Why Cloud Servers Make Sense for Small Businesses

Why Cloud Servers Make Sense for Small Businesses

With cloud computing, it is possible to access your applications and business data anywhere and at any time, at very reasonable prices these days. Now small businesses have access to technologies that would not have been possible before and are actually in a position to compete with bigger businesses.

Traditional desktop software is slowly being phased out; there are many vendors of accounting software that no longer offer desktop versions of their software. Their products are now available on the cloud, and can be used online via signing up for a subscription.

Here are six reasons why cloud servers are an excellent option for small businesses:

1. You don’t need to have a team of personnel for installing and maintaining your software or for managing different servers for files or emails. Maintaining the application or service is all done by the vendor providing the cloud service.

2. There is no longer any need to purchase software. Apart from avoiding the hassle of buying software and subsequent installation and maintenance, cloud software automatically becomes a more cost-effective alternative.

3. Given cloud applications these days, separate computing needs can now be met through a single cloud application suite which contains multiple applications. For example, Google Apps contain Google Sheets for working on spreadsheets, Google Docs for working on documents, an email app and Google Sites for creating and maintaining websites. Even Microsoft Office, which Microsoft used to only sell as desktop software, is now available as Office 365, a cloud based version of the original software. The cloud based suite includes Skype, online video conferencing, amongst other features, and can be availed via an annual subscription fee. Other vendors provide applications which include a CRM software, employee directories and file sharing for a very low cost.

4. You would need a lot lesser hardware. For example, storing files, backing up data and software requires space on multiple computers/servers. Cloud computing offers the obvious advantage of having the option to use the servers of the vendor to store that data. This allows you to free up in-house hardware, giving you the option of either using it for something else or even disposing of some of it.

5. Cloud computing applications may save you the cost of integrating other programs. They mostly are designed with an Application Programming Interface (API). As a result, a majority of cloud computing applications are compatible with a wide range of other applications. Therefore it is entirely possible for you to find a “compatible” program with your application suite, rather than having to go through the hassle of integrating one.

6. Cloud vendors regularly update their application(s), which saves you the cost of doing so.
As a result, using cloud servers is an excellent solution for small businesses. It is vastly easier to subscribe to a cloud based application suite as compared to purchasing multiple servers and then separately installing desktop based software on them. And since there is no need for purchasing hardware or software, the cost of expanding your startup is far cheaper as well.

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