5 Reasons to Love Sharp Copiers

5 Reasons to Love Sharp Copiers

You won’t be surprised to know New Mexico loves Sharp copiers and printers. Improve productivity, efficiency and enables them to save money; what more could you want from a printer?!

Keep reading for greater detail into this fascinating love story.

Reasons Why Customers Love Sharp Copiers

Easy to use, touch and type

In addition to the 10.1-inch high-definition touch screen display, it also offers a full-size retractable keyboard making it easier to enter information. The screen makes it easier to navigate options, the physical keyboard makes typing more efficient!

We get it, we have clumsy fingers too sometimes.  Which is why we all love the button keyboard!

The SharpDesk scan software

It features software with the ability to convert physical documents into editable soft copies. Now you don’t have to waste time having to retype the entire document manually. Instead, you can spend that time doing something productive. Previously it would take a lot of your time even if you had to make a few changes. This is overcome by Sharp –  just scan, convert and edit!

The Dual Scan document feeder

The Dual Scan document feeder lets you scan both sides of the original document in one go. This means you do not have to manually flip the documents just to find out you copied it upside down.

And if the scanned document contains some blank pages in between, you can easily edit them on the screen to delete the blank pages before sharing the document. Previously you had to send the documents as it is, which made them look more unprofessional. Those days are long gone!

Improved Resolution

The new Sharp can print in 1200 x 1200 dpi color. This has gotten many of the Sharp lovers even more excited as now they can print professional and highly-quality images an economical cost. Your documents couldn’t have looked better.

Cloud Portal

The option of using cloud portal to manage and integrate documents has limitless opportunities. It makes sharing of information seamless making organizations several times more efficient. Employees working remotely make more and more use of tablets and other mobile devices to keep a track of their work. With Sharp’s document management, your employees can stay connected and access documents remotely on their mobile devices.

Additional Options

Sharp copiers bring so many additional options for the businesses. Beginning from expandable memory to extra paper storage capacity, it offers everything. Software now contains more professional features, which makes daily tasks easier to handle. In addition, you can customize the equipment the way you want to meet your business needs.

What a list right?? What is there not to love about the new sharp multipurpose printers and copiers. If you need more information and support about these products, visit us.

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