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Does your copier and printer seem like the water cooler of the 1930s? People stand around waiting for their documents?

Copiers and multifunctional printers are essential office machines, but yours don’t have to be a 21st Century watering hole. You could install a multifunctional printer, wirelessly connected to your employee’s computer workstations and mobile devices.

What are Multifunctional Printers?multifunctional printers

Multifunctional printers are business appliances that combine the functions of copying, scanning, and printing documents; transmitting emails and faxes, and even stapling, folding, hole punching, and making booklets.

Benefits of using Multifunction Printers

First and foremost, they’re convenient. You can easily copy, scan, or fax a document without having to physically carry it from one machine to another. By having to ability to access a number of features all in one convenient device, you get better document management.

Having one machine with multiple functions rather than multiple machines each with a separate function will make your business more efficient. They can also be integrated into your wireless network, allowing employees to access the multifunction printer from wherever they work and share its functions, improving productivity.

Generally, multifunctional  printers are more compact, with smaller footprints. They only take up a square-foot of office space. MFPs are space-saving, and cost effective, with lower operating costs and fewer repairs. 

Why choose a multifunction printer for your small business?

If your current copier is older than ten years, it’s probably costing you — in maintenance, downtime for repairs, and productivity of employees having to walk to and from individual machines to get one task done.  Multifunctional printers are suitable for small businesses that need functionality but have limited office space.

How to get a multifunctional printer best suited for your business needs within your budget?

You buy a car because it provides the transportation you need at the price you can afford. All the special features are secondary. Choosing a multifunctional printer is no different. You can get caught up in all the bells and whistles and end up with a machine doing far more than you actually need at a much higher price.multifunctional printers

Choosing the right multifunctional printer

Here are some things to consider when selecting your MFP:

Define what you actually need. What features are absolutely essential — speed, image quality, color, two-sided copies, different page sizes, collating, etc.? Will your machine be primarily for printing or do you need it to reproduce graphics and photos as well?

Figure out the life-cycle cost of the machine. The purchase invoice provides the initial cost, but you should figure what the machine costs monthly in toner or ink and other consumables. Life-cycle costs could end up much higher than the initial cost.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing a multifunctional printer:

  • Can you connect the machine wirelessly to your existing network and does it allow access from any employee’s workstation?
  • Is it easy enough for your grandmother to use or does it take special instructions and training?
  • Can users access the function they need, even if other functions are already in use?
  • Does it communicate with users and IT administrators on the status of jobs and devices?
  • Does it provide security and does it have firewalls to prevent hacking?

Our experts here at crumbacher can answer all of these questions for you and help you select the right multifunctional  printer for you and your business. Contact us today to get a quote.

Vendor support of your machinemultifunctional printers

What is your plan if your machine, or machines, fail? Your employees can’t work when they’re out of order. Will your vendor be there when you need them?

Is it better to have one vendor who services not only your multifunctional printer but who is also capable of providing service for other office systems? Having multiple vendors can end up in an unworkable solution. What is your vendor’s commitment? Can they keep you apprised of industry developments, update software, be on call 24/7?

Crumbacher, one of the leading Albuquerque and Santa Fe business IT consultants — including a multifunctional printers for businesses throughout northern New Mexico — would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your copier/printer needs and help you select the machine best suited to your business.


Latest in User Interface (UI) Technology

  • Customizable touch screen to fit your workflow
  • 10.1″ high resolution color user interface,
    completely customizable with tap and swipe control
  • Easily edit business documents right on the UI
  • Drag and rearrange files with touch/swipe ability

Sharp Copier Models

BP-70C31, BP-7036, and BP-7045

BP-7055 and BP-7065

MX-7081 and MX-8081

MX3071, MX3571, and MX4071

MX5071 and MX6071

MX6580N and MX7580N

The Latest in User Interface (UI) Technology

  • 10.1″ high resolution color user interface, completely customizable with tap and swipe control
  • Easily edit business documents right on the UI
  • Drag and rearrange files with touch/swipe ability
  • Click here to check out all the features of the Sharp UI

Copy Features

  • 600 x 600 dpi input & 1200 x 1200 dpi output
  • Fastest first-copy-out time
  • Fastest warm up time
  • Paper weight & size: up to 110 lb cover & 300 gsm and up to 12″ x 19″
  • Paper types: pre-punched, colored, recycled, heavyweight, glossy, letterhead, and more

Print Features

  • High quality 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • PCL, Adobe, PostScript
  • Mobile printing: SharpDesk Mobile, AirPrint and more
  • Confidential Print
  • File types: TIFF, JPEG, PCL, PRN, TXT, PDF, Compact PDF, Encrypted PDF, PostScript, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX and PNG.
  • Drivers: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS compatible

Scan Features

  • Scan2(squared): single pass double sided high speed scanning (link:
  • 600 x 600 high resolution high quality scanning
  • Scan to network/scan to network folder
  • Scan to desktop
  • Scan to email
  • Cloud supported services (Eg. Google drive)

Security Features

  • 256-bit encryption
  • 6 times hard drive overwrite
  • Up to 10 times data overwrite
  • End-of-lease data erase feature
  • Confidential Print: release your prints only once
    you arrive at the machine with your unique user id.
  • Read more about Sharp copier security here

Sharp Super G3 faxing

  • JBIG compression
  • Transmit faxes at high speed


The Sharp MX-2651, MX-3051, MX-3551, and MX-4051 Essentials Series color document systems are built using the latest technology available to deliver the performance, features and reliability needed in today’s busy workplace environments. These new MFPs are also easy to use and offer enhanced productivity, all to provide customers with a seamless, intuitive experience, and the confidence in knowing their jobs will come out right the first time, every time. The new Color Essentials Series also offers leading-edge security features to help businesses protect their data and personal information.

Key Features

Ease of Use – Award-winning touchscreen display offers a user-friendly graphical interface with simplified Easy Modes, integrated user guides and quick access to network services. With Sharp’s new MFP Voice feature available for these models, you can interact with the machine with the power of natural language.

Productive Features – Standard full multifunction capability out-of-box, including copying, network printing and color network scanning, combines with Sharp’s Color Consistency System for long-lasting high-quality output page after page.

Workplace Friendly – Integrates seamlessly with today’s complex network environments, and supports popular cloud services and mobile technologies. And with Sharp’s new Application Portal administrators can add new apps or update existing apps right from the MFP.

The new MX-2651, MX-3051, MX-3551, and MX-4051 Color Essentials Series document systems are feature-rich and offer businesses powerful multitasking features at a strong value.

Crumbacher Highlights

Crumbacher Replacement Guarantee

Whether you purchase the latest new Sharp MFP or one of our certified pre-owned all-in-one printers, scanners, or copiers, our Albuquerque based team guarantees our equipment. Our copier replacement guarantee provides our clients with the security of knowing the device you purchased will continue standing up to the performance needs you have. Should any device have a defect or unresolvable service issues we will replace the device with the same, equivalent specification or better device with absolutely no change to your contract.
Leased equipment: Replacement guarantee for length of lease up to 5 years.
Purchased equipment: Replacement guarantee up to 3 years.

Certified Technicians

The Crumbacher copier and MFP service team consists only of highest skilled Sharp certified technicians in order to provide our clients with the most dependable copier service needed to ensure maximum uptime. From copier repair to preventative maintenance, our copier services ensure your equipment will keep running smoothly.

Fastest Response Time

Crumbacher’s copier and all-in-one printer service team in Albuquerque will always meet or exceed the industry standard for service response times.


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