Top VoIP Providers Available Today

Top VoIP Providers Available Today

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and allows users to send or receive calls with an Internet connection. For this to be functional, users need a phone service provider and high-speed connection.

We have come a long way from traditional phones as we can now use the internet to call, chat, talk on video or conduct a conference call. Having VoIP for your business can help fulfill communication needs with important clients or investors.

To use VoIP, you dial the destination number, which connects to PSTN and uses an internet connection to connect the call instead of a landline. When you are looking for the best VoIP provider, what needs to be considered is that different VoIPs have their advantages and shortcomings. The most suitable provider depends on your needs.

Furthermore, for effective service, you need to consider: quality – to remain reconnected and have a good quality voice and video calls; dependability – when is the system updated and growth – to ensure that the provider understands users’ needs and can update service accordingly. With mobile apps that are now competing to improve their VoIP services, you can try the provider that works best for you and allows you to stay connected with friends and family.


Skype has been coming up bigger, better services since its inception. Due to constant upgrades, Skype no longer operates on old devices, such as Blackberry. Skype is now available for smartphones, Windows 10 and various smart TVs. It is updated regularly and now provides improved features.

Whoever you want to call, the service is free of charge. It also allows group chats or calls to people around the world. You could also make calls to landline numbers around the world for which the charges are reasonable.


Vonage is the top provider if you are living in the US. The service charges are only $10 per month. Users can make calls from the Vonage numbers. It has similarities to traditional phones as it includes voicemail, caller ID and three-way calling.

Google Hangouts

The mobile app allows users to send or receive texts and video as well as voice calls. Calls to several areas in the US are free, whereas charges for international calls can vary. The latest Android phones have Hangouts app.


Lingo is useful for anyone who has to make frequent international calls. An adapter is provided that needs to be connected to landline hardware.

Ring Central

The service is in the UK and mostly used by business people. It allows a group call for maximum four people and the $50 package provides video calls with 75 people, free minutes for several days and voicemail transcription.

Skype is the best provider as you can reach out to countless places around the world without any charges and enjoy good quality service. Since Skype keeps updating its services, users could enjoy longer and better quality call with many people.  

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