A Santa Fe and Albuquerque Small to Medium Business Server Buyer’s Guide

A Santa Fe and Albuquerque Small to Medium Business Server Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide for serves looks at the smart way to buy a server for your small or medium size business enterprise.

The Cloud Solution – Is this the way to go?

The first option for a server is deciding if you need one in your office or not. For a small business space, or lack thereof, may be a problem. Signing up for a server like a Rackspace or Amazon offered in the cloud might be the way to go.

Build Your Server or Purchase It for Your Business – Which One Makes the Most Sense?

Whether you buy a server or have it built, each one has it’s plus and minuses for your small to medium size business. Well known company’s like Dell and HP offer amazing servers available off the shelf with fantastic software packages, extended service packages and ongoing support. Servers can be built made to order with all the features, benefits, memory and software packages your business needs. Crumbacher, a Santa Fe, NM, based computer services business, can help analyze the pros and cons of building vs. buying a server for those undecided.

What Will the Server Do EXACTLY for Your Business?

What the server will do for your business, as in, how it is utilized, is the primary factor to consider when deciding which server machine to pick for your small or medium size Santa Fe or Albuquerque business. Pay close attention to this factor so you buy the machine or lease the machine that meets or exceeds all your requirements.

Capacity Decision – Does your Small Business Need a Network Attached Answer or a Heavy Duty File Server?

It’s a fact that unless you have more than 30 staff in your company that will use a server, a file server is overkill. Instead, the best solution is a network attached storage answer. This server answer is a set of file servers with less capacity and less functionality. It will cost less and meet your needs.

On the other hand, if your business has 30 plus employees using a server that features ehanced capabilities a file server is most likely the answer. File servers offer way more capacity and can accomodate pretty much every bell and whistle in the computer server market today.

Company Email

Using an ancient desktop work station as your business exchange or email server is just asking for trouble. If it breaks, and your not set up with sufficient storage or speed you will regret in more ways than you know. The best option is to look at middle tier server with a solid processer, tons of RAM and lots of space for housing company data.

The Operating System Decision is a BIG ONE, Choose Wisely

Small and medium size businesses are all different. That means that operating system it chooses is critical to the effective functioning each day of the business for a variety of reasons. Servers for sale from computer manufacturers do not come preloaded with an operating system. Logically this gives your business the opportunity to buy an operating system that meets its needs today and in the future.
Business Servers Are Available in Different Shapes and Sizes – Which One is the Right One for Your Business?

The Different Servers that Are Available Are As Follows:

Blade Server Option

Blade servers take up less space and must be installed on piece of equipment system similar to what rackmount servers are installed on. The tough part about blade servers from a physical space and cooling standpoint is they require a special space that allows for needed cooling. If blade servers get hot they will stop working because all the components, including the all important circuit boards, will overheat and be ruined.

Rackmount Server Option

Rackmount servers require rack stand equipment installation. The equipment is configured with multiple slots for each server.

Tower Server Option

Tower servers make sense for many reasons. They pack a big punch when it comes to processing and memory and they do not require rack installation. The are not space savers, but they are easy to set up and quite often makes sense for many small or medium size businesses.

What’s Next In Your Quest for Server for Your Small Business?

Picking a business server is a great opportunity to help your business operate more efficiently. The most important thing to do is buy or lease a server that meets your needs today and also for several years to come.

Learn more about buying a server for your small to medium size business from Crumbacher today. Call us at 505-820-6007 in Santa Fe and 505-275-6686 in Albuquerque.

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