Why Your Business Needs a Guest Wireless Network

Why Your Business Needs a Guest Wireless Network

“What’s your Wi-Fi password?” is probably the most frequently asked question if you are an entrepreneur and welcome a good number of guests to your business every day.  Uninterrupted internet connectivity has become a necessity of modern user. However, not everyone fancies the thought of subscribing internet data packages from their cellular network providers and hence they look for public Wi-Fi networks.

To ensure an environment of courtesy, business owners have to provide their Wi-Fi passwords even if they are reluctant to do so. It would certainly be rude to not give away your password to guests, particularly if they are potential clients.

Guess Wireless Network Can be the Solution

If you want to maintain the limited accessibility to your network and also want to provide internet connection to unauthorized individuals (incoming clientele), then a guest wireless network is a handy option. To make the utility of guest wireless network clearer, we are going to outline some reasons why your business will benefit from it.

For Improved Privacy and Security

This is the biggest reason why you should get a guest wireless network for your business. You can’t tell if the visitors are using the secure or infected device and they may have no way of knowing so you can you ask them this before giving the Wi-Fi password. This is why it is important to separate your operational network from the public network.

Infected devices connected to your main network can quickly become a disaster. Confidential business information can be in danger of being exposed to an external digital environment if it hosts an infected or corrupted device.

For Temporary Access

If you are worried that most of your internet data have been consumed by visiting vendors and customers, then a guest wireless network is the answer. Like standard Wi-Fi passwords that are cached and provide continuous access to the user once the password is entered, a guest wireless network caches them in a different manner.

Even frequent visitors are prompted to enter a Wi-Fi password every single time. Moreover, you can also easily change the password of guest networks to limit the consumption of internet data.

You Can Establish Different Levels of Access With Guest Wireless Network

If you want to ensure the safe use of the internet on your business premises, then you can implement it with the help of a guest wireless network. Like parental control, guest wireless provides you to filter the content that is accessed through it. Only allowing safe, secure, and authentic web surfing is considered as a good digital practice.

You can Also Control the Bandwidth

If you have the same internet connection to power both primary and guest network, then be prepared to face the issue of limited bandwidth. Keep in mind that primary network is your main priority and it should not face any bandwidth problem.

A guest wireless networks provide you the option to regulate its bandwidth. With a guest wireless network, you can set the bandwidth to allow reasonable internet resources for visitors without affecting your network performance.

In the event that you need to add a guest network to your business internet, get in touch with a reliable IT service provider to help you facilitate the internet needs of your visitors.

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