Which Type of Computer Best Suits Your Business Needs?

Which Type of Computer Best Suits Your Business Needs?

We all know how businesses are completely dependent upon computers nowadays. However, each business has different needs, meaning they each require a different type of computer. Here is some information to help you identify the type that suits your needs best.

Let’s have a look at the common types used in businesses.

1.    Stand Alone Computers

These types of computers are full-fledged personal computers with a processor, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. They are meant to stay fixed in a particular location. Companies that don’t have a large number of employees can function just fine with these.

Such computers are merely connected to a particular network to share details with one another. They don’t need a combined server.

2.    Thin Clients

These are look-alikes of the stand-alone computers. The only difference between these two is in terms of the processor. These computers don’t have separate processors, instead, each of these is connected to just one server that holds all the company’s data and work and the computers just function to facilitate the end-user.

These are designed for companies that have a large number of employees.

3.    Servers

These types of computers are large servers that contain and maintain the company data. All large companies have separate servers to make sure that in the event of a calamity, the company data survives and the business continues to have perpetual existence.

4.    Laptops

If you need portability, laptops are the choice for your business. However, their maintenance cost can be on the higher size. In addition, their portability puts them at the risk of being stolen or otherwise damaged. Due to this, it is often found that only high-level employees of a company such as AVPs or VPs or Presidents are assigned laptops.

Other than them, employees that have definite traveling hours included in their jobs are also assigned laptops due to their nature of the job.

5.    Tablets

Again, these are the luxury that only very high-level employees of the company are given. Sales managers and other employees who have to keep an eye on regular updates and news about the company targets have a good use for tablets.

Employees who have a data entry job are seldom given tablets as they require keyboards to work efficiently. Tablets would only slow them down. Employees who take reports from their subordinates have better uses for tablets.

Several business needs are met on a daily basis with the use of these devices. Let’s have a look at some of the common tasks these computers perform.

  • Accounting
  • Payroll Management
  • Data Management
  • Updates
  • Coordination (Through emails and shared software)
  • Efficient Filing Systems

Since the evolution of computers, businesses have gone paper free. They can operate well without the need to put many things on physical records. This has revolutionized businesses by producing quick results and ensuring long and successful tenures by many companies.

Technology will always extend a hand to help, what you need to know is which one meets your requirements in the best way. Crumbacher can help you in making the right choice. We deal with the latest and the best in business technology. If you live in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, NM then contact us to make your business the best in town!

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