Computer Data Backup for Your Santa Fe or Albuquerque Business Is Complete When An Offsite Data Backup System is in Place

Computer Data Backup for Your Santa Fe or Albuquerque Business Is Complete When An Offsite Data Backup System is in Place

Computer Data Backup for Your Santa Fe or Albuquerque Business is Not Finished Without an Off-site Backup StrategyComputer data back ups, also known as computer cloud backup are critical to most businesses, but surprisingly a majority do not have a system in place to save data. If a offsite back up data location and an established system to back up your data is not in place in your business, you are putting your business at risk unnecessarily. Back up data files for your business should absolutely be stored in an offsite location.

Offsite data back ups will strategically safeguard your business data files in the event there is a catastrophy such as a burglary, massive flood or a major fire. If your business back up data files are only stored in an onsite external hard drive or some other type of device at the business, you are putting the data at risk of being lost forever.

Here’s Why Off-site Business Computer Data Back Ups Are Critical to Success

Backing up computer data with an external hard drive connected to your office PCs is not a smart way to go. An external hard drive data back up will protect your business computer files if your computer crashes permanently, but if it stops working, or is stolen your data is most likely gone. Even if your computer is connected to 2 external hard drives for data back up, there are still no guarantees your data is completely safe.
Those back ups you are doing on an external hard drive or two will not stop a data loss if there is a fire, flood or other disaster. If there’s a break in or some vandalism and the company business hard drives are lost your business date is permanently lost. If the business follows a policy of removing the external back ups and bringing them off-site daily, if these are somehow lost, the outcome is the same, the business data is lost permanently.

Smart Off-site Backup Systems

It makes perfect sense regarding off-site data back up to store it in two separate locates away from the day to day location of data. Instead of only two separate data back up methods, you also store them in 2 distinct different places away from the business. This means logically if one place where the data is stored experiences some type of disaster that causes it to be lost, the data is still available because it is stored at a distinct separate location.Computer Security

Using A Real To Goodness Real Hard Drive for Data Backup

Backing up data definitely does not have to be in the cloud. One external hard drive can be used at the business location and each week the drive can be added to an external hard drive or two located away from the business. An even safer bet would be to move the data from the business onto a device stored in a fire proof safe.

Off-site back ups are simple. The only thing that has to be done is to move the data from the business to a different location on scheduled basis. This can be accomplished using several different methods, but the bottom line is, it just needs to be done.

Use The Cloud for Data Backup

Backing up data using a backup service to the cloud will copy your data each day to an offsite server. The other option for data backup is to use software on your device tha backs up your information to a separate server you license.

For each business, the best way to backup its data is going to be different. The most logical move, that is really the most reliable, is to backup your business data using the cloud. After it is set up, data backup occurs on an automated basis each day or week at the specific time it is set up to upload. Additionally data backup will occur easily and super fast because the computer or server the data is stored on will be connected to high speed internet connection. Backing up to the cloud is significantly better because it eliminates the need to physically move data stored on physical hard drive to an off-site location. The backups will be current as opposed to data that may be days or weeks old.

Data is quite often really, really critical and it cannot be replaced. Be wise and secure your data using an off-site backup solution. Learn more about off-site backups for your business from Crumbacher. Call us at 505-820-6007 in Santa Fe and 505-275-6866 in Albuquerque.


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