Crumbacher IT Service Vehicle Fleet Going Electric

Crumbacher IT Service Vehicle Fleet Going Electric

Since the invention of the internet, information technology (IT) firms have led the way in doing business in an environmentally friendly way. Crumbacher, New Mexico’s leading business-to-business IT service provider, has always been on the cutting edge of the sustainable energy, green movement. Now, once again true to this commitment, Crumbacher is transitioning its fleet of IT service vehicles to electric modes of transportation.

Crumbachers new electric vehicleMoving our vehicle fleet to electric serves many purposes,” says John Crumbacher, President, “such as reducing pollution, gasoline costs and, by using an alternative energy
source, we will lessen the pressure on our natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint. We’re proving once again that Crumbacher is part of the solution, not the problem.”
When the Crumbacher team researched the pump-to-plug transition, they discovered that fuel cost per driven mile is less than half the cost when compared with Power New Mexico’s electricity rates as compared to that of New Mexico gasoline prices. “That’s a lot of money,” says Crumbacher, “resources that can be spent in ways that can better benefit our customers, and our employees.”

This vehicle transition to electric is just one of the latest eco-friendly, “green actions” by Crumbacher to help sustain our planet. Since its founding, Crumbacher has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals make the natural progression from analog to digital platforms for the majority of their work. Not only has this transition been more efficient and profitable for those companies and individuals, but it has also drastically reduced paper consumption, having a positive impact on helping sustain the trees of our planet. 

Crumbacher has also always been a leader in efforts to recycle e-waste. The company works with its manufacturers, clients, and other local New Mexico organizations and companies in an effort to recycle as much e-waste as possible.

Not stopping there, in the future Crumbacher is planning a transition to solar power. “This will not only reduce our regular electricity usage,” says Crumbacher, “but could also ensure that the electricity powering our electric vehicles isn’t being created by burning fossil fuels.

Crumbachers environmentally friendly fleet of service vehicles

Operating a green company is very important to Crumbacher. All the people at Crumbacher understand that they need to set a good example when it comes to operating ethically in an environmentally friendly way. Crumbacher believes it is important to support people in their pursuits of an exceptional life. “To do that,” says John Crumbacher, “we need a healthy planet on which those exceptional lives can be lived.”

If working with an environmentally-conscious company is important to you and your company, then Crumbacher would be a perfect fit. Reach out to Crumbacher today.

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