What Makes a Printer Print a Blank Page?

What Makes a Printer Print a Blank Page?

There was a time, centuries ago, when the concept of a printer didn’t even exist. Fast forward today and you will see the majority of homes/offices with a printer.

With the advent of printers, getting top-quality printouts has become a walk in the park. It hardly takes a few minutes to get your desired printouts, precisely the way you prefer. But with numerous advantages, printers do have some drawbacks too. One of the common problems people normally face is their printer printing blank pages.

What causes a printer to print blank pages? – You may wonder. Well, read this article to learn about it.

1. Empty Cartridges

A printer is able to produce a printout through ink. But if there is no ink in the printer than how on Earth would the printer be able to give any output?

Therefore, it is imperative to have enough ink in the cartridge. If there isn’t, then chances are the printer would print blank pages. To ensure there is ink in the printer, check the ink/toner levels. If required, replace the toner with the new one so the printer could work as usual.

2. Incorrect Cartridge

At times, the cartridge is full of ink and ready to be used. Despite this, you would notice the printer isn’t working as it should. This typically happens when the cartridge is disconnected from the printer. In other words, it is not in contact with the printer as it is supposed to.

The best way to rectify this issue is by removing the cartridge first and then reinstalling it correctly. By doing so, the electrical circuit will be completed and everything will run and print normally.

3. Wrong Paper Size

Your printer may have a default paper size. If you put the incorrect paper size for printing, then it is highly probable for the printer to not produce any output.

Also, many printers have an in-program paper size setting. Before you choose any paper size for printing, make sure you change the printer setting accordingly. Otherwise, it could be confusing for your printer to detect the changes on its own. As a result, the printer may end up printing blank pages.

4. Clogged Nozzles

This is one of the problems people face when they use printers occasionally. Due to this, the ink hardens up, and clogs the nozzles. If you face such an issue, check if your printer has a “Print Head Nozzle Check” option.

If it has, then select it and allow your printer to clear up the nozzles. By doing so, the system would eliminate the blockage. After this the printer’s ink should smoothly flow, giving the best-quality output.

These are the top four issues printer users may run across. For some more common printer issues check out this article here.

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