Why It Is Critical Your Business Has a Secure Wireless Network?

Why It Is Critical Your Business Has a Secure Wireless Network?

In the technology-driven workplace of today, the presence of wireless connectivity is not just an option anymore, it is a necessity. However, an equally important factor to consider is that your wireless connection does not end with your office walls, and if it is not secured, there are high chances of your wireless connection being hacked by malicious users. If you think that the chances of your business being affected by a plain old wireless hack are not much to worry about, think again! An international retail chain had a data reserve of financial data on 47 million customers lost through a wireless hack. Talking in monetary terms, this totals a loss of 17 million in US dollars.

Still thinking safety is not an option?

Here is a list of the most common wireless hacks compiled by the experts at Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM that reveal the dangers of unsecured wireless connections.

1. Fake Access Points

This is the most common — and easiest — Wi-Fi hack. A malicious user would either name an unauthorized Wi-Fi network to the name of your company’s Wi-Fi. The unsuspecting users would connect with it and the hacker can gain access to all the information that passes through.

One thing to understand about an open Wi-Fi network is that when you gain free access, you’re allowing the owner (with even a little technical knowledge) to view and exploit what websites you visit, and what information you send.

So when you unwittingly connect to an access point that is not the original one, you open yourself to the possibility of your information being leaked. Multiply this possibility to the number of employees who have this access and you have a solid risk at your hands to take care of.

2. Wi-Fi Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Technology and gadgets have made our lives easier than ever. Unfortunately, the same goes for hackers who are looking for easier ways to snoop around for valuable information and make the most of it by either blackmailing you with it or selling the sensitive information to a competitor. The man-in-the-middle attack, where the attacker intervenes and redirects the information to an unsecured source from where they can benefit from, can now be done with gadgets like the Wi-Fi Pineapple, which costs around $99 and can be set up in under 20 minutes.

The Pineapple was bad enough when it could fake to be a friendly port that your phone would connect to, but now, it has been upgraded with more modules, all of which assist the stealing of information.

How Can You Stay Safe?

Use Wi-Fi Protected Access (preferably the newest version, WAP2) to make sure that the standard of Wi-Fi security is met. You should also invest in regular checks for rogue access points which may be potential weak points in your cyber security. If you are looking for a reliable company with a wealth of experience accomplishing this, then simply reach out to the experts in the industry— Crumbacher in Santa Fe, NM would be happy to help.

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