Crumbacher Offers Discounted IT Support During Pandemic

Crumbacher Offers Discounted IT Support During Pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, people who normally worked in company offices suddenly found themselves telecommuting while their children attended classes online. Businesses faced unexpected challenges connecting both their employees and customers virtually. With their expertise in IT solutions and a desire to support the community, Crumbacher began offering a discount to anyone in need, a rate usually reserved for their contracted customers. Crumbacher Chief Executive Officer, John Crumbacher, explained that even in 2021, people are reaching out for help with “one-off” problems. He said “There is a continued need to support the ability to work remotely and implementation of technologies some companies had never used before. It just made sense to help minimize the pain these companies were feeling. We knew we could help them.” As of January 2021, Crumbacher is still providing services and discounts to area businesses facing IT challenges.

Crumbacher is a family-owned business with offices in Santa Fe and Albuquerque offering IT services, copier services and repair, and telephone and VOIP sales and service.

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