Santa Fe and Albuquerque Businesses – Great Reasons to do Regular IT Network Maintenance

Santa Fe and Albuquerque Businesses – Great Reasons to do Regular IT Network Maintenance

When taken care of the right way and consistently computers, servers and IT networks will work well. The very best computer network will not continue to work well if IT network maintenance is not performed regularly.

Here are several important factors to know it’s smart to perform scheduled maintenance on your business’ IT network:

Discover Problems and Solve Them Before They Become Major Issues

When a business buys one new PC or several new PCs it would make sense to believe that there will not be any issues for 1, 2 or 3 years. However computers both new and old have problems. By employing a regular IT service like Crumbacher, a Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM, computer IT networking service provider, you can get the jump on problems and make arrangements so that your business isn’t impacted. Employing scheduled IT maintenance will help your business lower IT expense by repairing issues during your monthly IT maintenance checks, instead of at a higher hourly rate that has not ceiling.

Computer Malware and Virus Prevention

When a business’ computers become infected with malware it can be very, very costly to fix the issue. The parties that write the viruses are on a mission to break into your business through your computer network, gain entry to the files on your system and then use the information to make money illegally. A variety of bad things begin to happen when a computer or an entire network becomes infected with a computer virus. When a business’ IT system is taken over many times it leads to clients websites or sensitive client information becoming compromised which can lead to the destruction of your business if your website or your emails are blacklisted.

Keeping your antivirus software and Microsoft Windows up to date will lower your chances of getting a computer virus signficantly. When it is current IT backdoors and potential openings remain closed to the hoodlums that write malware viruses. When an email floats into your inbox do not click on it unless you know the person and if you do know them, make sure it’s the type of email that person would send you. If it looks wrong in any way, it probably is a virus.

Computer Speed Stays Optimized

Files on computers can reek havoc for a variety of reasons. Files may be leftover from a prior program or application that was deleted that include an executable command or take up resources unnecessarily. These types of problems can impact computer operating negatively and prevent connections to important operating programs. Scheduled speed tests and regular file maintenance will improve the operating speed of your computer giving you the needed resources to gain fast connections to the operating system, software and files.

Maintain Current Anti-Virus Software

Each PC must be covered with critical antivirus software that is current and maintained at all times. More importantly if the antivirus software on your PC sends a notification that there is an issue, that issue must be dealt with right then and there. One a notification is received protocol should be followed to ensure a major issue has not occured and if it has happened then the proper personal needs to be notified.

Optimize Operating and Application Software

Computers wear out, slow down and become less effective with time. Software and applications run great when first installed, but over time can become less effective or even stop working, which has a direct impact on a business’ workflow and work output. When the computer or computers begin to run slowly a business begins to see it as being okay, but that is not the case.

Nothing is more frustrating than a computer IT network that is slow and full of glitches At CRUMBACHER, we’ll make sure your IT network is regularly serviced and maintenance checks are carried out to keep your Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM, IT support costs at a minimum, so that your IT network is always safe, efficient and delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.
If you need help maintaining your IT network, Crumbacher can help. Call us in Santa Fe at 505-820-6007 and in Albuquerque at 505-275-6866.

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