3 Ways a Disaster Recovery Plan can Help Your Business Survive

3 Ways a Disaster Recovery Plan can Help Your Business Survive

Every business begins with an intention to make a profit and a plan for perpetual continuity.

It does not plan on ending in a few years, due to the aging of the owner or even at the occurrence of any unplanned incidents in your business. This is the rule that leads businesses to have their own business continuity plans.


Sometimes, businesses depend upon their computer networks and data so much so that if anything unexpected happens, they lose all their essential business plans that make their business what it is. This induces the need for a back up to all the data that is essential for the continuity of the business. The individual software can back up your data but if you are talking about whole frameworks, you need professional assistance.


Let’s have a look at how disaster recovery plan (DPR) can actually turn into your business continuity plan.

1.     It Reduces Your Downtime

After a disaster whether it is natural or otherwise, the loss of data can create a loss of precious time in which the business faces an unexpected downtime. It leads to irrecoverable losses. The business suffers in terms of profits.


If you have a planned back up, you can pick up where you left off even after a calamity and from anywhere in the world! The DPR works with the help of a cloud and all your data is transferred to it at regular intervals.

2.     It Keeps Real-Time Updates


You can set your cloud to back up your data in real time. In this manner, no part of your information gets lost. For instance, if you have your system set up to back up every day at 2 pm and unfortunately, something happens and your system goes out before 2 pm that day, the next time it reboots, it will only have the backup until 2 pm yesterday and all your activity for the current day will be lost.


In real time storage, every second is being backed up simultaneously. So, whenever your system goes out, you can always continue with easily.

3.     It Resolves Network Issues Quickly

If your system goes out due to a bad protocol on your network and you can’t access your data in time, it takes you hours to figure out what part of the network was giving you trouble and resulted in the breakdown. It will increase your downtime and raise your costs. And if you end up identifying the wrong issue, fixating it would be doubly difficult.


If you have a backup on the cloud, you can access your data from any other system and discover what went wrong with it in the first place. In this way, it will be easier for you to have it fixed and in the meantime, you can continue your work on it from another location.


A DPR can benefit you the most in terms of saving your costs, maintaining your efficiency and improving the performance of your business. Crumbacher provides full cloud backup for your DPR and helps you continue your business indefinitely. Contact us and make sure that no matter what the situation, your business always survives!

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