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  • Why Network Security is Important for an Enterprise Organization?

    We are living in a digital world, one in which we rely on digital tools in virtually every aspect of our lives. From our personal computers to cell phones and tablets, even our thermostats and other home appliances rely on digital networks. Even our cars, ATMs, traffic signals and more rely on digital networking technology

    But as our dependence on this digital work grows, so do cyber-crimes and data breaches. The importance of network security in business is taken for granted because, unlike devices, they aren’t tangible.

    However, our devices, including cell phones tablets and even our cars depend on a reliable and secure network and are one attack away from disaster. Today’s digital world is stitched together by networks that connect all of our devices and are packed with sensitive data. There is a war raging, and the battleground is our cyber networks; It’s a constant battle between network security administrators and hackers as they battle for control.

    Network Node Protection

    A node is any device that is connected to any digital network with Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Nodes come in many flavors or types. At the enterprise level nodes comprise modems, ethernet hubs, printers, gateways, servers, personal computers, and standalone terminals. Financial and retail institutions, digital networks including ATMs, cell phones, tablets, servers, and databases. Private networks referring to home Wi-Fi networks with laptops and other mobile devices, such as cell phones and virtual assistants, such as Siri and Google Home Assistant.

    Node protection usually comes in the form of various virus protection applications and malware protection applications. There are measures you can take to keep your network secure, but it is good network security practices to ensure all nodes have a local barrier against attacks. Security measures implemented at the node level act as a second line of defense and sometimes can isolate or quarantine infected viruses that slip through the network security front lines.

    Sensitive Data Protection

    Integrating technology in our modern lives, ranging from shopping at the grocery store to accessing healthcare records, requires more of our data to migrate through digital networks. There is no industry, company or educational institution immune to network security threats.

    The importance of network security in business is paramount in today’s cyber climate. A data breach at the enterprise level can devastate corporations. The damage suffered from a public relations standpoint can cause catastrophic brand damage.


    Data encryption is one of the most common and effective network security methods used among network administrators in today’s corporate environment. Sensitive data that is guarded by encryption, effectively renders information unreadable without a complex encryption key to make sense of it.


    Advanced Encryption Standards are one of the most secure encryption algorithms available. The United States government uses AES to protect classified data. AES divides data into blocks and encrypts each block of data bit by bit. AES can be encrypted at the 128, 192, or 256 level. AES encryption requires sharing the decryption key with authorized users.


    Triple Data Encryption Standard is a block cipher approach to securing sensitive data. Triple data encryption uses three individual 56-bit keys and is encrypted three times, so it’s 168-bit key encryption. It is projected, however, as encryption methodologies increase 3DES will be replaced with a more robust encryption standard.


    Twofish data encryption uses 128-bit and 256-bit block sizes of encryption, and it’s typically used for personal CPUs and hardware on a smaller scale. Twofish is an open-source technology and does not require a license, which gives more flexibility on how and when it is used.


    RSA is reserved for transmitting data over public networks. The RSA encryption flavor comprises two decryption keys: one public and one private. The public key is available to virtually anyone; however, the private key is given to individuals who have been granted access.

    Shared Network Security

    The ubiquitous nature of high-speed internet access has sparked an uptick in remote users at the corporate level. While giving employees the option to work remotely saves enterprises money and is convenient for the worker, it also poses a security threat. Remote users must have access to private networks, and network administrators must ensure that the private system stays secure.As part of the security measures taken with shared network access administrators should focus on areas within their control, such as strict rules on allowed users and devices connecting remotely.

    Data Recovery

    Data recovery is crucial within an enterprise environment as it applies to a company’s ability to survive natural disasters and ransomware. By implementing effective data backup schedules, an enterprise ensures that any of these two unfortunate situations occur; they won’t miss a beat.


    The importance of network security in business is a major priority, especially with ransomware attacks becoming more common among hackers. Unlike malware and viruses, ransomware is not rectified by the scanning of potentially infected areas. The best way to protect against ransomware is to prevent a breach in your network and regular data backups.

    Typically, ransomware gains access to a private network using an email attachment or by accidental download. The best defense against ransomware is data backups, storing this data in a different location, and educating employees about the dangers of opening unknown emails.

    If you are the unfortunate recipient of a ransomware attack network administrator should immediately identify and quarantine the infected areas. Restrict all power to the affected node and remove it from the integrated network. Once the infected node is isolated network administrator should assess the infected data and take proper precautions to discover how the bug gained access to the network.

    If you have identified a ransomware attack on your network, after quarantining the affected node network administrator should immediately begin changing passwords and in some cases usernames. Great server administrators know it’s better to be safe than sorry. And if you need more help, check out how we help your business with it’s IT Security.

  • Regular Data Backups: Why You Need Them and Which Types are Best

    What do mom and pop businesses and huge companies have in common? If you answered “They should both backup their data on a regular basis,” give yourself a gold star! In fact, when you start to research this topic more thoroughly, it is safe to say that backing up data regularly is the most important thing company owners can do.

    With this point in mind, let’s start by looking at some of the key reasons why businesses should back up their data, as well as the benefits for doing so. Then, we can get into the nitty-gritty of which types of backup services are best.

    Cyber Criminals Never Sleep

    Here’s a concerning fact: your company’s network is vulnerable to attacks pretty much every day. As Microsoft and Cisco noted in a report, cyber attacks are on the rise and are impacting businesses of all sizes. More specifically, a 2019 Annual Cybersecurity report by Cisco notes that there has been an alarming increase in ransomware and other forms of cyber attacks. While email appears to be the preferred way for cybercriminals to do their dirty work, modular threats are also a concern—this is when malware can be modified to do even more damage once it has infected a company’s system.

    Clearly, if you are looking for the Number One Reason to perform regular backups, protecting your company’s sensitive data is definitely at the top of the list. If you fall victim to a cyber attack, your company may lose more than money and data—it can also impact the morale of your team and may lead to a ding in your hard-earned reputation for reliability. As for other reasons you should perform regular data backups, please consider the following:

    24/7/365 Data Access that is Cost Efficient

    When you use a data backup service, especially one that is cloud-based, you can typically access your data anytime you wish—this does depend on the level of service that you have, but in general, your data is far more accessible. Copies of your data are kept in a number of secure locations, so all of the info will be protected in the event of an attack. In addition, a cloud backup system can help you save you a lot of money because you are not building and maintaining your own technology.

    Protect Your Customers’ Private Data

    In addition to backing up your company’s sensitive data, it is also important to protect your customers’ confidential information, including credit card account numbers, addresses, dates of birth and more. Also, if you collect data for your customers, you must be able to retrieve this information for them. Regular backups will help ensure that your customers will stay protected.

    Keep Your Company’s Data Safe Too

    In order for your company to succeed, you must have access to crucial data at all times. Database backup is vital because it offers protection from the loss of data that can disturb the operations of your business; if your company is hit by cybercriminals and/or malware, you can still access your data in the secure locations. Additionally, backups are crucial in restoring computer devices during disaster recovery. It also restores information after files are corrupted or deleted.

    Now that we have a good handle on why it’s so important to regularly backup your company’s data, let’s look at which types of backup services are best—and what you can go ahead and skip doing.

    Full Backups: The Closest Thing to Copying

    If you want to keep things simple, a full backup with a backup software suite is the best scenario. A full backup will create an image or a file that represents everything on and about your computer. This file is essentially a clone of your computer, and it can be “unpacked” to recreate your computer when the backup took place.

    Incremental Backups for Gradual Changes

    After a full backup, an incremental backup will save any changes that take place afterwards. For instance, if you create a full backup on Monday night and run an incremental backup on Tuesday night, the changes made on Tuesday will be added. On Wednesday night, the changes made on Wednesday will be added. This is a good option if your business makes rapid changes to critical files that must be saved quickly. Incremental backups are faster than full backups, and place networks under less stress.

    Differential Backups for Mass Changes

    Similar to incremental backups, a differential backup handles changes to the full backup. The difference is that differential backups look at anything that has changed since the last full backup. In other words, instead of adding pieces of backups on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, this process will check the backups against whatever was in the original backup.

    Which Type of Data Backups Are Best For You?

    Small businesses and home offices will be fine with full backups. Backing up your entire drive, even up to a terabyte, overnight is easier to manage when there is no one on a given computer for hours at a time.
    If your business has shifting schedules and users on at all times, or if you’re using a server that has constant access, differential backups with weekly or monthly full backups should work just fine.

    For businesses that want to save changes early and often, use incremental backups. If you’re still not sure which types of backups are best for your business, contact Crumbacher for system analysis and tailored tech services.

  • Crumbacher’s Cybersecurity Tips for the Workplace

    Every business needs a cybersecurity policy. Here are some of the best ways to secure computers in the workplace. If in doubt, give Crumbacher a call today:


    1. A safe computer is a LOCKED computer. Never leave your desktop or laptop without locking it first. An unlocked computer is akin to an unlocked phone or house. You can also lock it in less than one second by pressing the Windows key and then the “L” key.  windows + L button
    2. Never say never. Don’t assume that a security breach or outright targeted hack won’t happen to you. You are just as likely to get compromised as any other person or business. Stay vigilante and aware of what you open and where you browse.
    3. Browse the internet with heaps of caution. Make sure the address of the page you are on is correct and spelled correctly. Some sites count on you to misspell the address and will present you with a fake page that looks similar to the one you meant to go to. Do not click on any ads or pop up messages, as these will most likely compromise your system or install malicious software that can steal data or worse. And always, don’t click on any unexpected or suspicious links.
    4. Don’t plug any devices into your computer unless you know what they are and where they came from. Find a USB on the ground and want to see what’s on it? Bad idea. It could automatically run a program to steal data or lock you out of your computer.
    5. Bad actors don’t only work via your computer. Don’t give out personal information to anyone that contacts you via phone call or email. If it seems suspicious, contact the company yourself and verify your account before giving out any information.
    6. Use your own devices and WiFi for banking and shopping. Accessing your sensitive accounts on a computer that is not yours or over public WiFi is a prime opportunity for your data to be stolen. Also, keep track of your accounts and look for and report any suspicious activity or
    7. Passwords should be complex and private. Don’t share your password with anyone. Simply making a password 8 characters is not enough anymore. Make your password a phrase and substitute letters with symbols and numbers instead. Example: Myp@$$w0rd!s$3cuR3!. = My password is secure.
    8. Backup your data! Keep a copy of your work on an external hard drive or back it up to the cloud. One random power spike can corrupt your hard drive and without a backup your hard work can be lost forever. Talk to our staff if you need assistance getting you backed up.
    9. Share less information. Social media is great but too often people post too much info about themselves. Where you work or go to school, when you are on vacation or away from your house – this is all info that potential bad actors can use to try and get access to your sensitive data.
    10. When in doubt, call Crumbacher. If you have any questions about any of the tips above or you find yourself in a situation that you are not sure is safe, please call us and we can quickly answer your questions and put you at ease.
  • 10 Traits of Successful Small Business Owners

    As a small business owner, you might feel that in order to be successful, you need to offer your customers a great product or service at an incredible price. While these are certainly important goals, there are a number of character traits that a small business owner like yourself should ideally possess to run a thriving company.

    For example, the following 10 traits are all common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs:

    One: Persistence

    One of the key traits of a successful business owner is persistence. Running a small business can be challenging, especially in the early months, and it may be tempting to throw in the towel when the going gets tough. However, a successful entrepreneur will get back on the proverbial horse when they are thrown off and will be more determined than ever to make their business dreams a reality.

    Two: Technologically Advanced

    We live in a tech-driven world, and your customers are probably looking to place orders and follow up with any questions from their mobile devices. This is why being technologically advanced is one of the necessary traits of a business owner. Be sure your website is mobile-friendly and be ready to offer multiple ways to reach your customers including text and email. And make sure you have the technology to meet all of your customer needs, including projectors for presentations, copiers for paperwork, and IT services that keep all of it running smoothly.

    Three: Self-Reliant

    Yes, you want a solid team of employees to work for you. But as notes (1), you must ultimately be willing and able to do everything yourself if need be. You should still expect to have a great team to back you up, but this trait means you can take over in a pinch and not panic, but rather get everything accomplished.

    Four: Confidence

    Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: confidence is not the same as cockiness. Successful entrepreneurs are not arrogant or boastful, but rather confident in their products and business plans. Being self-confident can help your customers to trust you and your services and lead to an increase in sales.

    Five: Visionary

    Another trait of a successful small business owner is the ability to be a visionary. Never content to rest on your laurels, you always have a plan for your company—including how you want it to grow, how you want to best serve your customers, and how you can communicate these goals to your employees.

    Six: Smart with Money

    Successful entrepreneurs are very adept at creating and sticking to a business budget. They also know when to make adjustments to the budget, perhaps by reducing spending during a lean month or making key investments in staff and equipment when profits are higher. This trait also includes knowing how much money your company is bringing in and where each dollar has been allocated.

    Seven: Passionate

    If you don’t care about your company, neither will anyone else. This is why successful entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do. This trait will give you the oomph you need to work long days and weekends as you get your company off the ground and will inspire you to constantly think of ways for your business to expand its products or services.

    Eight: Open to New Ideas

    As a small business owner, you have probably invested so much time and effort into your company plan, it may be difficult for you to accept any variations in your goals. But a common character trait of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to listen to and accept new ideas. If you don’t do this, you may find your company stuck in a rut, instead of incorporating feedback from your team and customers and working to improve your business.

    Nine: Create Goals

    Another common trait of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to create a tangible list of goals. Getting a business off the ground can take up so much time and be so all-consuming, it may be difficult to keep specific goals in mind. Rather than vague plans like “increase business” and “add to our product line,” successful small business owners create more specific goals like “increase customer base by 10 percent this month” and “add six new items to the inventory by the end of summer.”

    Ten: Humble

    Successful entrepreneurs know that they didn’t make it to where they are today on their own, and they are more than happy to acknowledge those who helped them along the way. Humble business owners will ask for assistance when they need it and are grateful for the help. They will also know that it takes a team effort for a company to be successful, and they will never take anyone for granted who helped them achieve their goals.

    Let us know how these work for you!


  • The Importance of Professional Albuquerque Copier Service

    Your office copier is your business lifeline. You don’t have time for downtime. Imagine not being able to print, scan or copy documents. Multiple trips to Kinko’s every day? Not practical or cost-efficient. Hauling your private business materials to a public library? Very risky. Think of the lost productivity and possible damage to your client relationships when urgent products are delayed or canceled.

    Many expensive copiers will work for a long time before needing service. But when it finally gives out and needs some tender loving care, it is essential you have it serviced by only the best professional Albuquerque copier repairmen (hint, that’s us!). Today’s machines are more complicated and intricate than the copiers of the past. Therefore, it is crucial your machine is only touched by copier repair personnel who are certified. These high-level technicians do not only offer repair services, but also full maintenance and service on all copiers, thus taking the pressure off of your business so that you can focus on essential duties.

    Remember to keep in mind that copier repair can be very stressful and expensive if the right technician is not consulted. If you are not careful and let an inexperienced technician work on your machine, disaster may strike. In such cases, the problem can be made worse by inserting lower end parts or unnecessarily temporarily removing the delicate workings of the copier and then reinserting them incorrectly. This is not the time to skimp on business expenses. You don’t want to overpay, but remember, you get what you pay for.

    The best way to ensure your copier is maintained and serviced properly is to retain a copy maintenance service plan from an experienced, certified agent. Although the new printers or multi-function machines are better than ever, they can still be susceptible to damage or repair. A thorough maintenance routine is usually the key to avoiding major problems, breakdowns, and critical lapses in productivity. New technology will allow for remote meter reading retrieval, and mechanical alerts for service calls and consumables so you won’t need to monitor if/when to call for service. In addition, when you have such a plan, you usually get priority service – meaning less downtime.

    When searching for the right repair company for your business, keep in mind the important priorities you are looking for. In addition to ensuring they are certified for the particular brand you are utilizing, you should contract only with repair services that will be thorough, honest, reliable and professional. Check the number of years experience they have in general, and the specific brand you are using. Check online references and contact other local businesses to get feedback.

    Copy machines are essential today in many industries and their reliability can be critical to your business success. From simple black and white printers to multi-function printers, this reliability can be increased by only trusting your machine to a certified, experienced office copier repair company. Check out how Crumbacher can help your Albuquerque business, or Santa Fe business thrive with technology!

  • Data Backup: Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Business Information


    In this digital day and age, your data is the essence of your business. Because your network is exposed to countless vulnerabilities each day, you need to do everything to protect it. In a report by tech titans Microsoft and Cisco, cyber-attacks are increasing, and damaging all types and sizes of businesses, more than ever.

    In the 2019 Annual Cybersecurity report by Cisco, it revealed an alarming increase in ransomware and several other cyber-attacks. It noted that while email remains the “darling delivery method of attackers”, modular threats can deliver an on-demand menu of attacks…depending on which device is infected or the intended goal of the attacker” which ranges from revenue generation, to just wanting to wreak havoc. We saw plenty of such modular threats in recent history, and wouldn’t be surprised if we see more in the future.

    graphic with aqua background data backup from one computer to anotherThe report also noted that when an attack happens, businesses lose more than just money or data; they can lose momentum, moral and their reputation for reliability. Part of the reason attacks occur is that businesses fail to implement the right solutions to make sure that the data is secure and safe and quickly retrievable when needed during disaster recovery.
    Data Backup Services Benefits

    Businesses know that the risks are countless and the cost is unimaginable. This is why data backups are crucial to your business. Here are several other reasons why you need to have data backups in your business.

    Limitless Data Access

    Having a data backup, especially a cloud backup service allows you to access your data anytime anywhere depending on the level of service. With cloud backup, copies of your data are kept in various and secure locations to make sure that all information is protected should an incident happen. Relying on the traditional storage method, or no method at all, is like risking losing your business’ data and not being able to get it back. As a rule of thumb, redundancy is the best data security option i.e. physical backups and cloud backups.

    Added Protection

    While we are on the topic of data protection, are you and your employees using these password security tips? Just checking! Okay, now back to our main programming.

    Cost-Efficient and Secure Backup

    Having cloud backup will save you a lot of money from building your own technology. Additionally, it enables you to utilize the resources efficiently. This is also one of the best ways to make sure that your data stays private and safe. Since online thieves and attackers are very aggressive, they target even small businesses. These attacks could result in a data breach or data theft, which means extra sensitive data could be lost.

    Customer Protection

    Although it is important that you back up the files of your business, it is equally vital to protect your customers’ data. If your business collects data for customers, you must be able to get it back when it gets lost. In this digital era, businesses without any backup for their data will have a hard time thriving.

    Business Protection

    The sustainability and growth of your business largely depend on the safekeeping of your company’s most vital asset – your data. To achieve this, keeping multiple backups is vital. In laymen’s terms, backing up your data only means making several copies and storing those copies in multiple locations. This way, if the data you use is lost or corrupted, you will have multiple copies from which you can recover. You never want to have just one point of failure. If a computer or server were to malfunction, or a user accidentally deleted files, your backed up data can be used to get you back up and operating in mere minutes. Data backup is vital in today’s world due to the plethora of threats, be it hackers, malware, viruses, or otherwise. For even more convincing, check out some other advantages of data and cloud backup here.

  • How Copier Services Can Help Your Small Business

    A good copier is a necessity for a business to thrive. It has been proven that in-house printing can save you thousands of dollars, especially when you have a rush job. Sure, digitalization has taken some of the flair away from in-house printing, but over the long haul, small business copiers will put you way ahead if you invest in a high-level machine and do your own in house printing. The new small business copiers and multifunction printers are cleaner, faster, more energy efficient and less costly to repair and maintain.

    Copier Services Benefits

    An important benefit of today’s new small business printers is the energy savings your company will enjoy. The small business printers sold today are equipped with many energy-saving features. New technology consumes less energy overall and also utilizes techniques such as going to sleep when not in use for set periods of time. This will help your company “go green” and save the environment unnecessary energy use.

    You will also save on maintenance and replacement parts with today’s small business copiers. Like an old vehicle costs more to fix when it’s harder to get the parts, the same goes for copiers. New ones are mass produced and are stocked with replacement part inventory which can be delivered quickly. This minimizes any downtime, further easing your bottom line. Even better, some of the new models have automatic toner reordering, taking the pressure off you to remember to order supplies and instead allowing you to concentrate on more pressing matters.

    These new machines are equipped with technology which allows them to connect faster and more intuitively to the software programs you utilize in your office. Not only does this of course speed up printing and copying, but it also serves to improve workflow, saving time and money. These copiers are state of the art and multifunctional, therefore slashing the need to buy additional office equipment. The benefit of these machines is that they allow businesses to do more than just color copy. They also print, fax, and scan to network folders, and email. The latest machines are also now equipped with digital displays, wireless printing capabilities, and even more.

    The price for copiers varies significantly so it’s important for a business to carefully examine their printing and copying needs. You can spend anywhere from the less than a thousand dollars up to several thousand. Before purchasing, each business should carefully analyze exactly what they will be printing at what volume. Once you have a clear idea, go out and get yourself a new small business printer. You won’t be sorry!

    Check out how copier repair services can continue to empower your business to thrive!

  • Best Printer Repair Services in Albuquerque

    Because information technology, or IT, affects virtually every aspect of modern business, we often take our devices for granted. That’s why, when something goes wrong with your equipment, including the printers, you want service as soon as possible. Because today’s printers are extremely complex devices, you need expert technicians to service your equipment.

    Crumbacher as Your Printer Repair Service in Albuquerque

    Our professional service team at Crumbacher provides dependable printer repair in Albuquerque. In addition to repair and support, we make sure your printers, computers, and networks are all compatible to help your business attain its peak productivity. Our highly-trained technicians are Sharp certified, so you can be confident your printers will be fixed promptly, reducing the amount of unnecessary downtime for your business. In addition, we always meet or exceed the industry response time to ensure even faster service. We also offer preventive maintenance to help keep your repair emergencies to a minimum.

    If you’re in the market for a device, we offer our versatile Sharp multifunction printers, or MFPs, also known as an all-in-one, or AIO, printers, either new or certified pre-owned. No matter which you choose, we guarantee our devices. If any device is defective or irreparable, we’ll replace it without charge with equipment of equal or superior value. If you prefer to lease equipment, we offer a guaranteed replacement for up to five years. We guarantee the replacement of our purchased equipment for up to three years.

    Because of HP’s exceptional quality, reliability and versatility, we recommend their laser printers for your office needs. On average, an HP printer should last about five years. We also provide service and supplies for HP desktop printers.

    If you purchase a printer from a big-box store or so-called “expert” dealer, you, unfortunately, don’t get the professional support you need when your equipment gives you problems. Our IT professionals and certified technicians at Crumbacher, however, are trained to fully support not only your printers but your computers and networks as well.

    As the leading IT service provider in northern New Mexico, we at Crumbacher make it a point to customize each customer’s needs. Because we care about our customers and provide them with the finest technology and supportive advice, they turn to us when they need printer repair in Albuquerque.

    High-tech equipment requires professional service. When you need printer repair in Albuquerque, contact Crumbacher. We’ll be there to promptly to take care of the situation and are always willing to discuss a preventive maintenance plan to help you minimize the need for future repairs.

    Check out the top 5 printers offered by Sharp.

  • Password Security Tips for Your Small Business

    When securing your online accounts, your passwords are extremely important. Your bank account, credit cards, and identity could be stolen due to the passwords you keep. Many business owners practice poor business password security measures, which makes them susceptible to thieves and hackers. Here are five common practices you should be implementing.

    Don’t Use Weak Passwords

    You should know the importance of creating strong passwords. Simple and weak passwords can make you prone to cyber attacks or theft. You may still use weak passwords that consist of short words or names of your beloved pet. There are many practices you can implement to create stronger passwords.

    Make sure that the passwords you create are long. It’s hard for hackers to guess longer passwords. Avoid using common words and phrases that are easy to guess. Test your password before you choose it. Many websites allow you to test out different password variations.

    Don’t Leave Them Out

    Don’t write down your password on a sticky note and leave it out in the open. This poor business security measure could lead to a data breach, or worse. If all of your passwords are advertised on your computer, it’s time to set secure protocols. If someone steals the note, then they’ll get access to all of your online accounts. Finding out who stole your password may be difficult. Keep all of your passwords in a secure software program or a designated notebook instead.

    Stop Reusing the Same Passwords

    Reusing the same passwords does make it easier to remember that password, but it can make you prone to cyber attackers. All it takes is one person to find out your password to gain access to all of your online accounts. This will make it harder to remember all of your passwords, which is where the next tip will come in handy.

    Consider a Password Manager

    If you want to stop writing down your passwords on sticky notes, then you need a password manager. This business password security measure creates one strong password for each of your online accounts. You just need to create a master password to access your entire account, and the manager will create the passwords for you.

    Of course, there’s some sort of risk involved. If someone guesses your master password or breaches the management company, then all of your passwords will be compromised. We recommend password managers that use encryption technology and multi-factor authentication to ensure added protection of your account. There are both free and paid password managers available on the Internet.

    Use Multi-Factor Authentication

    Multi-factor authentication is a feature that’s been made available for social media accounts and online services. It provides additional verification at login by requiring you to enter a pin code or a temporary passcode sent to another of your accounts, or your phone number, to login, making it nearly impossible for a hacker to gain access with only a password. As you can see, multi-factor authentication provides a higher level of security.

  • Office Smart Devices Could Leak Your Business Data

    Businesses need to be very cautious when using smart devices. Some have been reported to transmit personal data through unencrypted traffic. In the past, one product that made headlines for this was the Nest Thermostat. An investigation revealed that the device exposed zip codes in a plain text format. Anyone with malicious intent could have easily located where the device was installed. Instances such as these are a major security risk and should not be taken lightly.

    Smart devices collect, store, and share information. It is important to pay attention to your smart devices security. Be sure to conduct proper research and inspect a device before purchasing and installing it. An investigation performed on the security of some products shed light to some fairly concerning practices. It was discovered that an Ubi Smart Speaker used unencrypted emails to communicate. Sharx security cameras and PixStar photoframe data is also sent without being encrypted first.

    Proofpoint, a firm in digital security, in January of 2014, announced that there were over 750,000 malicious email communications from over 100,000 smart devices. These are everyday electronics that you would normally think nothing of. Some of those even included a smart refrigerators and TVs. They may seem harmless and helpful, but it is important to pay attention to smart device security.

    Small business owners should be weary when it comes to implementing new technology, especially when it us used to monitor data. You can remain safe from a data breach by conducting the proper research beforehand and regularly updating or monitoring your devices.

    The vast majority of smart devices on the market do not have the necessary tools for keeping your information safe from attackers. Be aware of the potential risks and data that may be leaked to the web as these devices are constantly monitoring your home or business. It has been tested that most devices do not encrypt at least some portion of the data they are transmitting. These tests were conducted by Sarthak Grover, along with his colleagues, in a statement made at PrivacyCon that was held by the Federal Trade Commission.

    Samsung, the creator of the SmartThings Hub, has been showing how security and IoT (Internet of Things) devices can co-exist safely. It uses the HTTPS protocol on port 443 and TLS v1.2 for all of the data that it receives and transmits. Every ten seconds it performs secure background updates that fingerprint the hub, ensuring that it is secure.

    If you are someone who owns a business it should be noted that your data could be leaked by something that seems fairly harmless. You could be risking more than you realize when implementing a smart device into your business. Please ensure that whatever you buy encrypts the data it stores, shares, and collects. Your information could be used with malicious intent if you are not careful.

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