Wireless Network Security

Wireless Network Security

What is a Wireless Network Security?

A wireless network security basically protects a wireless network from malicious and unauthorized access attempts. This security is delivered through a wireless device that helps in encrypting and securing all the communication by default. In case there is a security breach, the wireless network administration is alerted with the help of the wireless intrusion detection and prevention systems. Some of the most common standards to ensure wireless network security includes Wireless Protected Access (WPA) and Wired Equivalent Policy (WEP).

How to Ensure the Security of Your Network

Here are some ways you can go about it:

Make Sure You Change the Name of the Wireless Network

The very first step is to change the name as well as the SSID (Service Set Identifier). When you change the name, it generally makes it difficult for the hacker to guess the kind of router that you have. If the hacker knows the make and model of the router, it will be easy for them to know the vulnerabilities of the model and then use it against the owner.

Pick a Strong Password

Your router comes with a preset password, which is easy to guess. This is the reason why it is recommended that you pick a strong password that should be at least 20 characters long and include numbers, symbols, as well as letters. Another thing that you can do is have a strong administrator password when you set up the network settings. When you change the Wi-Fi name and password, change the name of network admin and the associated password as well.

Enable Network Encryption

The wireless network comes with multiple encryption languages such as WPA2, WPA, as well as WEP. According to experts, the strongest Wi-Fi protection is WPA2 AES and most of the wireless networks are compatible with it.

Switch Off the Device If You Are Not Home

If you won’t be home for a couple of days, it is recommended that you switch off the device to minimize hacking attempts.

Be Careful of Where You Are Placing the Router

Where you place the router can have a bearing on your security. It is recommended that you keep it in the middle of the house so that all the rooms have access to it and to prevent the signals from reaching outside your home. Don’t place the router next to a window or the door because that way, nothing will obstruct the signals leaving the house.

Keep the Router Up to Date

If you want to maintain the integrity of the wireless network security, you will have to make sure that the router is up to date. Sometimes, the firmware contains lops and flaws that can leave the network extremely vulnerable to threats.

Protect the Devices That You Connect Most Frequently

You need to make sure that your devices have all the latest antivirus software installed.

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