4 Harmful Effects of Malware on Your Computer

4 Harmful Effects of Malware on Your Computer

Commonly known as malware, the word is actually used to denote malicious software that enters your computer without your will.


You can never tell where it came from as it can be hidden in any file you download, however, its effects become visible at once! And then it becomes imperative that you remove it to keep the functioning of your computer and your private and confidential information safe at all costs.


Let’s have a look at the harmful effects that are exhibited on your system at the attack of a malware and see how you can remove it.

1.     It Infects Your Computer

The infection begins exactly like a virus infecting human bloodstream. Imagine yourself visiting your favorite website and a pop up appears asking you to allow the running of certain ads on that website. In your hurry to continue browsing you barely read the pop-up and click allow. It takes a second to let this permission drift a Trojan horse or spyware or a virus to enter your system. As long as the ad keeps running the malware downloads on your computer.


You will notice unwanted dialogue boxes on your screen that disappear before you can make a choice or windows popping up and disappearing quickly if your system really has been infected.

2.     It Records Your Text

Certain malware records the text as you type on your system. This creates a major security threat as many times you do not save your email addresses and passwords only because you don’t want the risk of your accounts being hacked in case you become a victim of theft. However, if the malware records your typing, every time you type in your details you are basically giving the malware exactly what it wants, your confidential information!


The same can happen with your bank account details and your credit card credentials!

3.     It Becomes Entertainment for Pranksters

Sometimes, malware is created by pranksters who only want to see their handy work do maximum damage to other people’s property. They target vulnerable systems and see how their malware takes their software down bit by bit. Their own expertise is tested here and they can even wager with each other over whose malware did a better job of it.

4.     It Slows Down Your System

A malware runs in the background. You will never see it on the front end. All your software will work just fine while the malware is eating them out from the inside without your knowledge. However, the only difference you will feel will be the slowing down of your computer. The malware will be running on your Random Access Memory (RAM) which will slow down as it will be occupying a lot of space.

If your computer is slowing down rapidly, you need professional malware removal services.


A malware has the ability to make you a victim of crimes as dangerous as identity theft. Don’t wait. Get rid of any and all malware in your system with the help of Crumbacher the best IT solution firm in town that will leave your system malware-free within hours! Just give us a call and protect yourself from becoming a victim to cybercrime!

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