Data Recovery: Dealing with Lost Data

Data Recovery: Dealing with Lost Data

As the world has digitalized, data recovery software and services have become popular. The first time you lose your data is perhaps the first time you may be looking into data recovery market.

But it is important to learn about data loss prevention and solutions before you even face it so that you are prepared for a situation as such. What causes it, what can you do to prevent it, who should you go to for restoration or prevention are a few questions you may have.

Data Backup

The pressure to look for a good data recovery strategy particularly turns up when you have faced data loss. This loss usually comes due to a hardware fault, a physical disaster of some sort, software issues etc.

Quite some time ago, use of floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs was quite common to backup data. But as the world progressed, people moved on to using USBs, hard drives, and memory cards.

Storing data on external drives or devices does not guarantee data protection as you are likely to lose them too and the devices can even stop working anytime. Moreover, it can get very exhaustive to regularly back up everything on external drives.

To provide complete, reliable, and easy protection, technologists have come up with different software and cloud drives to backup data on; ultimately preventing data loss.

Data Loss in Business

When it comes to businesses, data loss can be a huge setback. There have been several cases in history when large corporations had to bear whooping losses due to data loss.

Majority of companies these days have digitalized and use of computers, laptops, and other devices in offices has become ordinary. This makes them vulnerable to losing an enormous amount of company data.

Common Methods to Prevent and/or Recover from Data Loss

In order to get your business going smoothly and save yourself from this disastrous occurrence, professional business IT service providers like Crumbacher have several offerings. These include:

  • Secure Data Storage
    this involves encryption of your files before they are stored as back up. This is done following Advance Encryption Standards (AES).
  • Easy Restoration
    Easy restoration refers to retrieving backed-up business files from your archives. You can apply date, version, or time filters to sort out and search easily.
  • Universal Networking
    Crumbacher also provides a unique backup solution which works well with all wired, wireless, and cellular networks. The system has a dynamic IP associated feature i.e. it works everywhere and has several other features that prevent data loss.
  • Automatic Updates
    Professional providers of data recovery service enable automatic backup on your system. This means your system follows a backing up schedule. You also get your compression, retention, and file version policies customized through this option.
  • Smart Performance
    This feature enables your system to automatically identify new files and back them up.
  • Hybrid Backup
    Hybrid backups involve the use of “Cloud” drives. These are like hard drives but are present within the system.

ü  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

If your business is to go through hardware replacement or is being relocated, Crumbatchers will draft an outline for data restoration measures and provide cloud services to prevent loss.


With so many benefits to its name, it would be in the best interest of your business to have a good data recovery strategy in place by a reliable data recovery service provider.

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