Crumbacher Supports 2019 Santa Fe Waldorf School Holiday Faire

Crumbacher Supports 2019 Santa Fe Waldorf School Holiday Faire

Crumbacher, a family-owned business that is a leader in IT services in northern New Mexico, supports education in a number of ways. “Education is one of the main roots of improving our economy and New Mexico in general, and we’ll do what we can to help,” said Chief Operating Officer John Crumbacher. As part of that goal, Crumbacher was a sponsor of the Santa Fe Waldorf School’s 2019 Holiday Faire. The pre-K through 12th grade school was established in 1983 and supports students from a variety of social, economic, ethnic, cultural and international backgrounds. The Santa Fe Waldorf School encourages a connection to the outdoors, exemplified by their location on a 13-acre campus on the edge of the mountains, where students can explore and learn.

The school’s outdoors focus resonates with John and many members of his family and team. He says, “We have a lot of ‘outdoorsy’ people on our staff. My siblings and I grew up backpacking, going to our cabin in Colorado, and sailing with our dad. A lot of people on the team are focused on the world outside of computers.”

Crumbacher is a family-owned business with offices in Santa Fe and Albuquerque offering IT services, copier services and repair, and telephone and VOIP sales and service.

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