10 Top Reasons to Make the Switch to a VoIP Phone System

10 Top Reasons to Make the Switch to a VoIP Phone System

A reliable phone system is important for your business to drive daily goals and meet targets and inching towards solid progress.

You should definitely keep a VoIP phone system in mind when moving your office location or expanding, especially if you’re a small or medium-sized business.

This is because a prospect or a new customer will possibly reach out to you via the phone line half the time. That said, here are the reasons why a VoIP phone system is the smart choice.

1.    Better Support and Maintenance

You can get greater support for any of the changes you would like to make to the system when you use a hosted VoIP phone system server from us. You can get the most out of the features and have the ability to set up automated attendants as well.

2.    Get Upgrades Automatically

Everything uses the cloud nowadays. So it would be a shame if we didn’t. With the VoIP phone system services connected over the cloud, syncing and updates are easier and automated, so you can keep pace with the technological improvements, thanks to our professional engineers.

3.    Connect to Your Websites in Different parts of the World

When you’re operating many sites in different countries to extend your services in whichever part of the world, you need the infrastructure to back it up. With VoIP phone system, you get that infrastructure. Don’t be restricted by your physical phone lines anymore.

4.    Worthwhile Investment

A traditional system such as PBX has greater costs in terms of licensing fees, maintenance, and minimum surcharge. Forgo all these costs and just pay the minimum per-user fee with a VoIP phone system.

5.    Recover Quickly During Emergencies

A VoIP phone system makes it easier to recover from emergency shutdowns and similar problems. With a single call to your provider, you can overcome an unexpected holiday situation by diverting the work-related calls to your employee cellphones, creating a mobile workforce.

6.    Only Pay for What You Use

You get the ability to add and remove users as you please in the VoIP phone system, keeping your company’s customer database updated. You only pay for the users that are on your network. Calls are also included, sometimes, in your monthly rate.

7.    Make Changes on the Portal

With an online portal, you can easily make the necessary changes to your VoIP phone system such as updating users and adding features or extensions and a lot more when and as you please.

8.    Agile and Mobile Working

Companies also allow flexible working hours and work from home nowadays and the latest VoIP phone system(such as ours) accounts for that. Work calls on office phones get redirected to the employee mobile phones so working from home gets easier.

9.    Scalability Benefits

You can add or remove users as you please and therefore are not limited by your phone lines or system capabilities when you use a VoIP phone system.

10.Internal Calls

Location-based phone lines are not an issue as VoIP phone systems can help you connect phones that aren’t in your immediate physical network. A business phone can be assigned regardless of location.

For more information on VoIP systems, connect with us at Crumbacher.

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