Why Managed IT Services Makes Sense for Your Business

Why Managed IT Services Makes Sense for Your Business

The advent of mobile devices, wireless networks, and cloud technology has brought a number of significant changes in the IT industry. And the best way for businesses to keep up with them is to outsource their IT department to a managed service provider because in-house teams no longer have the skills or expertize to manage, control and secure organizational devices and networks. Even if they could, the associated costs would still be too much for the organization to bear. So the best option is to hand over the IT department to a vendor so that the business can focus on its core competencies.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) remotely manages your IT infrastructure and end user systems proactively, under a periodic subscription plan. Managed IT services offer a higher standard and deliver greater performance levels than an internal team. Plus, support is available round the clock with most providers. Not to forget that IT costs can drop by as much as 40%, while efficiency increases by 50%. Let’s take a look at why managed IT services make sense for businesses, and are a great choice.

Control costs

We already mentioned this, but just for emphasis, MSPs can significantly reduce your costs. Since you only pay for what you use, your monthly bills are considerably lower. Also, you don’t need an internal IT department anymore, so you are able to reduce labor and equipment costs as well.

Free up your IT staff

Most in-house IT departments are often too caught up in too many things which tend to decrease their productivity and efficiency. When you hand over IT related tasks to a managed service provider, you can use your internal resources for other projects that help achieve your core business goals.

Plus, both efficiency and productivity are improved because MSPs comprise of large, expert teams.

Keep pace with the advancing technology and rising demand

Most of the businesses struggle to recruit employees for IT positions, especially in the cyber security and app development domains. As already mentioned, managed service providers have large teams which keep themselves up-to-date with technology and are a pro at what they do.

Enjoy scalability

Growing your business, and building your team rapidly? No issues. Managed IT services are scalable and can be expanded as your business grows.

Avail support 24/7

Managed IT services have dedicated support teams that help you out round the clock. Support is included in the monthly fee, and usually, no additional fee is charged.

Achieve compliance

Are you using an updated firewall? Do you audit company laptops, desktops, and servers? Do you comply with PCI requirements or another applicable standard? The IT infrastructure and network security should meet the set industrial standards. MSPs are well aware of industrial standards and deploy app, systems, and networks in accordance with the policies.

Reduce risks

Business investments are characterized by certain risks, considering the IT industry, technology, regulations, consumer demands and other things that change all too quickly. MSPs hold responsibility for these risks and manage them on your behalf.

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