The Advantages of a Owning a Multi-Function Printer

The Advantages of a Owning a Multi-Function Printer

Considering how fast time is progressing, people want easy access and convenience in everything. Phones turned into a whole computer system right there in your hands, the internet is now just one click away. From food delivery to car rides and banking – everything is done without you having to go an extra mile for it. We need the same functionality in our workplaces as well. Those days are gone when you would have to go to the third floor to get a document printed or to fax your client. A multifunction printer is a multipurpose device that has the features of a scanner, printer and a fax machine all in it, saving you space as well as a trip to the other floor.

Here are the advantages of having a multi-functioning printer at your workplace:

  1. It saves the desk space

One of the biggest and most obvious advantages of having a multifunction printer is the availability of free space. With all three devices, namely printer, scanner and fax machine combined into one, you have more free space on your desk, less hassle of separate connectivity and easy to network among your colleagues without worrying about peripherals. Multi-function printers are so small that you will be surprised how less space it would take and how much it will be productive. You now can put the cactus you wanted on your desk.

  1. Extended ease with new features

Even if you never considered buying a scanner or a fax machine and are simply getting the work done from somewhere else, with a multifunction printer, you now have access to extra features, such as scanning, easy faxing, all in one. It saves a lot of your time that was spent before on outsourcing. With a multifunction printer, you can communicate with your clients in a better way – better presentations, timely message deliveries, less hassle to get the work done.

  1. It saves a huge portion of your cost

Consider how much buying a separate scanner, a separate printer and a fax machine would cost and then compare it with the cost of buying a multifunction printer, and that too, a high-end one. You would realize how much you can save by choosing this option. Yes, a multifunction printer is more expensive than a regular one, but with the accessibility and ease it provides, the price is justified. Moreover, it will reduce the energy consumption that would have been there with three separate devices working up the load.

  1. Reduced wastage

If you have separate devices, you will need a separate set of supplies for each device, with different model-compatibilities and different prices. However, with a multifunction printer, you will only need one set of ink cartridges, toners, and printable papers. Not just that, fewer supplies mean less wastage and leftovers from their usage and less leftover means reduced carbon footprint.

  1. The tiny disadvantage

With so many undeniable benefits of a multifunction printer, however, there is one disadvantage; if the device meets any malfunctioning or any default, it will impede other functions as well. You will be deprived of printer, scanner and faxing resources altogether. However, considering the benefits it comes with, chances of facing such situations can be overlooked.

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