Top Features and Benefits of a Sharp Multi-function Printer

Top Features and Benefits of a Sharp Multi-function Printer

Our professional life is significantly facilitated by machines. Machines such as the printer, scanner, copier and the fax machine make it all possible. However, multifunction printers are emerging as the hot new office equipment that is central to the efficiency as well as productivity of the office. These units include the printer, scanner, copier, the fax machine and other impressive features, all in one.

Multifunction printers have allowed us to improve the quality of work or at least maintain it while increasing workplace productivity simultaneously. Sharp Multifunction printer technology has introduced a wide range of innovative and smarter machines.

Here are some of the top features that Sharp multifunction printers have to offer:

  1. Printing via cloud

Although wireless printing is always an attractive feature in a printer, cloud printing is a lot more than that. It organizes data about each print out made through the machine so you would not have to search for the documents yourself and move them around or format them if you need. The multifunction printer keeps a track of every print job it was made to do with information like who printer the document and when that particular print job was completed. Having data like this organized in a structured query not only helps cut back unnecessary printing costs but also prevents the employees from abusing their print privilege.

  1. USB direct printing

For all the times when you are in a hurry to print out an important document you have been carrying around with you in a USB drive, you typically have to look for a computer to plug it in and send the print command. Not if you have a Sharp multifunction printer though. Sharp multifunction printers feature a slot for USB drives so you can plug yours in and print the documents directly from there without wasting any time. The Sharp multifunction printer also supports various file formats including the popular Microsoft office.

  1. Print release options

We have all been through the agonizing wait for the printer bottleneck to clear out so you can finally get your hard copy. With a Sharp multifunction printer, you don’t have to worry about any bottlenecks due to cumulative print queries or device maintenance because the print release capabilities of this printer can release the documents from any available Sharp multifunction printer on the network. Throughout this process, confidentiality is maintained since the documents are not left unattended.

  1. Motion sensors

That’s right. If you go for the advanced Sharp multifunction printers, you can enjoy the motion sensing efficiency in your workplace as well. As you approach the multifunction printer, the motion sensors on it will detect your presence and automatically turn itself on from sleep mode. Waiting for contemporary printers to switch on is a laborious task in itself, but with Sharp’s advanced multifunction printers, you can eliminate the waiting out of the equation.

  1. Customizable interface

You may want to use the multifunction printer for basic tasks or you may want to enjoy the added flexibility and variable options in its output. Either way, Sharp’s multifunction printers can comply because they offer a manual as well as staple-less stapling in its output so that the output is just right for your added ease.

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