Free Network Analysis

Is Your Network Fast, Secure, and Reliable?

Allow us to provide a thorough evaluation of your current network including recommendations for better performance and efficiency.
Our free network analysis offers you a second opinion about the state of your network and IT infrastructure.

Free Network Analysis

Networking is free — like the air we breath. Right? You just connect all the components and get to work. But, a business network is about as free as the air you breath … without air conditioning in July … but just as essential.

What is a business network?Network Analysis

A business network involves not only all the digital machines integrated to act as a single entity but also all the major influencers that affect business results. These could be key employees, suppliers, customers, and even prospective partners. It involves the way they communicate and collaborate. Like the digital network, these human components have to operate as a single entity as well. And that’s what makes network analysis essential.

What is network analysis?

Network analysis is an ongoing process. It provides an understanding of key relationships and their connections to others within the network. Analysis allows you to identify key players and influencers and the impact they have on your business. It helps you understand how they communicate and collaborate within the network, identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks that cost time and money.

Network analysis can also render invaluable insights into the structure and dynamics of your business network, helping you make informed decisions that lead to new growth and investment opportunities.

How network analysis can benefit your business?

A comprehensive analysis helps you understand communications and collaboration patterns within your business. Improvements in the way people interact can increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

By analyzing business network connections, it’s possible to isolate potential risks and vulnerabilities. A network — like a chain — is only as strong as the weakest link, such as single points of failure. With analysis, you can strengthen your network and reduce the risk of disruption.

By understanding the relationships and connections within your organization, you can better identify and leverage key players and influencers, make meaningful informed decisions, reduce risks and vulnerabilities, and gain a competitive advantage. When you know the relationships between key influencers, when you see how they are connected and interact, you can improve communications and collaboration to grow the business.

Free Network AnalysisNetwork Analysis

Your network and the impact it has on your business may not be free. There are costs involves in establishing a network and costs involved in its inefficiencies and failures.

But Crumbacher IT Services, a major business IT consultant in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, offers you a Free Network Analysis.

When you book a free network analysis, Crumbacher will:

  • Grade Internet/network speeds and wiring,
  • Survey network security equipment,
  • Evaluate server/computer hardware and software,
  • Check on anti-virus/malware protection,
  • Assess backup and disaster recovery plans,
  • Evaluate current phone system and copier equipment,
  • Provide cost-saving options.

When you know all the components in your IT network are providing the best service possible, you’ll have confidence in how to use it — key employees, suppliers, customers, and prospective partners — are able to work at optimal levels for the benefit of the business.

Contact Crumbacher for a free network analysis. It will give you new insight into the operation of your business network … And perhaps a breath of fresh air.

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