formats
    • Retractable QWERTY keyboard
    • Halftone process ensures consistent high-quality images
    • OSA allows integration with cloud-based applications
    • Advanced data protection
    • Triple air-feed system prevents paper jams

    No. 5


    Offering many state of the art features, the MX-2630N brings flexibility in the workplace and allows you to make fast prints. With easy cloud access, you can now print important documents on-the-go.

    Top Features

    • Auto-process developer refresh system allows you to print quality images all the time
    • Image crop function allows you to crop images while printing and save them separately
    • Tilt control panels for easy access
    • QR code allows the printer to connect to mobile devices
    • OSA allows you to work with cloud-based applications

    These top 5 multi-function printers help you increase worker productivity in office by allowing you to print quality documents and fast. Anyone of these printers in your office will definitely help your business grow.

  • Top Features and Benefits of a Sharp Multi-function Printer

    Our professional life is significantly facilitated by machines. Machines such as the printer, scanner, copier and the fax machine make it all possible. However, multifunction printers are emerging as the hot new office equipment that is central to the efficiency as well as productivity of the office. These units include the printer, scanner, copier, the fax machine and other impressive features, all in one.

    Multifunction printers have allowed us to improve the quality of work or at least maintain it while increasing workplace productivity simultaneously. Sharp Multifunction printer technology has introduced a wide range of innovative and smarter machines.

    Here are some of the top features that Sharp multifunction printers have to offer:

    1. Printing via cloud

    Although wireless printing is always an attractive feature in a printer, cloud printing is a lot more than that. It organizes data about each print out made through the machine so you would not have to search for the documents yourself and move them around or format them if you need. The multifunction printer keeps a track of every print job it was made to do with information like who printer the document and when that particular print job was completed. Having data like this organized in a structured query not only helps cut back unnecessary printing costs but also prevents the employees from abusing their print privilege.

    1. USB direct printing

    For all the times when you are in a hurry to print out an important document you have been carrying around with you in a USB drive, you typically have to look for a computer to plug it in and send the print command. Not if you have a Sharp multifunction printer though. Sharp multifunction printers feature a slot for USB drives so you can plug yours in and print the documents directly from there without wasting any time. The Sharp multifunction printer also supports various file formats including the popular Microsoft office.

    1. Print release options

    We have all been through the agonizing wait for the printer bottleneck to clear out so you can finally get your hard copy. With a Sharp multifunction printer, you don’t have to worry about any bottlenecks due to cumulative print queries or device maintenance because the print release capabilities of this printer can release the documents from any available Sharp multifunction printer on the network. Throughout this process, confidentiality is maintained since the documents are not left unattended.

    1. Motion sensors

    That’s right. If you go for the advanced Sharp multifunction printers, you can enjoy the motion sensing efficiency in your workplace as well. As you approach the multifunction printer, the motion sensors on it will detect your presence and automatically turn itself on from sleep mode. Waiting for contemporary printers to switch on is a laborious task in itself, but with Sharp’s advanced multifunction printers, you can eliminate the waiting out of the equation.

    1. Customizable interface

    You may want to use the multifunction printer for basic tasks or you may want to enjoy the added flexibility and variable options in its output. Either way, Sharp’s multifunction printers can comply because they offer a manual as well as staple-less stapling in its output so that the output is just right for your added ease.

  • Wireless Network Security

    What is a Wireless Network Security?

    A wireless network security basically protects a wireless network from malicious and unauthorized access attempts. This security is delivered through a wireless device that helps in encrypting and securing all the communication by default. In case there is a security breach, the wireless network administration is alerted with the help of the wireless intrusion detection and prevention systems. Some of the most common standards to ensure wireless network security includes Wireless Protected Access (WPA) and Wired Equivalent Policy (WEP).

    How to Ensure the Security of Your Network

    Here are some ways you can go about it:

    Make Sure You Change the Name of the Wireless Network

    The very first step is to change the name as well as the SSID (Service Set Identifier). When you change the name, it generally makes it difficult for the hacker to guess the kind of router that you have. If the hacker knows the make and model of the router, it will be easy for them to know the vulnerabilities of the model and then use it against the owner.

    Pick a Strong Password

    Your router comes with a preset password, which is easy to guess. This is the reason why it is recommended that you pick a strong password that should be at least 20 characters long and include numbers, symbols, as well as letters. Another thing that you can do is have a strong administrator password when you set up the network settings. When you change the Wi-Fi name and password, change the name of network admin and the associated password as well.

    Enable Network Encryption

    The wireless network comes with multiple encryption languages such as WPA2, WPA, as well as WEP. According to experts, the strongest Wi-Fi protection is WPA2 AES and most of the wireless networks are compatible with it.

    Switch Off the Device If You Are Not Home

    If you won’t be home for a couple of days, it is recommended that you switch off the device to minimize hacking attempts.

    Be Careful of Where You Are Placing the Router

    Where you place the router can have a bearing on your security. It is recommended that you keep it in the middle of the house so that all the rooms have access to it and to prevent the signals from reaching outside your home. Don’t place the router next to a window or the door because that way, nothing will obstruct the signals leaving the house.

    Keep the Router Up to Date

    If you want to maintain the integrity of the wireless network security, you will have to make sure that the router is up to date. Sometimes, the firmware contains lops and flaws that can leave the network extremely vulnerable to threats.

    Protect the Devices That You Connect Most Frequently

    You need to make sure that your devices have all the latest antivirus software installed.

  • Top Ten Reasons to Switch a VoIP Phone System

    More and more companies are in the process of upgrading their current communicative system to VoIP systems today. But why? Are there any momentous benefits involved or is it only hype? In this article, we shall discuss ten genuinely good reasons why companies are putting their foot down when it comes to the vaunted benefits offered by VoIP phone systems. Here’s why you should switch to one too.

    1. Free Local Calls

    Because phone calls between employees are routed between the existing data network and the internet, employees can make free local calls no matter where they are. Just think about how much money can be saved and more work completed when one doesn’t worry about the charges.

    1. Automated Recording of Voicemails

    With VoIP phone systems, voicemails are automatically transcribed like emails. This means you can finally avoid the pain to have to go through each message in your voicemail inbox and read them like emails in your email inbox.

    1. No Need for New Hardware Installation

    Who says upgrading to new technology has to be super expressive? When purchasing VoIP phone systems from external vendors, you will only have to get IP phones. No other hardware will be required to complete the process of installation.

    1. Convenience

    With a VoIP phone system, it becomes easier to keep track of call activity, manage accounts, view billing information and manage voicemails. All of this can be done by simply logging in to the admin portal. Moreover, all VoIP providers ensure that efficient customer service remains their primary focus. To do so, they have multiple support systems to guide all the users.

    1. Upgrading isn’t time-consuming

    As an employer, we can guarantee that you must have gone through some painful and time-consuming technology upgrades that disrupted the smooth flow of work at some point. Again, this isn’t the case with the upgrading of a VoIP system. The upgrading takes a few hours to a day max and you are ready to make the most of the service.

    1. Boost Employee Productivity

    Most employees use multiple devices to stay connected during working hours. They have a desk phone, a laptop, and personal phone. The ease with VoIP phone systems is that they ensure that phone calls are easily placed and always received no matter which device is being used. We are talking about features like automatic call forwarding, group voicemails, routing or call hunt. Many of these come featured in VoIP plans. The more connected employees are the more productive and up to date, they remain. This also instills transparency of workflow throughout the organization.

    1. Ease of payment

    Most of the times, companies wrongly estimate their needs and end up paying for services and resources they don’t even use. This is not the case with a VoIP phone system. The lines and numbers can be provisioned instantly and redundant services disbanded. This means that with a VoIP phone system, one only has to pay for what they need.

    1. Affordable Calling Rates

    Nearly all VoIP systems offer low per-minute international calling plans and rates. Global plans with unlimited long distance and local calls can be made, which is not the case with traditional phone systems. This comes highly recommended for companies branched globally or which have outsourced their services offshore.

    1. Versatility

    VoIP services can be taken anywhere with the users. With a VoIP phone adapter and high-speed internet, it is easier for users to place and receive calls from any end of the world at any time of the day, without having to pay any additional charges. This feature of VoIP phone system is termed “Work from Anywhere” and now we know why.

    1. Ditch the fax machine

    When trying to eliminate or limit paper waste in your organization, getting rid of the fax machine is one of the first things on every employer’s mind. With an effective VoIP system, this can be limited and the process of faxing can be digitalized. With digital faxing, employees can send and receive important documents on their laptops without actually printing them.

  • Top Reasons Why a Surge Protector Makes Sense for Your Home

    Surge protector devices have become essential for residential as well as commercial buildings. These devices efficiently protect the electrical devices installed in our home that can get damaged due to a sudden rise or drop in voltage. Power surges usually occur due to lightning strikes, external disturbance in the transformer or internal malfunction of your electrical appliances.

    Some people prefer to use surge protectors for a few electrical appliances. However, it has become a necessity these days to protect your whole house with surge protectors. The purpose of these devices is to regulate the voltage in your home. They keep electrical equipment safe and reduce the risk of short circuits and fire breakouts. Let’s take a look at some reasons why it is essential to get a surge protector for your home.

    • Low Maintenance Costs

    If you have to acquire professional maintenance services for electrical equipment quite often, then surge protector can be a good choice for you. These devices prevent damages to appliances over their lifetime and therefore, help you cut down the maintenance costs.

    • Enhance Safety

    Surge protectors are essential to maintaining a safe environment in your home. Electrical equipment often burns or trip due to extreme or abrupt voltage fluctuations. It poses severe threats to your family. With the help of these devices, you can reduce the risk of fire breakouts. Moreover, it allows you to use your electrical devices for long.

    • Reduce Repair Costs

    Electrical surges occur quite often due to internal or external factors. This sudden change in voltage can damage electrical equipment in your home. As a consequence, you will have to spend a large sum in order to repair or replace the affected machines.

    Power surge protectors are efficient devices that help you maintain your devices in optimal form. They reduce the risk of damages to your devices and help you save costs in the long run. Get a large-scale surge protector for your entire home to stay safe from potential damages.

    • Affordable Option

    A surge protector is a safe option for your home. Despite their low prices, the devices can stay intact for long, allowing you to make the most of your investment. Moreover, the installation process of surge protectors is simple and easy. Whether you set the device on your own or acquire professional services for this purpose, the task won’t take long.

    Tips to Choose the Right Surge Protector

    Carry out some research before purchasing a surge protector. Here are a few tips that will help you make the right decision.

    • Check Number of Ports

    Surge protectors are available with a varying number of ports. Estimate your requirements and purchase a product according to your requirement. Usually, the device comes equipped with 8-12 electrical ports.

    • Look for Warranty

    Opt for a high-quality surge protector with a valid warranty. This will minimize the risk and will ensure optimum protection of your electrical appliances.

    • Identify UL Rating

    The surge protector you choose should meet the safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories. It ensures that the devices can actually protect your equipment against potential damages.

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