What to Do When Your Computer Is “Dead”

What to Do When Your Computer Is “Dead”

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Have you ever pressed your computer’s power button only to have nothing happen—except a severe panic attack? Nothing appears on your screen at all, and your computer seems to be “dead.”

Before you react, here are some common issues to keep in mind:

  1. Your computer may not be plugged in.

It never hurts to double-check the power source, and this can be a common overlook. If the computer is plugged in, make sure it is a secure connection. When that is confirmed, check your power strip; you might need to reset the protection circuit.

  1. The power strip needs to be replaced.

If your monitor or printer is working and nothing else is plugged into the strip, you could need a new strip. Try plugging something else into the wall to make sure the power in the room is working.

If all the systems and cables are in check, the problem is most likely the computer’s power supply. When dealing with a broken power supply in laptops and desktops, take these steps:


If you have tried all of the above and your laptop is still not turning on, then it is time to call a repair person. Replacing parts in your laptop is very tricky.

In certain situations, the battery might have run-down. Laptop shutdowns rarely happen quickly; several low-battery warnings appear over time to give you a chance to plug it in. A good first step is to have your computer repair professional plug in a new power brick.


Unlike with laptops, replacing the power supplies of desktop computers is not so tricky. If you are versed in computer repair, then you might skip the repair person and replace the power supply yourself. On desktop computers, the supply is usually a silver, gray, or black box. It is the spot where the cable plugs into the back.  

Once you have found the unit that matches yours you are ready to install the replacement. Once you have installed it, unhook the old power cables one by one. Taking pictures can be very helpful in remembering where multiple cables belong. If you must unhook several cables, this is highly recommended.

When you have completed replacing the power supply your desktop should start correctly. If it does, you have successfully fixed the problem on your own. If not, it is time to call a computer repair professional.

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