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Albuquerque businesses, large and small, employ information technology (IT) — wireless networks connecting servers, workstations, mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices. It’s the way we work in today’s business environment. Having a business IT consultant for your company can put you at an advantage over your competitors and ensure your business information and appliances are secure.

How to better manage your business IT

First, conduct an audit so you know what you’ve got. Auditing your business IT environment will help you become familiar with all the components and where they’re deployed can point out weaknesses and gaps you may need to address. In addition, establish policies and procedures on how to use these technologies to guide employees for their efficient use.

Business IT ConsultantProtect your data

Hackers are everywhere — to maliciously disrupt your business or steal intellectual property. You need to implement appropriate security measures, like firewalls, antivirus software, strong passwords, and effective office procedures.

Be sure to keep this protection current and active. Install the latest software updates and replace outdated equipment that once anchored your business but could now be dragging it down.

There’s yet another threat to your business IT systems — fire, flood, or other natural occurrences. Data lost from natural disasters can be even more devastating. You need to have a plan not only to protect your data but also to recover it.

Managing Your Business Information Technology

If your business is large enough, you may handle IT maintenance and operation along with updates internally. If you’re a small business or decide to assign resources to experts outside of your company, you might choose to use a business IT consultant, like Crumbacher — a Santa Fe leader in business IT consultant services.

Whichever your choice, it helps to understand how IT management works within your business.

What does a business IT consultant do for small business?

There are two aspects to a business IT consultant — consulting and service.

The consulting aspect involves assessing elements of your computer systems and understanding what your business needs in information technologies. Consultants gather information, do research, and recommend technological developments that contribute to your success.

On the service side of the consulting business, they provide software updates , maintenance and repairs. Nothing is so frustrating as needing a business machine just when it decides to fail.

How a business IT consultant can help you

Business IT Consultant

Here are some ways a business IT consultant can help your business:

Identify and address IT needs:

As a business owner, you may not always be aware of the rapidly changing technological advances. An IT consultant can assess your current technology, do a network analysis, and recommend areas for improvement and updating. What are you doing with the business information? What kind of workspace do people have? Is there one or multiple offices and how much time do employees spend traveling or in the field?

Provide technical expertise:

Our business IT consultants here at Crumbacher, not only have the in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies but are also skilled in implementing those most beneficial to your business. Business IT services is our business, and we draw upon experience from years of assisting other companies, many of whose solutions could well apply to you.

Eliminate inefficiency:

Having all of your essential office appliances provided under one vendor can save you a lot of time and money. You could have one vendor for your copiers, one for your phones, one for your servers, computers, and networks — and others. When something goes wrong, that could lead to finger-pointing and wasted time in solving the problem.

A single-vendor approach means there’s only one group of people responsible, charged with figuring out the problem and applying the best solution. That results in reduced costs and improved productivity.

Increase security:

Effective IT cyber security depends, in part, in keeping ahead of threats. You may be able to do this on your own, but you only have to miss one threat and it could be costly. Part of a business IT consultant’s service is to know what’s going on, what kinds of threats are in the environment, and how to combat them.

Support — When you need it most

A business IT consultant is someone you can turn to for ongoing support, the kind you need when you need it most. Crumbacher is Albuquerque’s leading IT consultant for small and medium businesses and would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your business IT needs. Request your free business IT Analysis today!

Whether your business needs IT infrastructure and network security, cloud backup, computer repair, user support, or software implementation, Crumbacher’s managed IT services in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area will ensure that you are up to date with the latest in business technology.


Managed IT Services

Designed specifically for Small and Medium size Businesses, our Managed IT Services division in Albuquerque will ensure your operation runs at peak performance. Computers and networks are the backbone to any business operation and you can count on our team of IT professionals to keep your network running the way it should.

IT Security

We offer businesses the latest in IT Security to keep your business safeguarded against the threats of the wide world of technology. Avoiding security threats before they happen is our priority and we understand how important it is to have peace of mind.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Tomorrow is another day and you must push on through to succeed! Should your business be affected by an IT security threat, our Albuquerque based Managed IT Services team has solutions that fit your specific business needs to ensure you can not only continue to do what you do best another day, but also recover whatever might have been lost.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are now faster and more reliable than ever before! Our proven models in every type of environment mean that you can count on a wireless network for your business and keep life just that much easier.

PC & Mac Repair

We understand, your computer runs just about everything for your life and gives you access to the world. Our Albuquerque based disaster recovery technicians provide only the highest quality computer repair services to get you up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

Education & Non-profits

Get the discounts and products you qualify for. Our IT team has years of extensive experience consulting and working with all types of education institutions and non-profit organizations to ensure you get the technology you need to continue making a difference in the world… Ask us how our disaster recovery and network setup specialists in Albuquerque can give back to your organization.

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