Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Los Alamos, Is It Time to Upgrade Your Old PC or Buy a New One? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Decide

Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Los Alamos, Is It Time to Upgrade Your Old PC or Buy a New One? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Decide

Managed IT Services Santa Fe Albuquerque NM from Crumbacher Business SystemsIf your current computer is just not cutting it anymore—maybe it’s slow, funky, and seems like it’s going to die—and you’re considering buying a new PC, here’s how to figure out if you should fix it or get rid of it.

Normally the deciding factor to keep or replace a computer is cost. A standard desktop computer will start at $300, and a laptop is about $500. Normally people decide to replace a computer instead of fixing it when the repairs run $300 or more. Keep in mind though that when you buy a new PC there are some additional costs that have to be covered to make sure it’s up to snuff when you start using it.

If your PC needs work like virus and spyware removal, transferring infected files to your newly purchased computer will ruin it. Making sure that does not happen means you need to repair the old PC by removing viruses and spyware before transferring any files to your new computer, or you may have to dump the data altogether.

When you get your new PC to your office or home, the next step is to install the software needed to make it work like your old computer. If you don’t have the activation codes for those programs it probably means you will have to buy the software programs you used on your old computer or sign up for web-based versions of them. Microsoft Office 365, which includes a suite of Microsoft products like Word, is a web-based monthly subscription program that may work for you. Depending on what software your old computer had on it, the costs to make your new PC work like your old one can add up quickly.

Low-cost computers oftentimes do not include working components such as a DVD drive for loading data from disc or for watching DVDs. Make sure you look at the important features you require when comparing repairing your current PC to buying a new system with the same working configuration.

Moving data, adding programs, installing drivers, and configuring your printer and connecting your new PC to your network can be overwhelming. If doing this on your own is not in your technology skill set you’ll need to hire a local computer company to get it done. Be sure to add this cost to the cost of buying a new computer.

There are a set of costs that have to be paid in addition to the cost of a new PC, but more often than not, buying a new one is a smarter move than fixing your old PC. Statistically a desktop computer lasts five years, and a laptop lasts up to four years. Over time the hardware of your PC may fail, and new software releases won’t work right or will run slow because your current system does not have the memory to run it, all leading back to the conclusion that it makes more sense to buy a new PC.

The bottom line is that if you own a computer system that’s more than four years old that has not been upgraded and it requires new hardware, it’s time to begin looking for a new computer. Your current system will continue to cost you more and more, it will cost a fortune to upgrade it, and eventually it will stop working altogether, all of which will cost you time and money that will be far more than buying a new PC with all the required accompanying costs to make it operational.           Need more help deciding? Call Crumbacher today to discuss your options. You can reach us in Santa Fe at 505-820-6007 and in Albuquerque at 505-275-6866.


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