Top Ways to Speed Up your Desktop Computer When It’s Running Slow

Top Ways to Speed Up your Desktop Computer When It’s Running Slow

It gets frustrating when you have to deal with browsers, files or folders taking longer to load and open, taking away your precious minutes especially when you have important work to do. It’s possible that you have a huge pile of junk somewhere on your PC that is slowing it all down.

Go easy on the money. Here’s what you could do to speed up the computer:

Scan for Viruses

Download free virus protection software that is supported by your computer and runs a scan on your PC. Leave it for a few minutes, let the program detect or kill infectious files and prevent suspicious content from making way into your computer via browser downloads or files shares. Currently, the top choices for free anti-virus software include AVG, Avira, BitDefender, and Panda.

Reduce programs on Startup

Change the settings of programs, such as Utorrent or Messenger, to disable them on startup, since these slow down the PC. It’s not necessary since you could just create desktop shortcuts or pin them to the start menu if you really need them.

Change desktop settings

Replace your HD wallpaper with a simple background as this would speed up RAM. Using a solid color would free up space in RAM and improve PC speed.

Moreover, disable unnecessary desktop gadgets that slow down starts up and shut down.

Uninstall unnecessary programs

There are probably several files on your PC that you haven’t used for a long time or don’t need. You probably don’t know why they are even there in the first place and you might have downloaded them as browser extensions thinking you would need them. Clean up the junk.

Several programs run in the background and may not be able to tell which ones are slowing down the PC. Clear the clutter to give RAM a boost.

Add or buy more RAM

You need more RAM when you are running more programs. Your PC slows down when there is insufficient RAM to execute tasks, which could show when the PC hangs up when you open too many files at once or process large amounts of data.

De-clutter your disk

This can be done by simply typing ‘Disc Cleanup’ in the search bar of Start menu and starting the process. This will clean junk files, temporary files, installer files and unused web pages. Clear all unwanted files to speed up the PC.

Defragment Now

This would help you detect how the hard drive is storing information. Simply type ‘Disk Defragmenter’ in the search bar of Start menu and or go to “My Computer” right click on the hard drive, select ‘Properties”, go to ‘Tools’ and click on ‘’Defragment Now’.

Last but not the least, keep the exterior of your PC free of dust. You may have noticed that when dust accumulates beneath the mouse, it becomes slow in movement. Similarly, dust could slow down operations of the PC. Use a vacuum cleaner at a low setting and clean the entire exterior.

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