Secure Wireless Networks

Upgrade your wireless network for reliability, security and scalability.

Wireless Networks are everywhere and technology comes with expectations and concerns. Crumbacher is able to provide tailored wireless solutions building them with reliability, security and scale-ability in mind. Crumbacher offers wireless solutions for any size business or organization including hotels, restaurants, educational institutions, schools and for situations where endpoints are separated by large distances. Here are some of the key qualities of our wireless solutions:

Wireless Network Reliability

Reliability is a key factor in wireless network deployment. Users need to be able to connect every device necessary and receive fast and continuous internet service on each. This is important for business performance as well as when wireless access is offered to guests or students. When we design wireless networks, Crumbacher looks at every component: environment, load, number of users, current hardware and requirements to ensure we provide your organization with the most optimal solution.

Secure Wireless Networks

We take IT security seriously and it especially applies to secure wireless networks. We will implement guest wireless networks, so your courtesy wireless access is secure, fast and reliable. Guests won’t be able to see or access resources on your local network. When serving medical and educational entities where HIPAA, CIPA and HITECH compliance is necessary we provide hardware anti-virus, gateway security and content filtering services in addition to locking down your network completely and fine-tuning which internet resources are available for access. We provide wireless solutions with splash screens and ability to authenticate users via different services such as G-Mail and Facebook.

Wireless Network Scalability

What happens when your current system isn’t able to sustain a growing amount of devices and traffic anymore? Crumbacher‘s solutions are completely scale-able and we analyze wireless networks for users, traffic, heat-mapping and load balancing. When changes are necessary they are done with minimal impact to your business by adding or moving access points. With Crumbacher wireless solutions you and your clients and guests will always be able to seamlessly roam between access points without the need to re-connect to different wireless network for the internet in different areas of your property
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