John Crumbacher shares his vision

John Crumbacher shares his vision

John Crumbacher shares his vision, the purpose of Crumbacher, and the experiences that led him to the current focus of his business :

“Growing up in a family run business I always saw the headaches associated with the many different types of setbacks that arise from technology. It was supposed to help us run our business more efficiently and profitably.

Unfortunately, more often than any of us would like to deal with, our special 3rd party software that are necessary to run our business or the many computer glitches that can happen on the network at any given time could cause downtime that would set our business back. We would often wait 3 days to 3 weeks for a contracted “IT guy” to get to us when his schedule permitted. At a minimum, this would cause a loss in money due to paying an employee that couldn’t be performing their job because software or a computer wasn’t working. At the worst of times, we could have most of our operation completely halted, and in turn feel the repercussions of our clients not receiving the proper services they request of us.

As small business owners, we understand that staffing a full time IT specialist doesn’t fit the budget and simply doesn’t make any sense. We also know that regardless of the size of a business, when IT related issues arise an immediate resolution is needed. This has been the platform for the comprehensive IT services that we have developed to service small and medium size businesses.”

Ri John Crumbacher

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