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How can a comprehensive network analysis benefit your business?Network Analysis

A network analysis performed by Crumbacher, an experienced IT consulting company like, is an important step in ensuring your IT equipment is up to date and follows current industry best practices. Out of date equipment can leave your business’ network vulnerable to malware, ransomware, and cyber attacks.

Often business hardware is no longer supported by the manufacturer as well, opening the door to even more potential issues. Even firmware, software that provides basic machine instructions allowing for hardware to communicate with other software and function properly on a device, can become outdated and create security risks or leave different pieces of equipment unable to interact with each other. The benefits of the information and insight that comes with a free network analysis could benefit your organization and business exponentially.

By analyzing business network connections, it’s possible for our experts to isolate potential risks and vulnerabilities. A network — like a chain — is only as strong as the weakest link, such as single points of failure. With this professional analysis, you can strengthen your network and reduce the risk of disruption.

If your Albuquerque business handles IT internally it still makes good business sense to get a free second opinion about the state of your IT network and the costs needed to maintain and support it. Our network engineers may discover items missed by your team that could cause costly issues down the road. 

Regardless if you choose to work with Crumbacher, we are always happy to provide you with a free network analysis as a double check of your business’ IT infrastructure setup. 

Free Network Analysis from Crumbacher

Your network and the impact it has on your business may not be free. There are costs involved in establishing a reliable network and possibly even bigger costs involved in having a vulnerable network.

Take advantage of Crumbacher’s expert experience in business IT in Albuquerque and our free network analysis, which includes:

  • Survey network security equipment,
  • Survey computers and servers
  • Survey network hardware equipment
  • Analyze hardware lifecycle,
  • Grade Internet/network speeds and wiring,
  • Check on anti-virus/malware protection,
  • Assess local hardware backup
  • Assess offsite/cloud backup
  • Assess disaster recovery setup,
  • Assess compliance needs such as HIPAA, CIPA, HITECH and PCI,
  • Evaluate current phone system and copier equipment,
  • Provide cost-saving options for systems and management.

When you know all of your IT network components functioning at an optimal level, you’ll have more confidence in your business operations as a whole. Crumbacher’s experts specialize in extensive network analysis and IT cyber security for small and medium businesses. They are also able to suggest steps to take to make it more secure and efficient. We are dedicated to keeping our client’s business network security robust and safe from ransomware and malware. Contact Crumbacher Albuquerque or Santa Fe to schedule a free network analysis and start protecting your network today. 

Network Analysis

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