Top Ten Reasons to Switch a VoIP Phone System

Top Ten Reasons to Switch a VoIP Phone System

More and more companies are in the process of upgrading their current communicative system to VoIP systems today. But why? Are there any momentous benefits involved or is it only hype? In this article, we shall discuss ten genuinely good reasons why companies are putting their foot down when it comes to the vaunted benefits offered by VoIP phone systems. Here’s why you should switch to one too.

  1. Free Local Calls

Because phone calls between employees are routed between the existing data network and the internet, employees can make free local calls no matter where they are. Just think about how much money can be saved and more work completed when one doesn’t worry about the charges.

  1. Automated Recording of Voicemails

With VoIP phone systems, voicemails are automatically transcribed like emails. This means you can finally avoid the pain to have to go through each message in your voicemail inbox and read them like emails in your email inbox.

  1. No Need for New Hardware Installation

Who says upgrading to new technology has to be super expressive? When purchasing VoIP phone systems from external vendors, you will only have to get IP phones. No other hardware will be required to complete the process of installation.

  1. Convenience

With a VoIP phone system, it becomes easier to keep track of call activity, manage accounts, view billing information and manage voicemails. All of this can be done by simply logging in to the admin portal. Moreover, all VoIP providers ensure that efficient customer service remains their primary focus. To do so, they have multiple support systems to guide all the users.

  1. Upgrading isn’t time-consuming

As an employer, we can guarantee that you must have gone through some painful and time-consuming technology upgrades that disrupted the smooth flow of work at some point. Again, this isn’t the case with the upgrading of a VoIP system. The upgrading takes a few hours to a day max and you are ready to make the most of the service.

  1. Boost Employee Productivity

Most employees use multiple devices to stay connected during working hours. They have a desk phone, a laptop, and personal phone. The ease with VoIP phone systems is that they ensure that phone calls are easily placed and always received no matter which device is being used. We are talking about features like automatic call forwarding, group voicemails, routing or call hunt. Many of these come featured in VoIP plans. The more connected employees are the more productive and up to date, they remain. This also instills transparency of workflow throughout the organization.

  1. Ease of payment

Most of the times, companies wrongly estimate their needs and end up paying for services and resources they don’t even use. This is not the case with a VoIP phone system. The lines and numbers can be provisioned instantly and redundant services disbanded. This means that with a VoIP phone system, one only has to pay for what they need.

  1. Affordable Calling Rates

Nearly all VoIP systems offer low per-minute international calling plans and rates. Global plans with unlimited long distance and local calls can be made, which is not the case with traditional phone systems. This comes highly recommended for companies branched globally or which have outsourced their services offshore.

  1. Versatility

VoIP services can be taken anywhere with the users. With a VoIP phone adapter and high-speed internet, it is easier for users to place and receive calls from any end of the world at any time of the day, without having to pay any additional charges. This feature of VoIP phone system is termed “Work from Anywhere” and now we know why.

  1. Ditch the fax machine

When trying to eliminate or limit paper waste in your organization, getting rid of the fax machine is one of the first things on every employer’s mind. With an effective VoIP system, this can be limited and the process of faxing can be digitalized. With digital faxing, employees can send and receive important documents on their laptops without actually printing them.

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