Keeping Company Computer Data Security is Critical to Santa Fe and Albuquerque Smaller Businesses – Make that Data Secure

Keeping Company Computer Data Security is Critical to Santa Fe and Albuquerque Smaller Businesses – Make that Data Secure

it-security-santa-fe-nm-and-albuquerque-nm-by-crumbacher-02These days when a major number of personal data profiles are hacked from a big company it is BIG news. It is news because the numbers are staggering. Recently a large home improvement company’s customer information was hacked and 50,000,000 people experienced credit card breach. Each one of them more than likely had to replace their credit card or debit card. Worse yet, some of them most likely had their bank account emptied out by the thieves that did it.

This sounds like a big deal because it is one. But for small companies, data security on its computers it just as important. Critical private customer data needs to be protected. It’s important to both the small company and its customers. For the business it has to do with liability and for the customers it’s about privacy and security of one’s business or personal identity.

Security of Computer Data is High Priority for Smaller to Bigger Companies Across the Board

When a business computer hack occurs it really doesn’t make a difference it if it was only 1 or 1 million accounts that were hacked, it only matters that it happened, which is very bad. Many businesses have been destroyed due a their computer’s being hacked.

Take, for example, a small company that handles insurance claims for a local Santa Fe, NM, or Albuquerque, NM hospital. If it were to suffer a data breach due to lax or inadequate computer data security, it could be giving up the private medical information of thousands of patients to hackers, causing potential failure of the company because no one will hire it any longer due to trust issues.

While this number is tiny relative to Home Depot’s massive data breach, it’s still significant—not only to the people whose information was stolen, but also to the transcription company that made the error. The local hospital would cut the company loose if there were a data breach. Its reputation would be ruined as lawsuits were filed and government action taken.

Network Security.The fact of the matter is, it only takes a small mistake to ruin a small company due computer security data breach. The bottom line is if a company handles highly sensitive information like medical data, credit card numbers and Social Security information it is critical that it secure the information.

Santa Fe and Albuquerque Business Date Security: What You Need to Secure

The bottom line for any business is that all data should be made secure from the very start. It is critical to build in smart data secure policies and rock solid built in data security methods to follow so that it is part of day to day work steps that are always followed.

If a company is already in business it should still move forward and install computer data security policies, procedures and strategies to keep date secure.

Keep the following factors in mind when moving busines computer data procedures forward:

The Cost

Is the cost of protecting your data worth doing a big computer data security upgrade? For instance, it does not make sense to incur a $5000 computer data security upgrade if the data it’s protecting is not valueable enough to warrant the expense.

The Dollar Value of a Major or Minor Disruption Due a Computer Data Security Upgrade

There will be an interruption of work and workers when a new computer data security measure is installed and integrated into a business. However, if it makes sense the solution to business’ computer data security should be one that impacts the business the least.

Big Expenses Might Happen Because of a Computer Data Security Upgrade or Computer Data Security Breach

Computer MaintenanceWhen data security is lost know it will cost more than money. When a company counts on customer confidence computer data security is incredibly critical. Smaller businesses taking payments via credit cards have to make certain credit card data is completely secure.

Possible impending wrecks and theives are around every corner when it comes to data theft, but where are they located? When you start looking at making the capital expenditure to secure your company data, consider wherre your largest security risk is located. It is a hacker on the other side of the planet, a disgruntled worker or poor data security practices in the company. Make a list of the areas in your business that present the biggest data security risk to use to make the decision on how to best secure your data.

If you’re a big company or a small one with only 5 workers, it is folly to not make sure your data is completely secure. Breached data security of a single client will ruin a company. Hope will not secure your business’ data from a full-on data breach. Take a few smart steps then make the investment to full secure your company’s computer data.

Discuss your company’s data and records security and the computer security systems you have in place with Crumbacher today to learn we can do to help secure your data. Call us at 505-820-6007 in Santa Fe and 505-275-6866 in Albuquerque.

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