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Is your business data and communications safe and secure?

The more technology is introduced into our offices, the more points of failure and unauthorized access need to be considered. Take advantage of our Free Network Analysis which is a thorough second opinion about the state of cyber-security in your office. Our job is to identify the weak links, prioritize them in order of impact and offer smart and efficient solutions to each

Information Security Policies

Q: Does your business have an information security policy adjusted for your size and complexity? Is there a set of rules and protocols in place that outline what types of information you deal with on a daily basis and what kind of access is given to different members of your staff?A:Our IT Security Professionals understand HIPAA, CIPA, HITECH, PCI and other important regulations. But even if your business is not required to comply, you want to have a clear set of rules that diversify the kinds of information you use and store, govern access to it and identify necessary measures to keep it secured and protected. Your business operates in the 21st Century and yours and your client’s information needs to be treated with the most care and attention to ensure it’s safe and secure.

Access Control and IT Security Appliances

Q:Do you know who can access what on your network and computers? How open your IoT devices? Are you controlling the type of content your users can access? Are there hardware anti-virus and packet inspection devices active on your network that are constantly updated?A:We service many organizations with different requirements for IT security and access. After security polices have been defined it’s time to get to work and implement access control so user access groups are clearly defined and only the relevant content and resources are accessible from within your network as well as from outside. Crumbacher specializes in creating an extra level of protection such as different security appliance solutions to prevent as many things getting to end-user machines as possible.

Risk Assessments

Q:Have you recently performed and documented an information IT security risk assessment to identify and assess potential threats, their probability, potential effects, and the existing controls and risk remediation plans that you have in place?A:We perform risk assessments for our clients and provide roadmaps for eliminating potential weak links.

Virus and Malware Protection

Q:Are all endpoints on your network as well as critical components such as servers and other systems running updated virus and malware protection software?A:Crumbacher IT Security continuously monitors our clients’ computers and servers and reacts to every threat. Anti-Virus isn’t an all around cure, but it’s a necessity which needs to be a good quality solution with appropriate management and servicing attached. We provide our clients with only the best business grade anti-virus software to maximize your security and peace of mind.


Q:Is strong password policy with password expiration enforced throughout your local and online accounts? Is password management software in use?

A:We often see organizations using common passwords (QWERTY, 12345, Password1) to login to their computers or different online accounts. Ask us how to easily enforce password complexity with your computer users and what software to implement to continuously monitor, and if need be, urgently remove access to password database. This is an easy step to take to boost your IT security and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Q:Is the plan sufficient, up-to-date and recently tested?

A:What is the cost of your business being down for an hour? A day? A week? How long can you wait before your data and operation is fully restored? Your business’ IT security outlook should always have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan that also includes offsite data backup (“Cloud Backup”). Let’s start implementing it together ASAP.

Update Management

Q:How does your business manage the installation of all software security patches and updates and ensure that all systems nearing or at the end of their service life are replaced?

A:Crumbacher IT techs routinely make sure that all systems are up to date with the latest firmware, updates and patches to ensure your IT security is solid. We run inventory and advise about hardware depreciation and life cycles so our clients can budget accordingly.

Information Security Training

Q:Does your business have a continuing information IT security awareness program?

A:We love to come in and talk to your staff about IT security policies and IT best practices in dealing with technology and information. Our experienced techs explain important and complex concepts in terms that everyone can understand and answer any of your questions that may arise.
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