How to Pick the Best Copier for Your Business

How to Pick the Best Copier for Your Business

Research reveals that a well-performing copier machine is one of the many ways to drastically improve employee’s production levels and also improve the overall operations of the company. Think about it, with an efficient copier machine, no employees have to line up to get their documents printed, scanned, or photocopied. This eliminates the ratio of time wasted which ultimately improves the overall working. Copiers, also known as multifunctional printers, are no less than a Swiss army knife – featuring everything from downloading to printing.

Keeping that in view, it becomes imperative for businesses to invest in the right one; one that caters to all their paper needs. To help you with the decision, we have created a list of questions that every employer must ask himself/herself before choosing one.

What Expectations Will The Copier Have To Live Up To?

The first step calls for an extensive analysis of the needs and priorities. Determine what needs it has to fulfill. For instance, do you only want one for photocopying purposes only or expect it to print documents too? Do you want additional features like faxing and stapling or will you do without them easily? Be sure to make a list of all such needs before going to shop for the right one to streamline the workflow.

How Much Are Your Current Printing Costs?

Next, estimate your current printing costs in case you outsource them. Track how much of it will you be able to save annually and see if investing in a copier in worth it or not. While at it, be sure to also take note of the repairs and troubleshooting cots it will incur in case your in-house staff isn’t equipped to handle the repairs.

What Is Your Monthly Printing Volume?

Identify, how much will it be used per month. Do you print hundreds or thousands of pages every month or just a few? How many employers need the copier to print important documents? This inference will allow you to better select the many high and low-end models available, that fulfills all your needs.

How Fast Do You Want It To Print And Copy?

Have you been receiving complaints from employees about the slow output of prints and copying? Do you often find them standing by the copying machine, chitchatting and waiting for their turn? If so, this means that your current copier has a low output ratio. When it comes to investing in a new copier, be sure to learn about its pages per minute count. This will determine how fast or slow the copier will print, scan or copy pages in a minute.

Monochrome or Color Copier?

Last, you must also decide whether to go for a black and white copier or a colored one. Again, it comes down to your needs and nature of work. If you work in a medical or law firm, a black and white copier will be adequate for your needs. However, if you are a photography firm, a colored copier is what you will need.

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