Advantages of Hosted VoIP Services

Advantages of Hosted VoIP Services

Companies all over the world are taking measures to switch to hosted voice over IP as the primary medium of communication. Why are we seeing this huge shift? Well, there are several benefits in terms of cost efficiency, reliability, convenience, and a lot more.

Simpler Management

For installing the traditional wired telephone system, you would require to book an appointment with a company or technicians to install the wiring as well as the equipment for the phone system to work. While this may not be a bother for long, it is certainly a hassle at the time of installation or when you need to make changes to the system.

Installation or implementation of a VoIP service is easy. All you need is an existing LAN wires and switches and phone sets. No need for additional costly installations.

Support will vary based on the vendor you choose. However, setting up VoIP phone will not require too much of an effort or relevant expertise from your internal teams.

Flexibility and Scalability

Adding an additional phone connection is not easy when you are using the traditional analog or PRI phone service. You will have to schedule an installation with the service provider after having to spend time on the phone with their representatives, and then you would have to wait days before they finally arrive.

On the other hand, with VoIP, you can add phone lines within minutes with ease. All you need is a phone set and a few clicks to add the connection from your management portal. This scalability and flexibility have seamless opportunities for growing businesses.

Data Integration

Data integration is quite important for providing a promising customer experience. You also need to integrate your communications across the channels. This means you need to bring together communication information on social media, emails, chats, and on any other means you use to connect with the customers.

Provide an amazing customer experience by selecting a VoIP with the ability to integrate with you CRM!

The features of:

  • Voicemail to email transcription,
  • Chat,
  • Mobility, and
  • Social media messages

Make it possible.

Cost Savings

You can have amazing cost benefits of using VoIP services. While it might require a higher initial investment in terms of phone sets, you would have to pay a flat rate per month for each additional phone line or any add-on services.

According to experts, companies can save up to 40% of the costs using VoIP services when compared to analog phone systems. Similarly, for companies with a lot of international communications, they can save up to 90% on their phone costs.


Productivity is the highest when you enable mobility. Your employees can immediately access voicemail transcripts via email, making it easier for them to resolve customer queries quicker. Fewer calls would be missed, which means you will not be leaving frustrated customers to become even more frustrated.

Hosted VoIP phones can act as a comprehensive platform for organizations to communicate in a way that is best suited for them.

Contact us if you have any questions about VoIP – we have you covered!

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