How the Internet of Things Will Affect Your Business

How the Internet of Things Will Affect Your Business

Thanks to technology, the pace of business has increased to breakneck speed. But if trends are to be followed, the next wave of technology is already here and we are about to see will come even quicker.

By  2020 there will be approximately 13.5 billion Internet connected devices. But what’s IoT anyway and how will businesses be affected by it?

Internet of Things

IoT is the name given to Internet-ready and enabled devices such as smart gadgets including your Smart TV, Smart Lock, iWatch, thermostat system and, of course, Alexa.

The number of these connected devices will just continue to grow, further transforming business. The supply chain side of businesses is already changing for the better with the use of IoTs. Inventory updates, for example, happen with minimal human interaction in some upscales eCommerce businesses such as Amazon.

Here is how your business will be affected by these internet-ready devices:

Greater Speed of Business

Public transport, traffic signals and cars may also be included in the list of IoT devices. Your employees may have shorter commutes with the integration of such technology, for example. Moreover, your business will get things done quicker than before.

There may be self-driving trucks, integrated with Google Maps to find the best (shortest and fastest) route for your deliveries. You may still have drivers to overcome any shortcomings in the initial stages. They may even take care of timely maintenance of these self-driving trucks.

It’s all in line with providing, more efficient, speedy service for your customers.

Remote Working: A Definite Possibility

Cloud hosting software and easily accessible tablets (and other portable IoT devices) will allow remote working to become standard. There are many companies that already allow employees to work from home and still get the level of performance that they expect.

Managing work from remote location will be easier once IoT devices become more commonplace. Staging these devices on a single network may allow managers to control a whole production line with a stable internet connection and a working tablet.

Other than that, deep sea and underground exploration will also be benefitted from more interconnected IoT devices. It’s going to help explore the depths of the ocean or the earth from the comfort of a vessel or research laboratory at the surface, for instance.

Better Tracking and Management of Inventory

Coming back to businesses, inventories are tracked with the help of barcodes. When there are internet-enabled devices that keep a track of that inventory, at an almost intuitive level.

When your devices, products and equipment is on a single network, changes in inventory will be tracked easily and you’ll have a track record of it all. You’ll be able to track vital numbers and metrics easily, and make necessary process changes to optimize performance.

If you would like to buy internet-enabled devices or simply know more about the advantages of IoT to your business, contact Crumbacher.

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