Why are regular scans and malware removal is so important

Why are regular scans and malware removal is so important

For a layperson, the term malware is used to describe any kind of computer problem that stop it from functioning properly or anything that causes damages your computer. In reality, malware is a shortened form of the term Malicious Software which refers to various kinds of malicious programs. Each of these kinds of software damages your computer in different ways. These ways are a reason in itself that stress the need for knowing malware types so that you can avoid and remove them from your computer.


Commonly residing on websites, it is a software that displays multiple pop ups on your screen of different ads. These contain browser hijackers which upon clicking redirect you to a website that downloads other malicious programs on your computer which include spyware and ransomware.


These programs track your computer activity and often install keyloggers that can track your username and passwords to your email, cloud data accounts, and even bank accounts.


It is the program that allows someone to lock your computer and demand a sum of money which, unless paid, prevents you from using your computer.

Trojan Horse

These have various kinds which hide like harmless software but execute viruses inside them that can damage your computer files. Banking Trojans imposter as your bank and steal your information such as PIN codes and passwords, thereby sneaking away with your money. Backdoor Trojans allow a gateway to attackers to invade your PC and steal information. Download Trojans install programs that download programs on your PC which can damage files or install other kinds of malware.

There are also info-stealer Trojans that steal your information. Remote Access Trojans allow anyone to work on your computer, like you do, from anywhere. That means they can even lock your PC, steal your files, or even format your hard disk!

How can their risks be mitigated?

There are several different types of malware which can affect your computer in a multitude of ways. Where some malware carry the capacity to install other kinds of malware, you cannot rule out the chance that multiple malware are damaging your PC simultaneously without your knowledge. Malware like Trojans, for instance, are undetectable as they show no symptoms. Unless a regular scan via an antivirus software is performed, your PC is under threat of having its files damaged– or even being held hostage for ransom.

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