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  • Why Your Business Needs a Guest Wireless Network

    “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” is probably the most frequently asked question if you are an entrepreneur and welcome a good number of guests to your business every day.  Uninterrupted internet connectivity has become a necessity of modern user. However, not everyone fancies the thought of subscribing internet data packages from their cellular network providers and hence they look for public Wi-Fi networks.

    To ensure an environment of courtesy, business owners have to provide their Wi-Fi passwords even if they are reluctant to do so. It would certainly be rude to not give away your password to guests, particularly if they are potential clients.

    Guess Wireless Network Can be the Solution

    If you want to maintain the limited accessibility to your network and also want to provide internet connection to unauthorized individuals (incoming clientele), then a guest wireless network is a handy option. To make the utility of guest wireless network clearer, we are going to outline some reasons why your business will benefit from it.

    For Improved Privacy and Security

    This is the biggest reason why you should get a guest wireless network for your business. You can’t tell if the visitors are using the secure or infected device and they may have no way of knowing so you can you ask them this before giving the Wi-Fi password. This is why it is important to separate your operational network from the public network.

    Infected devices connected to your main network can quickly become a disaster. Confidential business information can be in danger of being exposed to an external digital environment if it hosts an infected or corrupted device.

    For Temporary Access

    If you are worried that most of your internet data have been consumed by visiting vendors and customers, then a guest wireless network is the answer. Like standard Wi-Fi passwords that are cached and provide continuous access to the user once the password is entered, a guest wireless network caches them in a different manner.

    Even frequent visitors are prompted to enter a Wi-Fi password every single time. Moreover, you can also easily change the password of guest networks to limit the consumption of internet data.

    You Can Establish Different Levels of Access With Guest Wireless Network

    If you want to ensure the safe use of the internet on your business premises, then you can implement it with the help of a guest wireless network. Like parental control, guest wireless provides you to filter the content that is accessed through it. Only allowing safe, secure, and authentic web surfing is considered as a good digital practice.

    You can Also Control the Bandwidth

    If you have the same internet connection to power both primary and guest network, then be prepared to face the issue of limited bandwidth. Keep in mind that primary network is your main priority and it should not face any bandwidth problem.

    A guest wireless networks provide you the option to regulate its bandwidth. With a guest wireless network, you can set the bandwidth to allow reasonable internet resources for visitors without affecting your network performance.

    In the event that you need to add a guest network to your business internet, get in touch with a reliable IT service provider to help you facilitate the internet needs of your visitors.

  • Wi-Fi Systems for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

    For the success of any restaurant and coffee shop, two things matter the most–quality of their menu and customer service. If we discuss customer service, in particular, we see that this covers a wide range of amenities. For instance, providing internet access on the premises has become an essential requirement for establishing good customer service.

    Different surveys suggest that consumers now consider Wi-Fi connection a basic amenity in any restaurant or coffee shop. In one poll, more than 70 percent people rate a good Wi-Fi connection as the second most important thing after coffee.  Similarly, it has been found out that one in five people constantly use the phone when they dine out.

    In this context, Wi-Fi systems have become an important feature of eateries and cafes.

    For Improved Customer Satisfaction

    It has been often noticed that consumers compromise on the quality of the menu to some extent, but if the service is not good they don’t visit the place again. Therefore, providing them top-quality comfort and satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every customer service.

    It is now a fact that smartphone has become a regular part of peoples’ lives. Younger lot wants to remain connected to the world through different social apps wherever they are. We also know that phone data does not provide the ease of use attributed to a Wi-Fi connection. So, by establishing a complimentary Wi-Fi system in your restaurant, you can improve and enhance customer satisfaction.

    Customer Satisfaction Also Builds Loyalty

    Customers repeatedly want to visit the place that provides fast, uninterrupted internet connection. This means a good Wi-Fi system can also help in automatically building customer loyalty.

    Free Marketing

    Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, people love to share their experience with their social circle. While sipping a latte, many people want to share their location (a coffee shop etc) on the internet. But they can’t do it without an internet connection.

    By providing an instant Wi-Fi internet connection, the coffee shop can facilitate its own free and subtle marketing with the help of consumers who love to check in their locations on social media wherever they go.

    Improved Sales on Slow Days

    Mid-afternoons are considered slow dayparts. However, you can also improve the sales in that time window by providing a high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection. There are many people out there who would love to spend some quiet time with a cup of coffee and a good internet connection.

    Types of Wi-Fi Connections Available for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

    According to expert IT service providers, there are two types of Wi-Fi connections that best suits the utility of eateries and coffee shops.

    Consumer Wi-Fi

    A regular Wi-Fi setup used in homes is handy for small single-story coffee shops and restaurants. This Wi-Fi system comprises a simple internet gateway (through a modem or cable) and a wireless router, both of these components are also available in a single assembly.

    Enterprise Wi-Fi System

    For large multistory restaurants and hotels, enterprise Wi-Fi is a good option. It consists of an internet gateway, various wireless access points installed at different locations and the main router. A high bandwidth connection can be transmitted through such Wi-Fi systems.

  • Have a Wi-Fi Dead Zone? Here’s how to Fix it

    How irritating does it feel when you have a working internet connection in your home, but still can’t use it in the comfort of your bedroom because it’s a Wi-Fi dead zone? Believe us, we all have been a victim of Wi-Fi dead zones. However, with better IT options available today, you can easily fix the issues of no or very weak internet signals. Let’s have a look at some of the options that can be used to fix Wi-Fi dead zones.

    Replacement of Antenna

    Wi-Fi dead zones are often created because of the weak signals transmitted by the router. The culprit often is the antenna that relays the signal all over the space.  By replacing the built-in antenna with a large, high range option, you can fix the dead Wi-Fi zones.

    Prefer a Directional Antenna

    Majority of the built-in antennas are omnidirectional i.e. transmit signals in all the directions. If you are going for an antenna replacement make sure that it’s directional because chances are you experience a Wi-Fi dead zone in a particular part of the building.

    Also, make sure that you replace it with a ‘high-gain’ antenna because it is configured to transmit stronger signals. Once fixed on the router, point the tip of directional antenna to the Wi-Fi dead zone.

    Wireless Range Extender

    In cases Wi-Fi dead zones are created in the building because of the distance, then wireless range extenders are the right option to fix them.  Every router is designed to broadcast Wi-Fi signals to a certain range. In this situation, antenna replacement might remain futile.

    Aside from improving Wi-Fi coverage over a long distance, wireless range extenders are also good to fix dead zones if they are created due to:

    • Thick walls
    • Other obstructions in the form of heavy furniture or equipment

    These physical elements can lead to the blockade of internet signals within a building and range extender can help in negating their effect.  It is important to understand that a range extender works like any router.  In other words, it just re-broadcast the signal from the router to extend its coverage. When installing a range extender, make sure that it is placed in between the router and the supposed dead zone so that it can pick and relay stronger signals.

    Access Points

    For spaces suffering from more than one dead zone, access points provide a better alternative as compared to range extenders. Access points are installed at different locations in the construction to create a meshwork that reinforces Wi-Fi signals in the space. Offices and other large-space constructions often experience multiple Wi-Fi dead zones. However, the installment of access points can help in getting rid of the problem of weak and no signal.

    It is imperative to address the issue of Wi-Fi dead zones because what’s the point of paying internet subscription fees if you can’t use it with convenience. If you are not sure how to implement the above-discussed improvements to fix the issue of weak or no signal, get in touch with experienced IT professionals who have enough expertise to fix Wi-Fi dead zones.

  • Benefits of Cloud Backup for Your Business

    Digitization is the phenomenon that has taken the world under its garb. Businesses whether large or small-scale, have also adopted the digital ways. Gone are the days when paper files and registries were used to carry out everyday business activity. Now everything is stored in soft format digitally.

    Much like photocopies of original files were used to make backups back in the day, in this virtual age, digital backups are needed so that a copy of critical data remains available following any unfortunate incidents.  Unavailability of data can turn into tangible losses for a business.  Therefore, making data backups is important from a financial point of view as well.

    Among different types of digital backups available, cloud storages are the best option for commercial entities. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of setting up cloud backups.

    For the Prevention of Downtime

    Increased cyber attacks are one of the unwanted consequences of digitization. Every year companies lose billions of dollars to cybercriminals.

    With cloud backups, you can resume your business operations from any remote location should your main digital setup has been hit by a deadly malware attack. With a simple internet connection and a computing device, you can set up a makeshift digital front for your business, thanks to cloud backups.

    No Investment for Physical Infrastructure

    Capital investment is an important concern for business owners. Before putting any new feature in place, they assess the investment required to make it fruitful. Thankfully, to establish cloud backups, you won’t need to spend a money on setting up any physical infrastructure. All of it will be online and you won’t need to spend on any hardware equipment.

    No Overwork for IT Department

    Getting cloud backups will also help to increase the efficiency of your IT Department. With the setup of cloud backups, there is no need for hardware data backups and manual upgrading. Cloud backups are developed to work automatically to store data on regular basis. Therefore, there is no need to hire extra IT staff if data protection is taken care through cloud backups.

    Protection From any Unforeseen Catastrophe

    Physical data backups in the form of tapes and disks are always subjected to damages due to any unforeseen crisis. A sudden blaze on the site or power interruption can culminate in the failure of these data backups. However, this is not the case with cloud data backups because they are hosted through servers installed at a safe and secure location. Moreover, it is easier to recover data from clouds storage as compared to magnetic tapes. Quick data recovery also helps in reducing the downtime.

    It is better to hire a third-party cloud hosting service to back up your critical business data so that you can easily focus on other business operations with a peace of mind that your data is in safe hands.

  • Is VoIP a Right Option For Your Business Communications?

    Whether you are running a business out of your garage or have a venture spread out in multiple cities, communication is the key to ensure smooth operations. The widespread prevalence of internet has provided us with the means of communications that has transformed the business activities all around the world by replacing traditional communication tool.

    For instance, conventional landline phones can be substituted by VoIP services now, an internet version of phone calls with many additional features. If you are starting a new venture or want to give a lift up to your existing business, we recommend you to get VoIP services as your main communication medium.

    What is VoIP?

    VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In simple words, it is the exchange of voice data just like a normal phone call. However, it uses an internet connection to transmit those data packets. Let’s find out how businesses can benefit from the use of VoIP services.

    A Good Voice Quality Means Better Customer Interaction

    Having a pleasant customer interaction is imperative to build your business reputation. In fixed-line phones, voice quality is not that good meanwhile distortion is a constant bother. So, if you are using it to communicate and converse with your clients, then you might not be able to deliver better customer experience.

    On the other hand, the high speed of internet provides better voice quality in VoIP services, and without a continuous buzz in the line. With the help of crystal clear voice quality, you can manage to make consumer interaction a pleasant experience.

    VoIP can Facilitate Flexible Business Operations

    VoIP is a flexible option of communication. With an internet connection, you can use your VoIP number from anywhere in the world. In short, your business contact number can remain operational 24/7, and this feature doesn’t cost you any extra.

    VoIP is a Cost-Effective Option

    For businesses, saving costs are akin to profit maximization. With the installation of VoIP in your establishment, you can save a lot on your communication expenses.

    In contrast to fixed-line connections, you don’t have to pay extra for long-distance phone calls in VoIP services, since all communications use the same internet bandwidth.  Moreover, the installation of VoIP services won’t eat up a lot of your budget.

    VoIP can Deliver Multiple Functions

    VoIP is not just about phone calls. From video conferencing to web fax, many features are part of VoIP services that can modernize business communications.

    VoIP Services of Crumbacher

    Crumbacher understands that every business has different communication needs. Therefore, we provide customized VoIP services to our clients. From the customization of voice greetings to devise unique caller menus, our team can customize every bit of VoIP services.

    The utility of VoIP can increase manifold with its integration with different computer applications. Therefore, we provide VoIP services that can be integrated with your email portal. Moreover, VoIP services can also be incorporated with different CRM applications. Last but not the least, we can port your business contact to VoIP without causing any disruption to your business operations.

  • Top Reasons to Use Cloud Backup

    Even if you are operating a brick and mortar store, chances are your daily registries would be compiled digitally. With this overdependence on digital systems, we constantly face a risk of data loss. A virus attack or sudden power failure resulting in corruption of the storage device, we can lose digital data in many ways.

    However, the domain of internet has provided us with an option to secure our digital data through backups powered by cloud storage. In cloud storage, the data is saved in logical pools managed by high-performance servers, instead of physical magnetic storage of hard drives and USBs.

    There are many reasons why cloud backups services are the best option available to businesses for the protection of their data.

    It’s Automatic

    If you think it will add another task to your everyday work, then that’s not the case. Cloud backups of any good IT service providers just like Crumbacher are automated. This means all new files and data will automatically become part of the online backup and you won’t need to do anything manually.

    No Disturbance

    Cloud backups don’t appear on your computer screen all the time. It will quietly run in the background without disturbing any of your computing activity.

    Better Than Traditional Backups

    External hard drives are not an efficient form of data storage as compared to online backups. You are required to make backup manually in hard storage. Moreover, they are prone to physical damages and can be stolen. With cloud backups, you don’t face any of these issues.

    You Will Save Money

    By paying a nominal subscription fee for the use of online backups, you can save costs in many other areas.

    • You can reduce your energy bills
    • You don’t have to spend on external hard drives every other month
    • You will save your valuable work hours that can be employed for more productive things

    All these factors collectively make online backups a cost-effective option for commercial entities.



    Cloud Backups Make Location and Time Immaterial

    If you are availing online backup services, then the restoration of data will be as easier as a single click. Notwithstanding the time and geographical location, you can retrieve your data whenever you want wherever you want.

    No Downtime

    Even if your business computers couldn’t start for any reason, you won’t suffer any downtime because cloud backups are literally available at your fingertips (yes, you can access them through your cell phone).

    Encrypted Transfer of Data

    In the beginning, insecure internet connections were a problem for online backup systems. However, experts have also addressed this issue by encrypting the data that is transferred over the internet. This means your data will remain protected from any instance of cybercriminal activity.

    As you can see, there are only benefits of using a cloud backup. If you want to run your business operations with a peace of mind then you should immediately get in touch with IT professionals of Crumbacher. They will make your business operations more streamlined by integrating cloud backups.

  • Which Type of Computer Best Suits Your Business Needs?

    We all know how businesses are completely dependent upon computers nowadays. However, each business has different needs, meaning they each require a different type of computer. Here is some information to help you identify the type that suits your needs best.

    Let’s have a look at the common types used in businesses.

    1.    Stand Alone Computers

    These types of computers are full-fledged personal computers with a processor, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. They are meant to stay fixed in a particular location. Companies that don’t have a large number of employees can function just fine with these.

    Such computers are merely connected to a particular network to share details with one another. They don’t need a combined server.

    2.    Thin Clients

    These are look-alikes of the stand-alone computers. The only difference between these two is in terms of the processor. These computers don’t have separate processors, instead, each of these is connected to just one server that holds all the company’s data and work and the computers just function to facilitate the end-user.

    These are designed for companies that have a large number of employees.

    3.    Servers

    These types of computers are large servers that contain and maintain the company data. All large companies have separate servers to make sure that in the event of a calamity, the company data survives and the business continues to have perpetual existence.

    4.    Laptops

    If you need portability, laptops are the choice for your business. However, their maintenance cost can be on the higher size. In addition, their portability puts them at the risk of being stolen or otherwise damaged. Due to this, it is often found that only high-level employees of a company such as AVPs or VPs or Presidents are assigned laptops.

    Other than them, employees that have definite traveling hours included in their jobs are also assigned laptops due to their nature of the job.

    5.    Tablets

    Again, these are the luxury that only very high-level employees of the company are given. Sales managers and other employees who have to keep an eye on regular updates and news about the company targets have a good use for tablets.

    Employees who have a data entry job are seldom given tablets as they require keyboards to work efficiently. Tablets would only slow them down. Employees who take reports from their subordinates have better uses for tablets.

    Several business needs are met on a daily basis with the use of these devices. Let’s have a look at some of the common tasks these computers perform.

    • Accounting
    • Payroll Management
    • Data Management
    • Updates
    • Coordination (Through emails and shared software)
    • Efficient Filing Systems

    Since the evolution of computers, businesses have gone paper free. They can operate well without the need to put many things on physical records. This has revolutionized businesses by producing quick results and ensuring long and successful tenures by many companies.

    Technology will always extend a hand to help, what you need to know is which one meets your requirements in the best way. Crumbacher can help you in making the right choice. We deal with the latest and the best in business technology. If you live in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, NM then contact us to make your business the best in town!

  • Wireless Network Security – You Need to Know the Basics

    By now, most of us are comfortable with wireless networks. Perhaps too comfortable to realize that they may not be very secure or safe!

    With a wireless network, anyone in range of the network can easily gain access to it because the connection can be made via a radio signal or something similar. A wired network, on the other hand, requires a cable to connect directly to the network.

    Wireless Networks and Passwords

    While someone on the same wireless network cannot see what other users on the network are doing (spying), but they can use up the network bandwidth and limited data on the network. That’s how public Wi-Fi at hotels, airports and other public areas operate.All this happens due to the absence of password protection. Everyone can use the Wi-Fi if it is not password protected.

    The Standards

    This is not to say that there is no regulation or boundaries to follow to connect to the internet. There is the Institute of Electronics and Engineers (IEEE) that places the most emphasis on the local area and wireless local area network hardware (LANs and WLANs).

    The WEP was developed at first by the IEEE. WEP stands for Wireless Equivalent Privacy standard that offers similar or greater protection than a wired network. The values upheld by the WEP security standards included trust, confidentiality, and integrity.

    This means that with the WEP standards in place for your wireless networks, the chances of the following increased:

    1. No stranger will be able to spy on your online activity.
    2. Also, the data received over the wireless connection hasn’t been changed by hackers when WEP protection is in place.
    3. You can also have faith in those connected to the network because they have authorization to be on the network.

    More iterations of the WEP like the WEP2 came and went so that hackers could be deterred in their efforts to hack into networks. WEP2 was formulated due to increased pressure from security experts to protect the wireless internet networks.

    Home networks still use WEP2 that requires a key to protect the network and blocks entry of all individuals who don’t have that key. Hackers are deterred because they also want an easy network without passwords to hack into.

    Switching from the WEP WEP2

    If WEP doesn’t provide enough security, there’s always WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). WEP was the predecessor to this. Wi-Fi devices support many of the WPA technology variants. WPA was also improved to the WPA 2 and was available for both enterprises and for home use.

    For home wireless internet use, it was the WPA-Personal also known as WPA-PSK (the PSK is for preferred share key). WPA2 supports new hardware for WI-Fi and offers much better security than WEP and WEP2.

    Better authentication is offered through better tools like the 802.1X and is known as Radius. Radius is used by larger businesses that support the tools through knowledgeable employees and business resources.

    If you would like to know more about wireless security or get better wireless security for your business, visit us at Crumbacher.

  • Why Do You Need Managed IT Services for Your Business?

    Managed IT services can hold a lot of advantages for businesses. Firstly, the company providing the services has employed qualified professionals that take into account the different IT requirements of the business. Other than that, there are some great advantages to be enjoyed from managed IT services.

    Let’s take a look at some of them.

    1.    Flexibility of Service Provision

    Managed IT service providers can be very flexible when it comes to how efficient their services are. You can align the services to meet your company’s goals of expansion with cost savings by a pay-as-you-go plan. This allows you to divert your financial resources towards growth and save up on costs to when it really matters.

    2.    Greater Security and Durability Due to Quality Infrastructure

    The networks of managed IT services and the superior quality infrastructure enable you to have better IT services than if you were to have your own infrastructure. That is, you leverage on the infrastructure, including data centers that we have already set up to further your services. You also get full-time management and a promise of security due to the robust IT system we have in place.

    Your data and communication are in safe hands with managed IT services.

    3.    Better Quality Service

    The presence of service level agreements allows you to have better managed IT services. There is no question of performance hindrances or continuity of the service with these agreements in place. You will have a professional support staff to address any of your IT needs, around the clock.

    4.    Recovery from Disasters for Prolonged Business

    We know how important service quality is for us and for you. It’s what drives a managed service provider to deliver better performance levels, leaving the least room for error. The networks and data centers that we have in place are covered by backup power, meaning that they will be available at all times. This minimizes loss of data and other valuable information.

    Your business will still be online with managed IT services so you can address your customers’ needs and offer them continued support. You even have an added cushion in the form of a disaster recovery plan suited to your business that we come up with.

    5.    Continually Upgraded Technology for Future-Proof Services

    The technologies used by managed services providers should be in top class and continually updated to provide customers with extended support. There are threats to security like Trojans and malware being invented every day and a leading managed services provider will incorporate necessary protective measures each time and with each update.

    You don’t have to worry about the services becoming outdated with a superior managed service provider for IT by your side.

    6.    Less Initial Investment with Greater Predictability of Expenses

    If you try to come up with an IT service for your business yourself, it will be quite costly. You’ll have to invest in specialized hardware as well as software and update it to counter threats as discussed above. With managed IT services you pay as you go per month and know exactly how much you are spending each month, for greater predictability of your expenses.

    To get these advantages from managed IT services, please contact us at Crumbacher.

  • 10 Top Reasons to Make the Switch to a VoIP Phone System

    A reliable phone system is important for your business to drive daily goals and meet targets and inching towards solid progress.

    You should definitely keep a VoIP phone system in mind when moving your office location or expanding, especially if you’re a small or medium-sized business.

    This is because a prospect or a new customer will possibly reach out to you via the phone line half the time. That said, here are the reasons why a VoIP phone system is the smart choice.

    1.    Better Support and Maintenance

    You can get greater support for any of the changes you would like to make to the system when you use a hosted VoIP phone system server from us. You can get the most out of the features and have the ability to set up automated attendants as well.

    2.    Get Upgrades Automatically

    Everything uses the cloud nowadays. So it would be a shame if we didn’t. With the VoIP phone system services connected over the cloud, syncing and updates are easier and automated, so you can keep pace with the technological improvements, thanks to our professional engineers.

    3.    Connect to Your Websites in Different parts of the World

    When you’re operating many sites in different countries to extend your services in whichever part of the world, you need the infrastructure to back it up. With VoIP phone system, you get that infrastructure. Don’t be restricted by your physical phone lines anymore.

    4.    Worthwhile Investment

    A traditional system such as PBX has greater costs in terms of licensing fees, maintenance, and minimum surcharge. Forgo all these costs and just pay the minimum per-user fee with a VoIP phone system.

    5.    Recover Quickly During Emergencies

    A VoIP phone system makes it easier to recover from emergency shutdowns and similar problems. With a single call to your provider, you can overcome an unexpected holiday situation by diverting the work-related calls to your employee cellphones, creating a mobile workforce.

    6.    Only Pay for What You Use

    You get the ability to add and remove users as you please in the VoIP phone system, keeping your company’s customer database updated. You only pay for the users that are on your network. Calls are also included, sometimes, in your monthly rate.

    7.    Make Changes on the Portal

    With an online portal, you can easily make the necessary changes to your VoIP phone system such as updating users and adding features or extensions and a lot more when and as you please.

    8.    Agile and Mobile Working

    Companies also allow flexible working hours and work from home nowadays and the latest VoIP phone system(such as ours) accounts for that. Work calls on office phones get redirected to the employee mobile phones so working from home gets easier.

    9.    Scalability Benefits

    You can add or remove users as you please and therefore are not limited by your phone lines or system capabilities when you use a VoIP phone system.

    10.Internal Calls

    Location-based phone lines are not an issue as VoIP phone systems can help you connect phones that aren’t in your immediate physical network. A business phone can be assigned regardless of location.

    For more information on VoIP systems, connect with us at Crumbacher.

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