Why Relocate to New Mexico?

Why Relocate to New Mexico?

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When people come to Santa Fe, they fall in love.

The scenery is amazing, the food is delicious, the arts are world-class, the people are open-minded and the pace of life is relaxed. And with Crumbacher, there are amazing jobs, too. Here are just some of our favorite reasons for living in Santa Fe.

The Weather

    • We love to tout the fact we have almost 300 days of sunshine a year, but that’s only one part of what makes our climate so great. Because we are at 7,000 feet of elevation, we also have a moderate climate that is pleasant most of the year.
    • Average highs in July top out at 85, but that only tells part of the story. We rarely have temps above 90, and even then evenings are cool and oh-so-pleasant. During the summer monsoon season, rain cools things off nicely.
    • We have four seasons, too. April and October have average high temps in the 60s. Fall is one of our favorite seasons, when the weather seems absolutely perfect and the aspens in the mountains turn vibrant colors that make this a truly magical place.
    • In winter, we even get real snowfall! The nearby Sangre de Cristo Mountains can get hundreds of inches of snow and the skiing can be amazing. While big snowfalls can happen, the snow typically melts off the roads in town by afternoon.

Outdoor adventure awaits

Speaking of skiing, it is just one of the amazing opportunities for year-round outdoor adventure here in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.

    • The fishing on our rivers and lakes is top-notch, whether you like fly fishing for trout in our streams or casting for bass on our many lakes.
    • There is a huge cycling community in Santa Fe. Our roads have low traffic, which is great for road riding. There are hundreds of miles of trails accessible right from town that lead all the way to high alpine rides on the mountain. We also offer plenty of paths in
      town that make it easy to commute by bike.
    • Those same world-class trails are also great for hiking, whether you are looking for a quick stroll before work or a major backcountry adventure.
    • We may live in the desert, but we have tons of opportunities to get on the water for rafting, kayaking and powerboating.
    • If you’re into organized sports, Santa Fe offers teams for soccer, tennis, hockey and

The views

One of the things that makes Santa Fe enchanting is our views. To the east are the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountains and to the west are the Jemez, both of which are easy to see from anywhere in town. Our skies are most often a cerulean blue that contrast beautifully with the white clouds. And rare is the evening when we don’t have an amazing sunset.

Healthy living

Santa Fe has two hospitals, Christus St. Vincent and Presbyterian, and a host of medicalprofessionals to choose from, not to mention lots of dentists, eye care clinics and more. If natural healing is your thing, Santa Fe is simply amazing — chiropractors, acupuncturists, ayurvedic healers, yoga studios, massage therapists, gyms of all kinds and more abound. With so many outdoor opportunities, living a healthy lifestyle here is easy.

The food

For a town of less than 85,000 people, the number of great restaurants is astounding. We invented modern Southwest cuisine at the iconic Coyote Cafe, and fine dining restaurants of all types abound. We have restaurants from all corners of the globe — Ethiopian, Jamaican,
Tibetan, Italian, Chinese, French and more.

And don’t get us started on the New Mexican food. Traditional restaurants serve favorites like chile-smothered enchiladas and the sopaipillas (pronounced so-pie-pea- ya) with honey are delicious. You will come to crave green chile. Just know we put it on everything, including pizza! (But you should also know our state question is “Red or green?” That’s what servers will ask at almost every meal: inquiring if you want red or green chile sauce. The official answer? Christmas — some of each!)

The culture

In the early 1900s, artists started flocking to New Mexico to take advantage of the dramatic landscapes and the clean air. Many of them settled on Canyon Road where they set up their studios and later, galleries. Today Santa Fe is one of the largest art markets in the country, behind only New York and Los Angeles, with art ranging from modern to Western, from folk to Native American. But if sculpture and paintings aren’t your thing, we have the Santa Fe Opera, numerous playhouses, international film festivals, live music from local and national artists and more.

While the arts play a huge role in the culture of Santa Fe, its people have provided a major contribution as well. Hispanics are the majority, but Native Americans make up a noticeable percentage of the population in addition to whites, Asians, African Americans and more.


Santa Fe has a history unlike any other city in the United States. The city was founded in 1610 as the capital of Spain’s northern territory in the Americas. It is the oldest capital city in the U.S. In 1680, the pueblo tribes drove the Spaniards out until the town was reclaimed by Don Diego de Vargas about 10 years later and was a center for trading furs and turquoise until the 1800s. When Mexico gained independence in 1824, New Mexico became part Mexico. When the United States defeated Mexico in 1848, it took control of the territory, which finally became a state in 1912. Many families in Santa Fe today can trace their heritage back to the Spanish settlers who arrived in the 1700s.

It really is different

Santa Fe is called the City Different, and for good reason. Everything here really is a little different. This city feels old, with its winding streets and pueblo-inspired buildings set close to the roads making it feel like a European city. The pace of life is slower, too, with a more relaxed attitude than you’ll find in many American cities. That relaxed attitude is readily adopted by most who call Santa Fe home, no matter how much money they make or where they live in town. It’s the kind of place where you can relax and be yourself.

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