The Differences between Cloud Backup and Hybrid Backup Solutions

The Differences between Cloud Backup and Hybrid Backup Solutions

Cloud backup has become the most sought data preserving method in today’s age. With everything becoming virtual, Cloud backup provides companies a way to save their data on a medium that is not tangible. The word “cloud” can be taken literally here as the way data is stored is out of our tangible reach. We cannot see it, we cannot touch the storage place and it cannot be destroyed as other storage mediums can. The virtual space between a user and the cloud makes it the safest and secure form of data storage as compared to other options.

Cloud backup involves a storage account that is made on the web and accessed through a server provided by the service provider. Users send their files to the server and the files are stored for them. Service providers charge the user monthly fee based on how much capacity they asked for, number of users and bandwidth. There are two cloud backup solutions available; pure cloud backup and hybrid cloud backup.

Pure Cloud Backup

Pure cloud backup, as its name suggests, is on the cloud without any medium in between. All the data backups go directly to the cloud provided by the service provider. Pure cloud backup solution is easy to uphold because it does not involve any device to be maintained. It can be implemented easily and is cost effective. Moreover, it is best for the companies that cannot afford separate IT buildings for data storage in large amount. Its cost can be scaled according to the amount of storage you require instead of scaling the full cost of traditional data storage, which can be too tedious and, at times, impossible.

With a pure cloud solution, all your data is always being integrated into the background over the cloud without you having to repeatedly back it up manually.

The only drawback pure cloud backup has is that data transmission depends completely on the bandwidth. It would take time to upload or download data files if they are huge in size and it will slow down the internet connection along with it, which is why it is not suitable for organizations, which have large amounts of data storage requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

Hybrid cloud solution involves both virtual cloud technology and the traditional storage unit. It has an on-site storage device which is attached to the network and acts as an intermediary between your organization and the main cloud server. The storage device acts as a data target and holds the data in it while synchronizing the data in the background on the cloud. This allows the user to access data immediately as the data is always available on the storage device. This way, you get to keep important and relevant data at an easy access to you without having to wait for the whole data set to be downloaded.

When it comes to choosing the right cloud backup solution, the choice depends on what type of organization you have and how much data you have to store. For big and complex organizations, hybrid cloud backup is more beneficial while for small organizations, which do not have much data to store, pure cloud backup is optimal as you only pay for the space you require.

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