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  • How Cloud Backup can Ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    When you own a business, every little detail is of great significance and can be useful at some point which is why it is important to make sure that it is secured properly. Crumbacher Santa Fe, NM recommends cloud backup because it is the most reliable way of storing your business data as storage devices can sometimes become faulty and you are always at a risk of losing your crucial information. Your business data backup is as critical to your business and oxygen is for the human body.

    For a business owner, it is not only important to keep data secure, but all business owners must also ensure that they are not losing their business. If you, too, are a business owner wondering how they can get the most out of their business, here are a few ways you can ensure business continuity by using cloud backup:

    • First, ensure that the cloud service you are using allows you to retrieve data as well as provides the option of saving data as an archive.
    • Secondly, make sure that your data is encrypted as it is confidential information.
    • Thirdly, your entire team should know how to work with bulk data transfer. This means that if there is a need of immediate bulk data transfer from the cloud to a removable storage device, they can work efficiently and vice versa.
    • You must always test the backup service before transferring data. This will make sure that no data is lost if the cloud transfer is not smooth. Moreover, it is important that you don’t wait for something to happen and then install a cloud-based system. Instead, always have cloud backup ready.
    • Lastly, make sure that your data can be recovered through other cloud backup vendors and can be recovered on-premise as well.

    Uninterrupted business

    The greatest advantage of cloud backup is that you can store your data and access it from anywhere around the world as long as you have an internet connection. You can gather all your business data in one single account for easy access. Moreover, your employees can access the data on the cloud for business purposes too–no matter where they go.

    Securing all data in one place

    Alongside many advantages, cloud backup also allows you to create sub accounts. By means of sub accounts, you can back up all of your data securely in one single account. This also means less pressure on the IT department, giving them more time to focus on other important issues.

    Data recovery made easy

    With cloud backup, recovering data is as easy as 1 2 3. Cloud backup systems automatically store data at specific intervals. So, if in case your file becomes corrupted, you can always restore the file from the point at which it was last saved. Furthermore, if your data is lost as a result of a major accident like a fire or natural disaster, cloud backup can restore all of the backed up data smoothly. This makes your business efficient and your work reputation is not compromised.

    Cloud backup is highly important for your business today which is why you should work with a provider that can make you a backup plan as per your requirements. Crumbacher Santa Fe, NM works to ensure that your business never comes to a halt even when disaster strikes. Get in touch with a Crumbacher representative and run your business uninterrupted.

  • How managed IT services can save your business money

    Many companies in Santa Fe, NM have an IT infrastructure that plays an essential role in their day-to-day course of business. IT infrastructure is vulnerable to several issues, and if there is no one to keep an eye on the threats, things can go haywire anytime. In some cases, these damages lead to shutting down of entire businesses, as similar such cases have been reported in the past.

    The possible risks make it a necessity to have a proper maintenance and management plan for your IT infrastructure. While one option is to hire an in-house IT team, that would keep all the issues resolved but this can be straining economically especially if you are a small or mid-sized business.

    The other option, to which almost every business is nowadays shifting, is of managed IT services. This basically means outsourcing the technology administration of your business to professionals. Getting help from such service providers is less expensive as well. Some of the ways how managed IT services in Santa Fe, NM save your budget from excessive spending include:

    Save time and money

    Time is money, and that is especially true in the case of businesses. Unwanted delays because of server problems are observed very often. It eats up precious time of your business that could have been assigned towards doing any important task.

    Such issues usually arise suddenly and are even more damaging if related to the website of the business. If your business has an e-commerce site, its downtime could possibly mean that you would be losing on many customers. Managed IT service providers help in not only dealing with any such issues but also take all possible preventive measures that can minimize these problems.

    Less cost and more benefits

    Many companies opt for managed IT services as a means of providing support to their in-house IT staff. This saves a lot of costs because usually managed IT service providers have specific packages, designed according to the needs of the business, thus you will not have to sign for all. Instead, your business can choose only those kinds of services which will be necessary in the course of business.

    This means there are various affordable bundles out there, which you can easily avail for your business.

    Profound security

    Computer systems and networks are always vulnerable to getting hacked, and in many cases, this cripples a business severely. Unwanted break-ins in your network are never for entertainment purposes. They always occur in order to steal your confidential and precious data or to cease your network/server, so as to inflict damage to the operations of the business.

    The business of managed IT services has basically arisen for the very purpose. Managed IT service providers help your business with best security practices, which greatly eliminate the risk of hacking attacks. This makes your business much safer and you can operate with a peace of mind.

    If you are searching for a worthy managed IT service provider, Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM is just what you will need for your business!

  • How a Hosted VoIP Phone System will help Your Business

    VoIP has taken the world by storm ever since it came into the market. Globally, VoIP proves to be a better and cheaper alternative to making phone calls from landlines. One of the major contributors for promoting the technology is Skype. All VoIP requires is an active internet connection and you can call anywhere in the world. Of course, this poses great benefits for business personnel as they can call their clients through the technology and connect not only through voice call but also video call, seamlessly.

    Crumbacher Santa Fe NM agrees to the following ways which can significantly help your business by means of hosted VoIP phone systems:

    • Cost efficient:

    VoIP is said to save up to 90 percent of communication costs. This means that the amount saved here can be invested elsewhere in the business. Internet connection speeds are becoming faster and cheaper with each passing day which is exactly why more people are relying on the technology and bidding farewell to the conventional landline phones.

    • Allows better response rate

    When you integrate the ‘voice mail to e-mail’ feature on your phone system, it allows you to be more responsive. Moreover, voice mail means you can refer back to it if and when needed, at any given time because it stays with you. So your business continuity is never compromised.

    • VoIP phone numbers

    The technology can also help you generate numbers with your area codes, making you appear as a local businessperson. You can also get a toll free number for your business at a fraction of the price compared to the cost of a conventional telephone service.

    • No constraints

    With cloud technology calls, you never have to worry about telephone bills. Whether you have to expand your business or subside it, there won’t be any hassle of employees and telephone providers. VoIP allows flexibility whether you’re scaling up or down.

    • Auto-updates

    VoIP makes your work as hassle free as possible– it does not require any hardware or additional/manual updates. In fact, the system updates automatically whenever there is a new update available. It works the same way on all Android as well as Apple devices.

    • Video call feature

    As an additional feature, it can help create a better connection between the client and your business. When you can virtually see each other, it is likely to create a better impact through your body language and gestures. Moreover, it works exactly like a voice call.

    • VoIP and data recovery

    With VoIP, you can integrate your voice call to your mobile phone number. So, for instance, if at some point your internet connection is down, or your device gets corrupted, your calls received on this cloud technology can be forwarded to your number without any delay.

    In order to make sure that your business is not affected, it is important to find a reliable and cost-effective VoIP service provider. Crumbacher Santa Fe NM has expertise in VoIP and you can save up to 50 per cent on your phone call bills without an internet connection. To get more details visit their website.

  • Why Business Internet is So Important to Your Business

    The internet is our most basic and important information and communication tool. It has revolutionized the world whether you consider local business or the one that is operated globally.

    We spend our working hours by checking emails, sending out files, downloading documents, attending conference video calls, and visiting websites etc. Throughout the day, we make the use of the internet to continue business operations smoothly, and hence, it’s no surprise that almost 94% of workers in all types of business are internet users.

    So what does business internet truly mean for a business?

    Unlike residential internet, business internet is used in almost all types of businesses. The business internet is more efficient to run your business as it has higher speed, speed scalability, cost-effectiveness and other potential features to meet the daily requirements of your business and without halting business operations.

    However, to assist you further, let us have a look at some more benefits of using business internet for your business setup.

    Business Internet Is Much Faster

    Every business needs a faster internet connection to support the continuous business activities like sending files, browsing, communication, video conferencing, and others. The business internet offers exceptionally high speed such as 100Gbps and helps in saving money as well as time for any business.

    Do you know that only a second’s delay in page loading may cost a business $1.6 billion of sales each year? While a slow internet connection is frustrating for employees and customers, it may result in significant loss to a business.

    Business Internet Is A Secured Connection

    The business internet does not run on a single cable like residential internet. However, it is based on fiber line. These fiber cables are solely dedicated to supporting business internet which means that the availability of such an internet is much more secured with very less opportunity of interference. Smooth internet connection is necessary for a business as it involves the transfer of heavy files and documents, downloading of extensive data, video conferencing on the global level and others.

    Unlike residential internet, whose speed is dependent on the bandwidth usage of various shared users, the business internet does not get affected by these factors and maintain a smooth high-speed connection at all times.

    Business Internet Is Highly Cost-Effective

    Acquiring business internet may be an up-front cost initially but in the longer run, the benefits simply outweigh the cost. The increased efficiency and productivity of the business, low maintenance or repair cost of internet, automatic updates and upgrades, and no requirement of any sort of hardware installation or removal are just a few reasons for any business to actively invest in the business internet.

    Moreover, with the business internet, businesses can easily take their IT infrastructure to cloud facility which helps in removing physical servers and the need to staff in order to take care of servers.

    The above discussed are just a few benefits of the business internet for a small and large scale business. The business internet has a significant valuable impact to the future of all businesses nowadays and throughout the globe.

  • Why It Is Critical Your Business Has a Secure Wireless Network?

    In the technology-driven workplace of today, the presence of wireless connectivity is not just an option anymore, it is a necessity. However, an equally important factor to consider is that your wireless connection does not end with your office walls, and if it is not secured, there are high chances of your wireless connection being hacked by malicious users. If you think that the chances of your business being affected by a plain old wireless hack are not much to worry about, think again! An international retail chain had a data reserve of financial data on 47 million customers lost through a wireless hack. Talking in monetary terms, this totals a loss of 17 million in US dollars.

    Still thinking safety is not an option?

    Here is a list of the most common wireless hacks compiled by the experts at Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM that reveal the dangers of unsecured wireless connections.

    1. Fake Access Points

    This is the most common — and easiest — Wi-Fi hack. A malicious user would either name an unauthorized Wi-Fi network to the name of your company’s Wi-Fi. The unsuspecting users would connect with it and the hacker can gain access to all the information that passes through.

    One thing to understand about an open Wi-Fi network is that when you gain free access, you’re allowing the owner (with even a little technical knowledge) to view and exploit what websites you visit, and what information you send.

    So when you unwittingly connect to an access point that is not the original one, you open yourself to the possibility of your information being leaked. Multiply this possibility to the number of employees who have this access and you have a solid risk at your hands to take care of.

    2. Wi-Fi Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

    Technology and gadgets have made our lives easier than ever. Unfortunately, the same goes for hackers who are looking for easier ways to snoop around for valuable information and make the most of it by either blackmailing you with it or selling the sensitive information to a competitor. The man-in-the-middle attack, where the attacker intervenes and redirects the information to an unsecured source from where they can benefit from, can now be done with gadgets like the Wi-Fi Pineapple, which costs around $99 and can be set up in under 20 minutes.

    The Pineapple was bad enough when it could fake to be a friendly port that your phone would connect to, but now, it has been upgraded with more modules, all of which assist the stealing of information.

    How Can You Stay Safe?

    Use Wi-Fi Protected Access (preferably the newest version, WAP2) to make sure that the standard of Wi-Fi security is met. You should also invest in regular checks for rogue access points which may be potential weak points in your cyber security. If you are looking for a reliable company with a wealth of experience accomplishing this, then simply reach out to the experts in the industry— Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM would be happy to help.

  • Top 10 Common Mac Repairs

    The best part about being a Mac user? You don’t have to worry about troubleshooting and spending hours on an end to update drivers like your Windows PC-using friends.


    What happens when your trusty Mac breaks down?

    Don’t worry! Here are some of the most common issues that Mac users face, and their quick fixes, compiled by our experts at Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM.

    1. My Mac Is Too Slow

    If you’re tired of waiting while your Mac takes its precious time to open files for you, check the Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor). This is where you can view all the processes and applications using the Mac’s memory and power. Choose the ones that you are not using and close it. This will free up breathing space for your Mac. But if you have these issues on a regular basis, you may need to upgrade your RAM.

    2. My Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting

    Weak signals can be a major issue with connectivity. If your router is close to your Mac, you have already restarted the router and modem; you can try configuring your Mac to connect to a 5GHz signal instead of the 2.4GHz one since the former has less interference. Separate your 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks through your router settings. Then, go to Advanced settings (System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced). Find your 5GHz network here and drag it to the top of the list. This will tell your Mac to prefer the 5GHz network whenever possible.

    3. Bluetooth Not Available Error

    The ‘Bluetooth not available’ error is quite annoying for the Mac users, and to get through it, try restarting your Mac and quitting and relaunching the Bluetooth app. Remove any other Apple devices away from your Mac.

    4. My Macbook Is Not Charging!

    It’s absolutely terrifying to plug your MacBook to be charged and come back later to see that nothing is happening! Before you start hyperventilating, relax. This can be fixed. If your MacBook has a removable battery, reset it. If that doesn’t work, shut down your MacBook, and connect the MagSafe power adapter. Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + Option + Power buttons for about 4 seconds and release them all at the same time. Then open your Mac and check if the problem is fixed. If not, have your MacBook serviced.

    5. My Mac Won’t Shut Down

    If you are trying to shut down your Mac but nothing happens, try leaving it for a while for the OS to sort out any unresponsive apps or processes on its own. However, if it takes too long, check your Dock for any frozen or opened apps or bouncing app alerts that are stopping your Mac from shutting down. Force quit these apps or manually force shut your Mac itself by pressing and holding the power buttons.

    6. An Application Is Not Responding

    If an application becomes unresponsive, you can force quit it from the Force Quit window (press and hold the Command + Alt + Esc buttons to open it) and restart your Mac.

    7. Blue Screen Of Death

    If your Mac is stuck on the blue screen, you may need to repair your hard drive. In this case, you just might need the help of a professional. The experts at Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM have had their share of fixing blue screens and can help you out, too!

    8. My Mac Is Stuck At A Grey Screen On Startup

    The grey screen, unlike the more notorious blue screen, can be caused by a diverse set of reasons. To resolve this issue, turn off the computer and disconnect all external peripherals except for the mouse, keyboard, and display. Restart your Mac. If the problem persists, contact tech support.

    9. No Sound From The Speakers/ Display Issues

    The most common display and sound issues in Mac are caused by problems in the NVRAM. Resetting it would help. Press and hold Command + Option + P + R buttons and when your Mac chimes for the second time, release all the keys at the same time.

    10. My Mac Keeps Crashing

    Try installing combo updates to fix this issue, as one main reason for your Mac crashing is an installation that went bad.

    If you’re looking for a pro to handle the issues of your precious Mac, reach out to Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM and get your computer fixed without any hassle!

  • Top 10 Common PC Repairs

    Whether you have a rusty old PC passed down from your dad or the latest Alienware that you can flaunt off in your social circle, you will, at some point, face some issues with your tech. Before you rush off to tech support for every tiny problem, how about you try your hand at fixing the smaller concerns yourself? Being one of the leading tech support and computer services company in the area, the technicians at Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM have seen and fixed many issues that crop up quite frequently for PC users. In order to help you make some of the easily-fixable issues at home, here is a list of the ten most common PC issues compiled by our experts, and their solutions.

    1. Slow Computer
    At times, your PC may become slow because of an increasing amount of temporary files being saved. To boost your computer’s performance, simply type %temp% in the Windows search bar and you’ll be able to view the temporary files. Then select and delete the files to free up space.

    2. I Can’t Log In
    There are many reasons for this issue, some may be as simple as forgetting the password or typing the password with the caps on, and other may be more serious. If you can’t seem to log in despite having the right password, try restarting your PC, holding F8 during the startup. Use the arrow keys to select the safe mode. Then select the right OS for your PC and press enter. Now log on as administrator and type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe in the command prompt and press enter. Instructions will appear on your screen to restore your computer. Follow them and you’ll be able to use your PC again.

    3. My PC Just Shut Down
    Like all appliances, your PC can overheat. When that happens, it shuts down. It can happen due to malfunctioning components or accumulated dust. Clean out your computer’s case and unclog the fans so that there is no barricade to the ventilation. If the problem persists, contact Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM and have professionals deal with it.

    4. I Deleted My Files
    If you have deleted files with the delete button, you can always recover them from your recycle bin. But if you have shift-deleted them, you would need to download recovery software tools like EaseUs and iCare Recovery. You can always ask a professional for help if you’re unsure.

    5. Downloads Are Taking Forever
    First, conduct a speed test here to check your upload and download speeds. If everything seems normal, check if you have torrents running in the background. If that, too, is not the issue, reset your router or modem. If you still have the issue, call your ISP and check if the problem is on their end.

    6. My Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting
    If your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting, close the distance between your router and your PC. Sometimes, weak signals pose an issue with connectivity.

    7. My Printer Won’t Work
    Use the most popular tech solution here: turn it off and turn it on. Check your cartridges, ensure your drivers are updated and the “Use printer offline” option is unchecked.

    8. USB Doesn’t Work
    Try using a different port. If that doesn’t work, check if the USB connects with other computers before calling for troubleshooting.

    9. I Can’t Open Attachments
    You probably don’t have the software installed to open the files. While the most common problem arises with .pdf files (you can install a PDF reader for it), but with other files, try googling the extension (the letters after “.”) to see which application opens the file.

    10. My Screen Is Frozen
    If your computer hangs, try waiting for a while, but if the screen remains frozen, reboot your computer. However, you may risk losing any unsaved data with this method.

    If you are unsure or uncomfortable handling any of the aforementioned or any other issues, don’t hesitate to call for help. The professionals at Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM will be happy to help you out anytime you have a PC-related issue.

  • Easy Shortcut Virus Removal from a Pen Drive or Flash Drive

    The shortcut virus which is found in a flash drive makes 1 KB shortcuts of your original files and hides them in these shortcuts. For ordinary, less tech savvy people the most frustrating aspect of this virus is the inability to figure out where the problem exists: the PC or the flash drive.

    Cause of this virus and what it does

    An infected PC may have infected the flash drive which brought it to your computer, or the problem might have initiated from your own PC which means that both your flash drive and PC are at risk.

    Trojans either run a script or corrupt the attributes of files in an existing program script, thereby hiding files and making shortcuts of them. Opening the shortcut does enable one to view the files, but the virus is also executed to affect your entire computer. Since these are Trojan caused infections, sometimes an antivirus may not be able to remove the problem.

    A quick solution is to enable viewing hidden files and folders from the “View” tab in the “Files and Folder Options.” These options can be accessed by clicking on the organize tab in a window browser near the top left. Even though enabling this option does allow you to view your files, the unfriendly scripts are yet to be removed.

    Removing the Shortcut Virus Permanently

    In order to get rid of the problem immediately, what needs to be done is that the attributes of the harmful scripts have to be changed. Keeping your flash drive plugged into the computer, simply go to “Start” menu and search for “cmd”. Once it appears in the list of programs, right-click and choose “Run as Administrator”. This opens the Command Prompt.

    Now you must know the corresponding letter that represents the removable drive i.e. your flash drive such as “d”, “g” or “j” etc. In case you don’t, just open My Computer and look at it. Then follow these three easy steps.

    • Navigate to your flash drive by inputting the drive letter followed by a colon such as “j:”
    • Then type “del*.lnk” and hit the return (or enter) key
    • In the next line type in “attrib –s –r –h *.* /s /d /l”. Once done, proofread it and press enter

    Now when you close the command prompt window and open the flash drive, all your files would be back to normal. This became possible because using command prompt you were able to change the attributes of your files to the same state as before the virus attack.

    To save yourself from the aforementioned trouble, you can seek professional help to make your PC defense stronger against Trojans. Crumbacher provides all kinds of computer help for any PC or Network troubles that you might face. They are your best source for PC troubles and repairs in Santa Fe and are also available online.

  • Computer Services- Dealing with Computer Problems the Right Way

    While computers are known to have been slowly “taking over the world,” it doesn’t mean they don’t need looking after of their own. Given their regular use, it’s no surprise that there’s always something or the other going wrong with them, which is why you should always be prepared on how to best handle any problems that you might encounter.

    3 Common Computer Problems

    There are many types of computer problems that people face. From a crash in the system to malware disrupting all the files, computer problems are actually quite extensive and equally disturbing depending on what type of issue you are dealing with. Keeping that in mind, you should be aware of the various computer services you will be dealing with in the long run. Below are a few computer problems and how you can deal with them efficiently.

    • Slow Computers

    There’s nothing more stressful than dealing with slow computers. Once you have to face them, then only you’ll truly understand how much patience you actually possess but you have to know that slow computers aren’t just something that happens on their own. There are many reasons behind it but usually, the culprit is low disk or cache space. What happens is that the space on your hard disk starts to run low, or your RAM gets overloaded caching programs running either on the desktop or in the background. This means you need to start formatting and get rid of all the junk. Either that or your problem might be because of all the tasks opened in the background. You can quickly fix this through the task bar and see which programs are eating away at your RAM and close them.

    • Slow internet

    Slow computers are one thing but slow internet? That just takes up a whole new level of patience to deal with especially if you have an important task at hand or you’re waiting for a download to finish. This is usually caused by connectivity problems which can be fixed by refreshing your connection or restarting the router. Either that or you could run a speed test and see what the main issue is, it could also be occurring because of some problem in the hardware. You should call a professional and have them take a proper look at whatever servicing your computer might need.

    • Desktop pop ups

    This is a little trickier to deal with. If you’re dealing with pop-up ads on your desktop without actually running any web page then you might have accidentally installed an adware. This could be fixed by certain utility tools or you could run a virus scan and make sure your computer isn’t under attack.

    Get expert help!

    While these are easy to do, computer services aren’t always a piece of cake and often require an expert’s advice on what to do. There are several other problems you might encounter and they often cause more problems in the long run so to best avoid those, you should look into getting a professional to deal with your computer. You can simply contact Crumbacher, a team that provides excellent solution to your technical needs.

  • 5 Helpful Tips for Copier Sales

    Sales are prone to a great variability, depending on the progress your business is making. And, if your copier business is at a standstill, that is to say, that it is barely managing to retain its existing customer base, copier sales will remain unaffected. In order to increase copier sales, you need to step up your game. Let’s take a look at some tips that might be helpful when it comes to copier sales:

    1. Search for more customers

    Keeping your current customer base is good for your company. But restricting yourself to your current customer base may not be that much of a good idea. It is important that you look for more customers and bring them into your customer pool since this is the only way to seek growth of your company and increase copier sales.

    You can never be sure that your current customer base is going to stay as is. You might lose customers to your competitors because you are keeping your business at a standstill and not making an effort for its growth.

    1. Inform your customers

    Informing your customers about new products or services through email or by using any other means for promotion can also help improve copier sales. If potential customers are not aware of what you are offering, you might not be able to optimize your business growth.

    1. Make use of technology

    In the present age, the use of internet and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others is common. With smartphones, it has now become much easier to browse the internet without the need to switch on a computer. You can use technology to advance your copier sales. Use social media platforms to promote your products and services and inform your customers about what you have on offer.

    These online platforms can also be used to create a better understanding of the customer through polls and surveys and have a more enhanced interaction with them. This can help you gain insight about potential customers which will, in turn, be helpful in improving copier sales.

    1. Know your target audience

    Studying your customer data can help you determine patterns and other meaningful information that can be useful in improving copier sales. For instance, if your data tells you that educational institutions make up the majority of your copier sales. You can target your audience accordingly, and even give special offers or discounts to them. This will help attract potential customers, who might consider buying your product or service.

    1. Hire the right representatives

    The right attitude can help you achieve a lot, even more than your specified sales targets. Hiring competent representatives to represent your business might be a good move in contributing to your copier sales. These representatives can help gain an insight about the customers through direct interaction or via online social platforms. They need to come up with ideas that can improve the promotion and sales of your product or service.

    Crumbacher is an IT services company that specialize in many things including copier sales.

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