How to Choose the Best Multi-Function Printer for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Multi-Function Printer for Your Business

There are different categories of printers that you have to distinguish between to figure out which one is the best to buy. It can be a challenge to choose the right printer as they come in various sizes, capacities, functionalities and more.

Some are geared for photographers that want high-resolution photos to be printed easily and some are for multi-taskers who want to make quick work of copies in bulk.

There are some things you need to keep in mind when choosing your multifunction printer to help you get the best one.

Should you get Inkjet or Laser?

Laser printers are utilized for greater speed and crisper looking prints. They also cost lesser per page in comparison. The way a laser printer works is that it attracts charged toner from the photographic drum to put on to the paper fed into it. The head roller fuses the image together. They’re quite simple and use black and white colors (different shades) to print text and graphics.

Inkjet printers are versatile, meaning you can print glossy photos, essays, pie charts, and graphs etc. to your needs. But the result isn’t as crisp as with a laser jet. Inkjets are slower and may cost more to run as well.

If you are looking for greater speed for printing a bulk amount of reports, you should keep a laser printer in mind. But if you want flexibility and versatility then inkjets are your best bet. The toners for inkjets cost less, too.

MFPs for the Win

Speaking of versatility, if you want more than just prints, there are many MFPs (multi-function printers) that pack, a photocopying, and fax machine, a printer, scanner and more, all into one. Small companies that have a considerable workforce or if you work as a freelancer from home, an MFP can be the perfect solution.

Just know that many of these MFPs have different features apart from the run of the mill paper related features. They can help you connect to the web, have Wi-Fi Capabilities and mobile printing as well. They come with automatic document feeders to let you use both sides of the paper for prints and scans. These MFPS may use both laser or inkjet for quick prints or HD photograph prints.

Mobile Printing and Touch Screen

Mobile printing options can make it much easier for you to control the printer from your phone. There are apps that let you print directly from your phone. An alternative to that is email printing. Just set up your phone with your printer through NFC and get a quick print when you need it.

As for touchscreen capabilities, the advantage is that you have greater control of your printer. You can check cartridge and toner levels with a single touch. You can scan important files and documents directly to cloud storage for easy retrieval.

Additionally, HD photos from your DSLR can be printed directly from the USB you saved them on. Simply plug your USB into the USB port if your MFP has one.

Choosing the right MFP depends on your specific needs. To get one particularly suited to them contact Crumbacher.

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