Do You Have a Slower than a Snail Mac? Here are Several Ways to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

Do You Have a Slower than a Snail Mac? Here are Several Ways to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

It’s hard to believe, but Macs can and do start slowing down over time. It a rare thing for Mac to need computer repair. There are several ways to speed up a Mac. Here are nine great logical ways to figure what the problem is and then fix it without a lot of hassle and a ton of ingenuity.What Is Wrong With This Thing?

Stay away from programs offered on the web that promise you the moon regarding speeding your slow Mac computer. Chances are its a website loaded up with nasty viruses that will hijack your computer and maybe your bank account. Don’t do it.

Here are the best logical steps to follow to improve your Mac operating speed:

1. Find computer processes on your Mac that are tying up RAM

Review your MAC’s Activity Monitor to see the active programs that are turned on to discover the resource culprits. Open % CPU tab to see which processes and applications are top CPU process users. You may discover the apps or process that is hindering the speed of your Mac. The last thing you want to do is turn off a process that’s critical to the operation of your computer, so be careful. Other operating components of your computer that may slow down your Mac are the Memory and Disk. In either instance, if a process or app is using too much of either it may hinder the speed of your device.

2. Turn Off Unrequired Applications

MAC OS X is set up where applications that are not required running. Closing these applications may help speed up your system.

3. Turn Down the Graphics Programs

Graphics take up resources on any computer. Turning down the colors and overall view may enhance the operating performance of your device.

4. Reduce Internet Surfing Tabs to Improve Computer Speed

Tons of open web windows will tie up computer operating resources. Lower the open number to speed up your computer.

5. Turn Off Disc Encryption

Mac OS X Yosemite computers are set up to encrypt MAC computer hard drive data to keep it from being hacked it the computer is ever lost or taken by an unauthorized user. Doing this will speed up your Mac, but also put the data files on it at risk.

6. Change Finder Preferences to Ramp Up Computer Operating Performance

Finder on your computer will turn on your files to make the “Findable” slowing down your MAC. Change the files selected by your Finder when it turns on to improve your computer’s operating speed.

7. Disc Space Clean Up to Improve Mac Performance

Speed up your computer by cleaning up disc space. Clean up Mac internal storage if disc space is not available.

8. Reinstall Mack OS X

This is a great strategy for all devices including MACs. The key is to back up important files first

9. Turn Off Unnecessary Programs

Computers are logically slower than they should be when being used when programs are turned on that are not needed when it is started up each day. Turn off the programs that are not needed to improve your computers performance.

If after reading this you decide speeding up your Mac is more than you want to undertake, call Crumbacher and we will take care of it for you. Our number in Santa Fe is 505-820-6007 and in Albuquerque it’s 505-275-6866.

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