Choosing The Best Copier for Your Business

Choosing The Best Copier for Your Business

The last blog may have left you with a cliffhanger on the features and benefits of multifunction printers. They also double as copiers, making beautiful colored copies of photos, documents, pie charts and more. There are some things you need to keep in mind when you actually head out to buy copiers and multifunction printers. They have to do with your budget, necessary and required features.

Selecting a copier can be tough but it is important for a budding company such as yours. The number of options you have doesn’t make that decision easier. Here’s what you should start with.

1.    What Features Do You Need and Want?

There are obviously some features that you have in mind for your copying machine. It is best to separate them into wants and needs. What will you mostly use the copier for? There are multifunction printers that are either laser or inkjet, which double as scanners, copiers, fax machines and even allow folding and stapling papers together.

You need to find a copier that will reduce the workflow and automate processes, minimizing wastage. You need a cost-effective and efficient solution for your copying needs. You may also need printing and scanning as add-ons. Arrange your needs and wants into a list: things that you would not be able to work properly without and things that you would “like” to have in your copying machine. Base your decision on the absolute necessities you need from the copier.

2.    Analyze Your Copying Requirements

See what number of pages you need copied or printed on average. This frequency will determine what kind of copier you will need. Make a short survey to find out from employees and staff of your small company, whether your copying requirement is in the hundreds or stretches on to the thousands per day.

Another part of this is to see whether the printing job takes long currently and one job gets backed up because the previous one isn’t completed. You may need to get a high volume copier if you need a greater number of copies, fast.

3.    Fix and Stick to Your Budget

You’re obviously a business and have other places to divert your resources. You need to consider the cost you get per page and if you need a copier that has an expensive toner but decrease your per page cost significantly or you need detailed and colored pictures or not.

Look at your existing cost structure, does your in-house IT do your repairs, does your monthly agreement need to be renewed if you’ve outsourced IT solutions? What are the renewal costs? If you already have the equipment, you need to take depreciation into consideration.

Also, decide whether you want to buy the copier outright or will leasing and the accompanying tax-deductible monthly payments will suit you better. Leasing comes with maintenance agreements as well so you’re covered in case of damage, too.Formulate your budget or get help from a company like Crumbacher who will help you answer any questions you may have about your copier.

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