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As a way to show our support for our local community, we are offering discounted IT rates to Santa Fe and Albuquerque area businesses. Please read further for our service offerings, and contact us today to see how we can assist your business.

Managed IT Services

Crumbacher Managed IT Services and support for Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMB) is designed specifically to fit your business needs.  We understand the importance of having your computer systems and office technology working properly day in and day out so you can succeed at what you do best. We also understand that, as an SMB business, having an in-house IT department just isn’t practical or cost-effective. The Crumbacher Managed IT Services model, not only unique to the industry, but also maintaining the highest industry standards and best practices,  will provide your business with the power of having your very own IT Manager supported by an entire IT Team of technology professionals to keep your operation running smoothly to maintain your competitive edge.

We designed the following offerings to fit your business needs:

24/7 Automation & Monitoring

Our software continuously scans your computers and network for needed updates and possible threats while allowing us to provide you with instant support in times of emergency.  While some computer systems upgrades require a personal visit, our 24/7 monitoring and automation also increases your network efficiency by automatically checking and executing the updates your system needs on a regular basis. Crumbacher’s Managed IT Services division is here to support your success.

Anti-Virus Software

Crumbacher provides Business Grade Anti-Virus software to ensure our clients have the best protection available. Not only are we able to give you peace of mind by monitoring this for you around the clock but with our Managed IT Services model you don’t have to worry about losing protection if you forget to renew licenses or don’t upgrade as necessary because this is simply including in your monthly payment.

Data Backup

As we all know, Offsite Data Backup (“Cloud Backup“) is A MUST in today’s modern world. Crumbacher Managed IT Services ensures the safety of your data through encrypted storage at multiple off-site data centers across the country. Should the time ever come that your computer systems are attacked or destroyed we can provide you with the peace of mind that your data has been backed up, secured and can be accessed at any time to get you back up and running smoothly.

Designated IT Specialist

We understand it’s not practical for a small or medium-sized business to have a staffed IT manager…but we know it sure would be nice. This is why Crumbacher Managed IT Services uniquely provides our clients with a designated IT Specialist that they get to know and who gets to know you. We want to provide you with the highest level of continuity when it comes to managing your business IT infrastructure and avoid the headaches of re-explaining things over and over again to a tech on the phone. Our IT Specialists have your best interest at heart and we care about more than just your computers, we care about you and what you do that makes you unique.

On-Site Support

We understand that when problems arise it’s best to have someone there – in person. Not only do we offer on-site support but our unique Managed IT Services model ensures you see the same tech for most of your needs to ensure you receive the highest quality care and customer service.

Remote Support

Our 24/7 monitoring software not only allows us to stay ahead of issues your computer systems may encounter but it also allows you to have instant access to a whole team of local IT professionals that can login to your computer and network instantly to give you the support you need when you need it. Crumbacher Managed IT Services provides your business with remote IT support to provide you and your team with instant support to take care of emergencies that could cost you down time or even help you with that simple fix that you’d like to take care of quickly.

IT Security Management

IT Security is a must, but without an IT manager it can be a headache to make sure you don’t leave any loose ends hanging.  Crumbacher’s unique Managed IT Services model not only provides you with the tools to maintain a secure network, such as anti-virus software, firewalls and data backup, but also maintains oversight of what’s needed and when it’s needed on a regular basis so you don’t have to.  We’ll even let you know how everything’s going on a regular basis at your quarterly IT meeting just as if you had a staffed IT manager.

Network Infrastructure Management

To maintain peak performance your network needs to consistently be reviewed and kept up-to-date. Every business wants to avoid the network going down and loss of business from malfunctioning computer equipment, but what if you could also increase your business by staying on top of the latest technologies available to you? With Crumbacher, we specialize in Business IT Management so we always know what’s the latest, what’s the best, and what’s the most economical in every type of environment. We promise to help you cut costs and increase performance. Crumbacher Managed IT Services provides our clients with an ongoing analysis of the IT, phone, copier and printer systems. We provide cost savings for any type of business

Disaster Avoidance & Recovery and Business Continuity

Crumbacher IT Security methodology and best practices will ensure your business takes the necessary steps to avoid those disasters lurking around every corner such as the common computer virus to the latest in ransomware hijacking your entire organization. Unfortunately every business must also acknowledge that there is a possibility that even with all the steps you take to avoid problems like these, disaster may still strike. Crumbacher will provide the recovery of your systems and develop a business continuity plan hand-in-hand with you to ensure you can be back up and running in the least amount of time possible.

Software Patch Management

Another of the many headaches to keep track of as a business owner or manager. Software patching and the latest updates to the software on your computer systems is vital to maintaining the security of your network. Crumbacher Managed IT Services makes sure that your software updates happen on a regular basis to ensure your safety. You may ask, what happens if the latest update causes a problem with your systems? We’re here to help with that as well.

Software/Hardware Training

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier not harder, right? This means that you and your employees need to know how to use your devices and software effectively. We know the manufacturers have endless pages of instructions on each and every little aspect of the features of their products but in the real world you need your business running at full speed all the time. That means there is no time to pay employees to spend their time reading through instructions.  Crumbacher specializes in human-to-human instruction and training on how to use your technology. With Crumbacher Managed IT Services your designated IT specialist and the entire Crumbacher team will make sure you’re up and running and using your computer systems effectively with maximum efficiency.

Hardware Life Cycle Analysis and Reporting

All hardware gets old. When hardware gets old it leaves you with vulnerability to IT security threats or with the risk of your computer systems or network going down. Studies also show that when your employees are working with out-of-date technology they often spend up to half an hour daily just waiting on computer/web pages to load. All of these things cost your business a lot of money. Crumbacher will track your aging hardware and provide you with an upgrade schedule that matches your technology needs as well as your budget to maximize your efficiency, minimize your costs and empower your business to succeed day in and day out.

Quarterly Reviews

Just like your very own IT manager, with Crumbacher Managed IT Services we’ll make sure to review your IT needs, past, present and future, on a regular basis. We ensure that your daily IT support needs happen promptly and that your IT infrastructure projects are scheduled and ready to advance the success of your organization.


Crumbacher has extensive experience helping all types of organizations maintain their compliance protocols. In today’s world technology plays an important part of all aspects of an organization’s operations. Our Managed IT Service specialists will ensure your technology is in-line with whatever your compliance needs may be.

Other SaaS options available

Software as a Service (SaaS) means keeping your life easier with a better way to pay for and track the fundamental software that keeps your business running safe and sound.  With Crumbacher Managed IT Services you have the option to include your business’ needed software in your monthly package. This means consistently staying on top of security and budget items to maximize your business’ efficiency, profitability and ultimately, your success. No more having to track when your annual anti-virus software expires on each computer or wondering how many email accounts you need active or if you need to deactivate accounts for employees no longer with your organization. Crumbacher offers the following software within our Managed IT services:

  • 24/7 Systems Monitoring
  • Anti-Virus Software (Business Grade)
  • Data Backup (“Cloud” Offsite Data Backup)
  • Email
  • Email Archiving
  • Email Encryption
…At Crumbacher we believe in living life to the fullest.  Let’s make sure your technology makes your life easier so you can live life to the fullest too.
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