Top 5 Multi-Function Printers Offered By Sharp

Top 5 Multi-Function Printers Offered By Sharp

If you want to know how far a company has made it in the market, just look at their product history. A brand doesn’t necessarily have to provide a single product line or products relating to each other in different categories. Sharp has proven that until you are selling quality products that are making a difference, you don’t need to change your brand policy.

Starting from a belt buckle to washing machines, robots, and multi-function printers, Sharp has sold everything. Its owner, Tokuji Hayakawa’s dream was to “make such diverse products that other companies would want to imitate them”. Today, the name Sharp has become synonymous with quality multi-function printers and we bring you the top five that are ideal for commercial settings:

No. 1


The MX-6070N/5070N is made for “Simply Better Business”. This multi-function printer is packed with all the latest technologies that streamline the workflow. It has a user-friendly design and can be accessed by various users easily. This is “THE”high-performance printer you need for your business.

Top Features

  • Can be connected to cloud devices, as well as mobile devices
  • The optical character recognition (OCR) software allows you to use scanned documents as editable files in PPTX, DOCX, XLSX and searchable PDFs
  • Has a motion sensor, which allows the first copy to be printed fast with no warm-up time
  • Motion sensor has three detection ranges that wake up the printer when you approach it
  • Support Active Directory allows you to log-on to the server with your credentials only. This prevents your files mixing with other files and keeps them locked in a folder

No. 2


The MX-4070N/3570N/3070N is the second pick on our list for Sharp printers. With a 40 CPM/PPM, this printer provides all the necessary features and then some that you will not find in any other printer. With latest technologies such as cloud connection and touch sensitivity, this printer will improve the work dynamic of your office.

Top Features

  • Enhanced copy and scan performance (maintains print and picture quality all the time)
  • Cloud storage such as OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Scans documents and converts them into editable formats
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Is fixed with a belt heating system that reduces warm-up time
  • Ejects toner cartridge automatically after it has been dried out completely
  • Motion sensor wakes up the printer, alerting it of your presence

No. 3


Named as the “Dynamic Color Document Hub”, the MX-7580N/6580N allows you to print fast without losing color quality. The printer has been specifically designed to boost work output that allows you to grab every business opportunity with both hands.

Top Features

  • Flexible configuration
  • Secure system administration makes sure that important documents are not accessed without approval
  • High-speed DSPF allows you to scan documents in record time
  • OCR helps convert documents into editable formats
  • Retractable QWERTY keyboard
  • Supports mobile devices
  • 1,200 x 1,200 dpi printing

No. 4


Specifically made to improve office productivity, the MX-M905 presents you with the state of the art technology that gives super document quality and flexible operating options.

Top Features

  • OCR helps convert documents into editable formats
  • Retractable QWERTY keyboard
  • Halftone process ensures consistent high-quality images
  • OSA allows integration with cloud-based applications
  • Advanced data protection
  • Triple air-feed system prevents paper jams

No. 5


Offering many state of the art features, the MX-2630N brings flexibility in the workplace and allows you to make fast prints. With easy cloud access, you can now print important documents on-the-go.

Top Features

  • Auto-process developer refresh system allows you to print quality images all the time
  • Image crop function allows you to crop images while printing and save them separately
  • Tilt control panels for easy access
  • QR code allows the printer to connect to mobile devices
  • OSA allows you to work with cloud-based applications

These top 5 multi-function printers help you increase worker productivity in office by allowing you to print quality documents and fast. Anyone of these printers in your office will definitely help your business grow.

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