PC & Mac Repair

PC & Mac Repair; Solutions For Increasing Speed and Reliability

Your computer is your main tool to communicate with the world and aid in getting things done faster. It needs to run perfectly so you can spend more of your time doing the things you love. Whether you need a PC tune up or a Mac repair, our Albuquerque based team will provide you with the latest in professional computer services.

Common PC & Mac repair needs:

PC Tune-up/Mac Tune-up: Operate like new again!

Verification HDD/SDD is 100% functional
Windows or Mac updates
Drivers updates
BIOS updates
Startup program review and optimization for increased speed
Virus Scan and Removal
Uninstall unnecessary, unused or obsolete software
System error review
Hard drive defragmentation

Hard drive (HDD) replacement or upgrade

Crumbacher safely backs up your data to ensure all your data transfers to your new hard drive. A bad or corrupted hard drive is the culprit of most needed computer repairs for Albuquerque businesses. 


Motherboard replacement

A Crumbacher computer repair recommendation: upgrade your hard drive to a solid state drive for better performance including increased speed and capacity.

Video card replacement or upgrade

Apple iMac, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus…and more.

Computer memory (RAM) upgrade

Increase your computer’s memory to increase speed and performance.

Computer screen replacement

Mac, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus…and more.

Computer keyboard replacement

Mac, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus…and more.

Data recovery

Data recovery is a common issue in computer repairs for businesses in Albuquerque. Many people ask for hard drive repair when your hard drive or solid state drive doesn’t work any longer. A hard drive or solid state drive in most cases doesn’t qualify for repair, what is needed is the recovery of your information which is then put on a new drive.

Computer virus

Symptoms:Slower internet, slower computer, unresponsive or intermittently unresponsive to commands or controls, sudden freezing or crashing, random advertisements popping up, missing files, extra files you don’t know what they’re for, error messages or even someone telling you that they’re getting emails from you that you didn’t mean to send.


Solution:These are all signs that your computer has a virus. Your average antivirus software or even simply running only one antivirus software won’t always catch every computer virus that’s out there. Crumbacher’s Santa Fe and Albuquerque based computer repair and mac repair specialists can provide you with virus removal to save the day and give you a clean start.



Slower internet, slower computer, computer crashing, pop-ups, running out of hard drive space or even noticing that your hard drive has more activity on it than should be as related to the programs you are using, having high network activity, your antivirus software is deactivated, a new browser home page or your friends telling you they’re getting random messages from you that you weren’t aware of are all signs that you have malware on your computer.


Crumbacher malware removal will get you running smooth again.


Symptoms:A popup window (splash screen) demanding money be deposited to a certain location or requesting credit card info, computer files that won’t open and missing or encrypted files are all elements involved when you’re being held hostage by ransomware.

Solution:Crumbacher ransomware removal methods can save you a headache now and our preventative measures with business continuity & disaster recovery is your answer to minimizing this type of threat in the future.

Common symptoms you may be experiencing:



Computer applications that won’t start, not being able to connect to the internet, deactivated antivirus software or firewall, computer running slow and files that have disappeared from your computer are all related to Trojans.


Crumbacher Trojan removal can put an end to these problems and can get things back up and running full speed.

Pop-up ads


Pop-up windows showing up automatically when you get online or your browser redirecting you to some web page you have no intention of visiting are signs you have a popup virus.


Crumbacher popup virus removal can easily clear these symptoms up.

Lost Files


If you can’t find some or any of your files you may have experienced data loss due to failing computer hardware or you may even be under attack from a virus.


You may be in need of Crumbacher Data Recovery and IT security measures. You should bring your computer in immediately for diagnostics.

Slow Computer


Can be caused by everything from simple issues such as minimal remaining space on your hard drive or too many programs running on your computer to more serious issues such as a virus that hasn’t been detected by our anti-virus software.


Whether you need improved hardware or you need your viruses cleaned from your system, we’ll give you the right solution. Contact our team in Albuquerque for quality PC, Mac, and laptop repair services.


Computer Crashing


This symptom speaks for itself and is never a good sign. This can be caused because of errors in your operating system (OS) software or errors in the computer hardware.


Many times this can be easily fixed but at times can be detrimental to your system and data so don’t hesitate to get this looked at, our IT specialists are here for you.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)


Getting a blue screen with random errors when you try to start your computer or all of a sudden when working on your computer?


This is a critical failure having to do with computer hardware problems and/or issues with software running in the Windows kernel. Needless to say, you’ll need to bring your computer to Crumbacher before you can use it again.

Computer Overheating


Hot computer and computer automatically shutting down. This can be caused from too much dust build up in your computer case or tower and can clog fans and block air flow.


Your computer will need a good cleaning and you could possibly have a hardware incompatibility. Crumbacher will diagnose and consult with you on the computer repair services your Albuquerque business needs.

Computer Freezing


Computer intermittently freezing or even completely freezing up until restarted can be related to issues with software updates, pirated software running on your computer, beta software, too little disk space on your hard drive, are just some of the issues relating to your computer freezing up.


Bring your PC, Mac, or laptop  into our Albuquerque office  for a complete Crumbacher computer diagnostics service.


Network Connection Problems


Can’t connect to your network server or print to the company MFP? Computer not connecting to your network, router, or the internet?


Possible problems could be the simplest overlooked culprit such as an ethernet cable not plugged into your computer’s ethernet jack or the router…or this problem can be more complex such your WAN, LAN, TCP/IP, AP or router settings are wrong or maybe there’s more complex hardware issues… and we’re sure you rather not even have to know what all those things are 🙂 Crumbacher = Network Connection Problems Solved.

Internet Connection Problems


Web browser simply pops up with an error or won’t let you navigate away from the initial search page without giving you a page error.


You may not be on the correct network that even has internet connectivity or you may not be connected to any network at all. Whether it was a simple slip up on which wifi you connected to or bigger issues with your modem, router or even the ISP (Internet Service Provider) Crumbacher won’t only have answers for you, we have the solution.

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