Wi-Fi Systems for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Wi-Fi Systems for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

For the success of any restaurant and coffee shop, two things matter the most–quality of their menu and customer service. If we discuss customer service, in particular, we see that this covers a wide range of amenities. For instance, providing internet access on the premises has become an essential requirement for establishing good customer service.

Different surveys suggest that consumers now consider Wi-Fi connection a basic amenity in any restaurant or coffee shop. In one poll, more than 70 percent people rate a good Wi-Fi connection as the second most important thing after coffee.  Similarly, it has been found out that one in five people constantly use the phone when they dine out.

In this context, Wi-Fi systems have become an important feature of eateries and cafes.

For Improved Customer Satisfaction

It has been often noticed that consumers compromise on the quality of the menu to some extent, but if the service is not good they don’t visit the place again. Therefore, providing them top-quality comfort and satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every customer service.

It is now a fact that smartphone has become a regular part of peoples’ lives. Younger lot wants to remain connected to the world through different social apps wherever they are. We also know that phone data does not provide the ease of use attributed to a Wi-Fi connection. So, by establishing a complimentary Wi-Fi system in your restaurant, you can improve and enhance customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Also Builds Loyalty

Customers repeatedly want to visit the place that provides fast, uninterrupted internet connection. This means a good Wi-Fi system can also help in automatically building customer loyalty.

Free Marketing

Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, people love to share their experience with their social circle. While sipping a latte, many people want to share their location (a coffee shop etc) on the internet. But they can’t do it without an internet connection.

By providing an instant Wi-Fi internet connection, the coffee shop can facilitate its own free and subtle marketing with the help of consumers who love to check in their locations on social media wherever they go.

Improved Sales on Slow Days

Mid-afternoons are considered slow dayparts. However, you can also improve the sales in that time window by providing a high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection. There are many people out there who would love to spend some quiet time with a cup of coffee and a good internet connection.

Types of Wi-Fi Connections Available for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

According to expert IT service providers, there are two types of Wi-Fi connections that best suits the utility of eateries and coffee shops.

Consumer Wi-Fi

A regular Wi-Fi setup used in homes is handy for small single-story coffee shops and restaurants. This Wi-Fi system comprises a simple internet gateway (through a modem or cable) and a wireless router, both of these components are also available in a single assembly.

Enterprise Wi-Fi System

For large multistory restaurants and hotels, enterprise Wi-Fi is a good option. It consists of an internet gateway, various wireless access points installed at different locations and the main router. A high bandwidth connection can be transmitted through such Wi-Fi systems.

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